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Have you ever wondered, what if Nintendo, late in the NES's life, created a Smash Brother-ish game for it? By that time, the technology probably would've been good enough for a bare-bones version...

That said, let's get right into SSBR, 'Super Smash Brothers Retro'.

(Do you think this is a dumb idea? Come on, though... it's 8-bit SSB! Well, anyway.)

Peach vs. Bowser, Mushroom Kingdom:  Bowser's Castle

It's Peach vs. Bowser. You can see Peach has used 8-bit Vegetable Pick and is throwing the vegetable at Bowser. The stage, Bowser's castle, features a moving platform on the right side of the stage, and Podoboo ocassionally jumps out from the lava to try to singe the players.

Mario vs. Luigi, Subcon:  Tryclyde Lair

Mario vs. Luigi, and Mario is Super Jump Punching Luigi into next week! In Tryclyde Lair, Tryclyde ocassionally slithers in on the right platform to spit fireballs at the players. Watch where you stand in this level.

Kirby vs. Yoshi, Dream Land:  Butter Building

Here's Kirby vs. Yoshi! Kirby floats on the spring breeze, as Yoshi snipes with an Egg Toss. The fighting takes place on Kirby's stage, Butter Building. A main platform and two platforms on the underside, along with *GASP* a pit! I'm not sure about hazards, although I think some of Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright's stars could rain down once in a while.

Iceclimber vs. Mr. Game and Watch, Infinite Glacier:  Icicle Mountain

A battle of retro characters, Iceclimber and Mr. Game and Watch! Popo and Nana send an Ice Shot at Mr. Game and Watch, who is jumping up to their level. Back again is the Iceclimber home turf, Icicle Mountain, only 8-bit. Note the unusual layout. Be sure to watch out for Nitpicker, the bird, divebombing you.

Samus vs. Ness, Planet Zebes:  Kraid's Lair

Samus the bounty hunter chasing Ness, the psychic boy? Why would they be exchanging fire? Samus shoots her homing missile, while Ness unleashes PK Fire. As for the battlefield, it's Kraid's Lair! It's a pretty straightforward stage, much in the main of Bowser's Castle. The main hazards are the lava pit on either side that slowly adds damage, and the spikes in the air that will really hurt you if touched.

Link vs. Marth, Hyrule: Midoro Palace

Link and Marth have at it. Marth attempts to keep away from a crazed Link's bomb throwing. Midoro Palace may seem to have a cramped layout, but it makes for good strategy. Watch out for Bubble, which will ricochet around the room from time to time.

Superflat World:  Manhole America:  Podunk

And now, we've run out of fighters. Twelve is all there is! But there are still two more stages.... shown on the left is Manhole, the classic Game & Watch. On a regular basis, the Manhole guy will come and provide additional platformage. Other than that, a rather basic course. On the right is Podunk, a scene of Mother / EarthBound Zero. The trees block the sides of the stage, forming a tray. The path in front of the house can be walked on, or the roof can be scaled as a drop-through platform. Watch out for zombies rising out of the path and stalking along! When they appear, either attack or head for higher ground on the trees or house.

And so there is Super Smash Brothers Retro, with 12 characters to play as and 8 battlefields to wreak havoc on. A Nintendo crossover that is so nostalgic, it could kill you.

And now, back to the main page.