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Despite some clouds here and there, it was a beautiful day in Disney. TsuramiSea was sitting on a bench in Pekingese Park, daydreaming to himself. The breeze was blowing very strongly, and golden light fell all over the grass, giving the scene a certain liveliness.

TsuramiSea was a relatively normal boy. However, because of his discovery of a hole in space and time, he was able to travel to other universes. Lately, he had made a couple of trips to a certain universe, only to find it in grave danger. Each time, though, by working with a group of friends, the problem was corrected, and life went on as it always had. (More or less.)

Today in itself, Tsurami was simply relaxing and thinking about people and places... people he had met, or could meet, places that he had been, or could go to. Clouds obscuring the sun broke him out of his revery, and caused him to look around him somewhat absently.

Tsurami heard loud footsteps, and noticed someone come up beside him. He looked up in faint irritation, only to find that it was his other-dimensional twin, SulamiTea.

"Oh! SulamiTea, what're you doin' here?"

The other boy bobbed his head in greeting. "I was looking for you 'cause I had an idea I wanted to tell you."

Tsurami moved over to let SulamiTea sit down. "Well, tell me then."

SulamiTea smiled. "Well, remember those adventures we had in the other dimensions of the EarthBound universe?" SulamiTea, as TsuramiSea, had also had an adventure recently in the other universe.

TsuramiSea rolled his eyes at the question. "What about them?"

"Well, I was thinking," began Sulami, who then took a deep breath. After letting it out, he continued, "It would be nice if we could see our friends again, right? Besides, I never got to explain some things to the people I met."

"But how can we do that? We can't get back to those dimensions. It was complete luck that we got the.... to.... those dimensions. the first place."

SulamiTea looked into the other boy's eyes with reproach. "Aren't you forgetting the power of the Third Eye? It allows us to go between dimensions."

"Only you, though."

"Well, yes. You don't.... do it..... very well." Sulami exhaled through his nose. "But I could probably take us."

"You can? I thought you could only do that with our universe."

Sulami chuckled a bit. "Well, I haven't done it with other universes before... but I wanted to try, at least. Don'chou wanna see the others again?"

A tired sigh escaped the other. "Well, it's a worth a try, I guess. But when did you wanna do this?"

"Now," said Sulami curtly. "When else did you think?"

Tsurami took a deep breath, and stood up. "Okay then, let's get going." SulamiTea stood up also, and the two began to walk for the city limits. It was rather odd for them to do so, since they needed to teleport to the Axis of Cartame and they could have done it just as well right where they were.


Eventually, the two boys had made it to the Blue Hole, or space-time portal, that lead to the EarthBound universe that they wished to enter.

"Now let me explain," said SulamiTea. "We focus which dimension we.... we.... we focus on elements of the dimension that we want to go to. Combining the.... twoph... two powers of our Third Eyes, or that is to say, you focusing.... the power of your Third Eye with mine, therefore AMPlifying the energy, we can use this energy to guide us onto the path to the right dimension."

"Okay.... but it seems a bit haphazard," remarked Tsurami.

"Trust me - you know the powers of my Third Eye are strong. Space and time manipulation is something I'm good at."

"Okay. But which.... dimension are we going to go to first?"

"Well, let's try the one furthes' back. That would be.... the.. Imbue dimension. .....right?"

"Yes, that'd be it. ......... So what should I focus on?"

SulamiTea thought to himself. "Ahhhe..... let'ssee..... ......... Probably - the people you met. ..... What was different about them?"

"Well." Tsurami thought about all he had met during the adventure with the Imbuing. There was one of the three Anthadds, but he seemed rather similar. No matter what the dimension, it had been the same Cyan each time. The gangster lady, Narcy.... with the blue hair. Now SHE was different. She'd work. "Narcy. Erh, Narcissa. That was her full name. Will she do?"

Sulami, who was scratching himself on the arm, abruptly stopped and considered it. "Yeah.... but, ................. it MIGHT help if you could think of someone else. ........ to make it stronger."

TsuramiSea continued thinking. Dan, the kid with the Zapper, although he had showed as other selves in the three dimensions. Admiral Mike.... he was independent of the other Mikes, it seemed. Luna was about the same in all dimensions. Skulryk.... he had seemed rather isolated from the rest of civilization. Not like the other Skulryks. Rusty, same in two dimensions. Captain Poo, he was certainly unique to the Imbue dimension. And Unacat. TsuramiSea swallowed. The Imbue dimension was the only place he'd seen him. Or.......? No, never mind. Toff, the Fobby that Jeff and Tony kept as a pet. He may have forgotten someone, but they would do for now. .......they being? Drat, I forgot to keep track, thought Tsurami. He quickly recounted and renamed all that had been unique to that dimension, and arrived at six people. (Although most people wouldn't consider a Fobby a person except for Sulami and himself.)

"Okay, I think I've got six people. Narcissa Topolla, Mike.... the admiral, Skulryk, Captain Poo the pirate, Unacat, and Toff, Jeff and Tony's Fobby. Are they okay?"

"That should do it. Also, stuff from the story. You said Orange Kid was dead... so keep that in mind." SulamiTea wracked his brain for other differences. "Oh, and the Topolla building. Wasn't it moved? Or.... the old building, became that laboratory.... that's OWNED by Narcissa. And a new Topolla was built. That... should be everything we need. ....... Okay - hold onto me, and concentrate on all those things. ..... Then, we'll step together through the portal. Okay?"

"Got it," answered Tsurami. He held Sulami's hands, closed his eyes, and began to think about all of the things that were unique to the Imbue dimension. SulamiTea shifted his weight to indicate that it was time to start walking, and they began to shuffle into the portal.

Once in the rippling vortex that was the time and space tunnel, TsuramiSea began to impress the thoughts in his mind onto SulamiTea's Third Eye. SulamiTea used the strenghthened Third Eye power to ascertain a point in the space and time continuum. Both boys held their eyes closed as they focused their power, and at length, stepped through the other end of the portal...


SulamiTea opened his eyes as soon as he felt them step back into real time and space. "WHAT?!" was his response to what he saw. "Why..... why? What'd I do wrong!"

This made TsuramiSea open his eyes quickly. They were standing in a black void, and the Blue Hole wasn't even there anymore. They were essentially trapped in some kind of Limbo, with no visible way out. As this dawned on Tsurami, he began to have horrifying thoughts of being stuck in this void forever, with no way out, likely to die from shriveling away, all because he had taken too big of a risk with Sulami's experiment. Space and time travel was too dangerous, dimension travel especially. He should have known better. "What the.... what the heck!!!!" he shrieked. Terror overtook him. "SULAMITEA! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! WE'RE TRAPPED HERE, ALL ALONE! CAN YOU GET US OUT? PLEASE TELL ME YOU CAN USE YOUR THIRD EYE TO GET US OUT OF HERE!" He grabbed Sulami by the shoulders and shook him violently.

Sulami wrested himself away. "Wait! Wait...." he cried. He gasped for air. "I'm sure it's nothing I can't get us out of...." The fear in his own voice, though, was apparent. "Let me just focus on the Axis of Cartame where we came from."

No, do not do that. You were brought here for a reason.

"What?!" "EAK!" were the responses to this voice that came from all without and within them.

Do not fear, TsuramiSea and SulamiTea. On the contrary, both boys stiffened at hearing their names from this unknown. You are not trapped, but you have been drawn into a pocket of the space-time continuum so that I may have a word with you, and show you that which needs to be shown you. When I am finished, you will be released.

"What is it..."
"What do we need to see?" said SulamiTea, TsuramiSea stopping when he heard that Sulami spoke first. "Something referring to..... to the condition of the space-time continuum..... or something?"

No, the space-time continuum is just as it should be, responded the mysterious voice. You two have been to three different dimensions of this one universe recently, on top of the one you usually go to. I believe this is because of your inherent abilities - as you call them, your 'Third Eyes'. The power within you to rationalize different existences lead you to the place where the most stress in time was focused. You were lead to the dimensions that you visited. Your Third Eyes allowed fate to lead you to the places that you were needed. You may not believe that you were necessary for the sequence of events, but your interaction helped time and space to flow the way that it needed to. The voice paused. Do you understand all of this?

"I think so," spoke Tsurami this time. "You're saying that it was.... important for the flow of time and space that we were present.. in those adventures? .......... And that we were drawn there due to stress on the fabric of space and time?"

That is just so, came the answer. However, in the space-time continuum, there were recently three other notable disturbances in the fabric.

"Three other adventures in the EarthBound universe?" guessed SulamiTea.

That is correct, young boy. That is what I have brought you here to discuss.

"Okay, I thought you were already finished when you told us why... we had been brought there." He finished, but picked up before the entity could speak again. "Not that it's our business to know, but who are you? I mean... even if we don't... we......." SulamiTea shook his head at his bad speech. "Even if we can't understand who you are, would it be alright for you to tell us?"

It is okay. I will tell you, spoke the omniscient. For all practical purposes, let us say that I am one who is on a different plane. I'm limited to this universe, but I can see all stretches of time, throughout all the dimensions. I keep tabs on the balance of all dimensions.

"Are you the one who took us to those dimensions?" asked TsuramiSea.

No, that was not my doing. I simply keep the information of the events. The entity paused, and waited to make sure that the boys were silent. Once he was certain, he spoke again. Now, there are a few pieces of information that I want to show you. We shall start off with the forgotten ones.

Throughout the void appeared six images, all of people that Tsurami and Sulami had never seen before. One appeared to be a heavily bundled character, whose form was not clear. The second was a large and imposing man, seemingly of some great position. The third was an average-looking boy. The fourth was small... it was a mouse wearing armor and holding a sword! The fifth was very bizarre. It appeared to be a type of robot, built somewhat like a human, but at the same time, looking as if it had been built out of a submarine. It was mostly yellow. And the sixth was a dog of some kind.

"Forgotten ones?" repeated SulamiTea. "Forgotten how, or by whom?"

Forgotten by time and space. Let me explain. You see, these six, at one point, tried to take a part in the events that took place lately. But they were extraneous. Their presence only put more stress on time and space. So therefore, the timelines were altered so that these number went down another path, and did not take part in the proceedings.

TsuramiSea's curiosity took hold, as always. "What are their names?"

The furthest left is known as Virus. He attempted to help near the end of the first other dimension that I will tell you about. The third is a boy named Gizmo, who nearly got involved. The second is Emperor Keshawarz, a powerful man from another planet. He meant to move in during the confusion and seize power on Earth. The fourth is Sorcerer, a mouse with unusual abilities. They were originally trying to take action in the second dimension that I shall speak of. The fifth is named YellowSubmarine. In one or both of those dimensions, he almost played a role. TsuramiSea. The dimension you and SulamiTea were headed to.... you call it the 'Imbue' dimension... He nearly played a role there too. Tsurami's eyes widened in surprise.
The sixth is Emilio, a genetically enhanced dog. He has the ability to understand human languages, and is also very intelligent.... for a dog. On the bus that crashed in the 'Zenith' dimension, he had originally escaped and lead the doomed passengers out. Unfortunately, his effort was reversed when time and space shifted, causing all of the passengers, including himself, to go down with the bus. He died with everyone else - except Paula, who somehow managed to still escape. The two boys were rather horrified at this turn of events. Then they remembered everything they had been told.

"That's weird.... they were almost meant to play a part, but then their destinies were altered?" asked SulamiTea.

Yes. There are also those who played a part in some dimensions, but were resisted from others. Let me show you.... The current images disappeared, and were replaced by five this time. Some of these were familiar.

"That's Dan and Unacat!" "That's SimonBob!" came the cries.

"And that guy looks like Rockwell....."

"The one that tried to kill you?"

"Yeah...... but why was he resisted? Where from?"

The one known as Rockwell was originally in the dimension you refer to as the 'Animus' dimension, answered the voice. However, he was strangely pulled out of that world to take care of circumstances somewhere else. It was his fate.

Something clicked for Sulami. "Tsurami, didn't you say that Rockwell from our universe had a character named Mika? Ah, that is, an AC named Mika."

Tsurami thought this over, then had the same revelation. "Yeah! I wonder if Rockwell was with Mika, but then was taken away. To ease the stress in that dimension, and go somewhere else for his part?" As nothing else was said, Tsurami turned his attention to the two unknown images. "But who's that really big guy?" The image he referred to was of a very overweight man.

His name is Poo. Tsurami and Sulami brightened. Yes, he is the otherdimensional counterpart of Captain Poo, of the 'Imbue' dimension, and Poo of the 'Animus' dimension. In the dimension most recent to you, TsuramiSea, the 'Zenith' dimension, he was originally coming to Fourside for an eating contest. But fate rewrote the timeline and kept him safely away from Fourside, as he was extraneous.

"But what about Unacat? ... and Dan, and SimonBob?" questioned Tsurami.

Daniel Morton originally tried to take part in the first dimension that I'll speak of. He was omitted for the same reasons as the others. As for SimonBob, and Unacat...
SimonBob and the one you call Unacat, Una Konaxi, tried to come from their respective dimensions... the 'Animus' and 'Imbue' dimensions, to take part in the danger that they knew was coming in the 'Zenith' dimension. Unfortunately, the means of dimensional travel they used were too shoddy. They both used an artificial means of getting to that dimension, SimonBob's built by Apple Kid, who had not perfected that means of travel, and Una's by himself, although he didn't know exactly what he was doing. Therefore they were caught in the backwash and sent back to their own dimensions, every trace of their presence in the 'Zenith' dimension disappearing.

"THAT was a load to hear," commented SulamiTea. "But what are these other dimensions you keep talking about?"

Due to unusual circumstances borne of people from your own universe, that will not be too hard to explain. TsuramiSea. On an internet site that you visit called 'Starmen.Net', there are a group of people that came together to write two stories. 'Union' and 'Tryst'. Those are the names of the dimensions, respectively.

"You mean Union and Tryst really happened?" said an gaping TsuramiSea.

I do. Due to you and SulamiTea reading those stories, you know what happened. And the third disturbance that I mentioned... TsuramiSea and SulamiTea stood to attention, remembering that he had mentioned a third. It too is based off of a story written by some of that group. It is called 'Vestige', taking place in the dimensions I just mentioned.

TsuramiSea was confused. "But that's only being written now! How can you speak like it's been completed?"

I view time as a whole, not fixed, as you two do. Therefore I knew of this story.


And now. The five images of the erased ones disappeared, only to be replaced with a multitude of images. So many of them were familiar, but a few were not. See all that have participated fully in these quests.

Those who had been a part of any event in the different dimensions were projected around them. Both boys saw many familiar faces, and pointed them out to each other.

Tsurami noted the UFOs that had attacked him in the 'Zenith' dimension. "What are the names of these UFOs, if they have any?"

The 'Lil' UFO' is Nayc. The silver UFO with the bow is Eon. The pink UFO with the bow is Nual. And the pink UFO is Nath.

Some of the images were not recognized by the boys. "These girls, who are they?" asked Sulami, pointing to images of a black-haired girl and a blond girl. The black-haired one carried a crossbow, the blond carried a staff.

The left one is Solitude, the right one is Unity. SulamiTea remembered the names from reading Union and Tryst.

SulamiTea noticed TsuramiSea studying one image. "Whatdya see?" He looked up and took a close look. The hologram was what appeared to be an anthropomorphic cat.

I see you take an interest in him. That is Amzan Righferrie of the 'Tryst' dimension.

Tsurami and Sulami quickly turned away, knowing that they had others to look at. They stopped in front of a young man. He is named Ryuji Kanazaki, a Sennin master. Also of the 'Tryst' dimension.

"This girl.... except for the hair and clothes, she looks like Luna," stated Tsurami.

That is Dabih, Luna's twin. She was a part of the 'Vestige' story.

"What's that weird tiger-like animal?" wondered Sulami.

Cantomon, a Digital Monster, partner to Cyan. TsuramiSea nodded to this. Cantomon only worked beside Cyan in the events of the story 'Vestige'.

TsuramiSea saw two girls who looked almost identical. One was certainly Princess Cirra. "Who's this girl that looks like Cirra?"

That is Strata, her twin sister. Also a princess of Altus. She did not play much of a part, but she was nearly assassinated by the UFOs, and still lives somewhere.

"You know where, don't you?"

That, I cannot tell you. Tsurami shrugged.

A grungy-looking man caught Sulami's sight. That is Jakob, who took part in the events of the 'Tryst' dimension.

A young blond girl, looking about ten years old, was spotted by Tsurami. She is Okabe Ryuuda, indigent to the 'Union' dimension, who took part in the events of the 'Vestige' story.

"SimonBob...... but he's got different clothes. A plaid shirt, and longer hair!"

The voice informed SulamiTea. This version of SimonBob was from the 'Union' dimension. He did not know how to use 'Rallets' like his alternate self.

And, additionally, both boys noticed that many people they knew had alternate versions of themselves that existed in the 'Union' and 'Tryst' dimensions.

"That was a lot of information to take in. I hope I can remember all of it," said TsuramiSea. He and SulamiTea looked indiscreetly at the image of Amzan.

Ahem. SulamiTea coughed nervously, and both boys abruptly looked away in embarrassment.

Well, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Back on the subject, however, that is all that I needed to show you. The images all disappeared. Now, you will proceed to the 'Imbue' dimension which you were headed to.

"We were headed to?" broke in Sulami. "You mean that it worked?"

Yes, your experiment was a success. Tsurami and Sulami exchanged pleased looks. As I said, I interrupted you to talk to you. But now I shall send you to where you were headed. And if at any time, you should wish to review what I have told you, or ask any other questions about the circumstances regarding this universe, simply think of this experience as you enter this universe, and I will draw you into this pocket.

"Thank you." "Thank you." Both boys closed their eyes.


The next thing they knew, cool air was touching their skin, and when they opened their eyes, they were standing next to some trees behind the hospital in Twoson.

"Well, here we are," commented TsuramiSea quietly. "It's good that that worked."

SulamiTea nodded. "But it's best that we make sure we're in the right dimension. Do you want to go to Fourside?"

"That sounds best." SulamiTea nodded again. The two boys held hands and chanted a spell under their breath. In little time, two columns of light, one orange and one black, swooped down side by side from the sky and covered them. With the sounds of children and demons giggling together, the columns receded into the sky, leaving no trace of TsuramiSea or SulamiTea.


The two columns of light touched down in an alleyway in Fourside, then rose back into the sky. The pair stood for a moment to get their bearings, then walked out of the alleyway to determine their location. They discovered that they were north of the position of the Topolla theater.

Together, the boys walked toward the spot where the theater was supposed to be, chatting to each other about whatever they could think of. Within some time, they had reached the spot.

Instead of the Topolla, they saw another large building. A nearby sign read that it was the Fourside Scientific Institute, owned by Narcissa Topolla.

SulamiTea did a small spin, then said, "Yeah! This is it! We're in the 'Imbue' dimension."

"So now whattowe do?" asked TsuramiSea. "Would any of these people really be that excited to see me? I doubt it."

SulamiTea rolled his eyes, but couldn't help except to agree. "Well, I suppose you're right." He considered the next move. He didn't really want to leave just yet..... "Well, let's try for 'Animus' next, hmm?" He grinned at Tsurami winningly.

Tsurami frowned, being somewhat tired at that point. There were also many bits of information and ideas in his head that he wanted to sort through. Then again, on second thought.....
"Oh heck - why not. Okay, how do we leave?"

"We just take the Blue Hole, I expect. Back to Cartame's Axis!" cried Sulami. The two went to find a place to teleport back to Twoson.


The trip into the 'Animus' dimension had seemed easier, since TsuramiSea didn't need to do the thinking this time. He only had to focus his Third Eye. Sulami managed to find a paper with an article on all of those involved in the fight against the Animus. There was even a picture with some of the heroes in it.

"Are you going to go talk to anybody, Sulami?"

There was a short pause as SulamiTea thought. "Nah, I don't think so. Let's just go back to Cartame now." Sulami gave a deep, contented sigh. "I'm just glad that we're able to do this. Aren't you?"

"Yeah, this should be helpful," agreed TsuramiSea. He and Sulami began to walk throughout the streets of town together.


TsuramiSea was sitting in SulamiTea's building out by the Ghostly Playground, after they had returned from the 'Animus' dimension. Sulami had provided him a drink of fruit juice, which he slowly sipped.

"Where will you be going now?" asked SulamiTea. "Not back to the park, right?"

TsuramiSea shook his head. "I don't really have anything to do on Cartame now. I guess I'll just be going home."

"That makes sense. I'm staying here to wait for one of the others to come back. I wanna see at least one of them before I go home."

"Okay." TsuramiSea finished his drink and rose. "Well, I'm going write down everything we just learned. And maybe look over Union and Tryst again." He walked over to the door.

"I hope they finish Vestige soon so we can see what happened."

"Yeah. But they're taking so long."

"Well, you'll keep me updated."

"Yeah. Goodbye, Sulami."


TsuramiSea opened the door to the service building, walked outside, and chanted a teleport spell to head for the nearest Blue Hole that would take him back to his own Earth. He had a lot to think about. So many people in the different dimensions of the EarthBound universe.... It made him tired to think about it. Maybe when he got home, he'd just take a quick nap. .......... Yeah, that was it. He needed to rest for a while to refresh his brain. TsuramiSea's form was obscured by a column of orange light, and he disappeared.