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Just a normal night.
Do dee do...

A strange star appears...
Mark is stargazing...

Oh my goodness!
Wow! It's some kind of bird-man!

Bert is cool.
Odd name for a bird-man monster, don't you think?

Some people DO use those as weapons, though...
Mark tries to explain the difference between a baseball bat and a real weapon.

Now HERE'S a choice 'bad video game quote'.
Bert doesn't seem to care about Mark's comment.

.... and this is a NES game?
Your typical round intro screen, with corpses bathing in blood.

Run away from the Japanese game designers.
Yes, you fight a giant living onion ring in this game. Be afraid.

How can one game be so disturbing?
If this screenshot won't make you wet your pants, what will?

He will kill j00.

I wonder if parents who bought this game were paying attention?
Mark getting killed. Screw it. "AAHHHH!!!!"

Mark r not dead!!!!1
Hooray! Everything is O.K.!

But it was a dream!!!  JFOIASVJRAOG!

Yay!  Mark rules!
Here's our hero, Mark.

Pretty impressive, isn't he?
Here's a full-length drawing of Bert.