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Emperor Keshawarz

Emperor Keshawarz was again journeying to Earth. But this time, he was alone.

"I must... I must take revenge on those who would oppose me..." he muttered, a bitter mantra at the head of a massive torrent of rage. His invasion force had been beaten back some time ago by the Chosen Four, leaving the the Emperor and his surviving fleet to withdraw into the safety of their borders.
While his top military officers urged him to rest and recuperate his forces, the Emperor could not wait. He set out once more, in a single-seater craft, to the planet he hated so much.

Emperor Keshawarz was returning to Earth once more. He was arriving as a conqueror once more. But this time he would succeed.

The Emperor stared at his instrumentation panel.
"Computer," he commanded. "Magnify coordinate C45, J5.6. 300x."
The image on the screen instantly grew. Keshawarz stared at the unusual picture on the screen. It was Fourside... but just barely. The city was transformed into some kind of military installation... but for a military the Earth could never have controlled.
"Computer," he ordered once more. "Perform a sweep on all passive/active channels, and report any anomalies."
After a few seconds, the pleasant female Computer voice answered, "No known communication signals found. Radiation levels at 30 rems. AI programming seems to be of Giygan origin."

"The Giygans? hmmm..." The Empire had tangled with the Giygans before, and he knew from experience that the AI troops were vicious warriors.

An alarm bell sounded, explosively loud in the small cockpit of the ship.
"What? NO!" The Emperor yelled furiously. The little fighter had no protection against Air-to-Space artillery. He cursed himself for being so careless. He began to take evasive maneuvers, but the heavy railgun slug suddenly ripped through the Xexonyte Drive that powered his craft.
The escape pod burst out of the doomed fighter, moments before the drive went critical. Seething with rage, he directed the craft towards Fourside. Fortunately, the craft was too small to be detected by inferior Giygan sensors.

On the ground, Keshawarz looked at the city, now transformed into a nightmare. He managed to land in the park without incident. However, a Starman, presumably on patrol, materialized in front of him.
"Halt," it ordered in a lifeless, robotic voice. It held up a hand. "State your authorization credentials."
Keshawarz grimaced. He clenched his right hand into a fist and concentrated. Within a span of seconds, the living BioMetal that constituted it began to transform. His fingers elongated and fused together. When it was finished, what had been his right hand was now a six-foot, slightly curved, razor-sharp blade.
"UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY. ELIMINATION PROGRAM ACTIVATED," the Starman droned. Its arm glowed, and it fired a beam of purple energy. It missed by a hairsbreadth, and cut into the Emperor's grounded escape pod. He dived off to the side just as it exploded. Keshawarz jumped to his feet. Anticipating another beam, he dodged to the right and then slashed downwards.
"VITAL CIrcuitry shutd--" it started. It then fell into two pieces, having been cut cleanly from its left shoulder to its waist.
"Heh... I would've expected more from the 'great' Giygans," he mused. The blade shortened, and separated into fingers once more, but still retained its metallic color. "Now... to find out what's going on..."

The Emperor felt a wave of discomfort as his arm slowly regained its flesh tone. Throwing him off, he stumbled into an alley, hoping to hide from any patrols while he recovered. He regained composure momentarily, and scouted the street he had been on. In doing this, he espied a familiar vessel: the Atlantis Thera-class Schooner, the former bane of his existence, now possibly his only hope of defeating such large numbers of enemies. He stole across the street, and hid by the small ship.

The unlikely pair approached the door, this time opening on its own. The Emperor saw this as his only opportunity. He snuck in behind the two, the door closing behind him. He ducked into a closet just inside, and waited...

"Bah," Keshawarz thought to himself. "Hiding in the closet like some sort of rodent."
He could sense voices on the other side, but couldn't make out what they were... but now, it was time to leave.

"We have to find them, but where and how do we look?" asked Jakob.
"It appears that--" The Blue Starman started, as the door in the room literally exploded in a hail of blue energy. The Emperor stepped slowly into into view.
"What the-- who are you? And why were you in the closet!?" yelled Jakob, incredulously.
"I," he said, "am Emperor Osman Keshawarz I."
Jakob stared at Emperor Osman Keshawarz I in complete confusion, while Blue Starman appeared to ignore him and look around at the ship. Jakob decided to take this guy to task over his intrusion, rather than express confusion. Mentally, he also noted that intrusion rhymed with confusion, and he stored the information in case he got writer's block.
"Listen Emperor Osmos Key-shareware One, or whatever your name is, I'm Jakob, and the big blue guy is... uhh, Blue Starman. Don't be steppin', or we'll pound ya."
The Emperor looked at Jakob with mild amusement, then brushed him off and headed for the cockpit. Blue Starman followed him. Jakob came after them, trying to explain to the Emperor exactly what "Steppin'" was (in case he didn't know), but he tripped over Frank, who was just getting up.
"Hey, watch it, Jakob," said Frank irritably. "Lardna showed up and hit me with Hypnosis."
"You think you got problems," Jakob argued, "I got beamed to a mothership, lectured to by that blue hunk of metal, and then totally brushed out by that crazy monarchist!"
"What crazy monarch?"
"Emperor Shareware, or something like that."
"We'd better check this guy out," decided Frank. They headed to the cockpit. Emperor Keshawarz and Blue Starman were both seated comfortably and preparing to lift off. Blue suggested that Frank and Jakob should go back to the passenger area. Soon they were flying over Fourside, on some kind of plan concocted by Keshawarz.
"There's something about this I don't like," muttered Frank.
"Me too," agreed Jakob. "Did you see that Shareware dude, steppin' with me? He was asking for a busted lip. I mean, the nerve, just going through me like that..."
Frank took out his switchblade and opened it up, then reflected the light off it contemplatively. Jakob abruptly stopped talking. The ship continued to its mystery destination.

The Emperor discreetly exited the head, checking his fly one last time. Looking around, he proceeded back to the cockpit.
"New heading set for Threed. Buckle all safety belts."
"Oh, no," he thought. He raced to the galley, where he grabbed a seat and buckled himself in.
In the cockpit, three were confused.
"Hurry!" urged the Blue Starman. "Strap yourselves in!" They didn't argue. Blue rose and strapped the still-unconscious Jakob into his seat, and remained standing, some invisible activity at work in his feet. "Magnets," he explained.
"New course locked."
The ship pulled a neat 180 turn. Frank, Cyan and Anthadd finished securing themselves to the three other chairs.
"Lightspeed engaged."
"Lightspeed?!" yelled a worried Anthadd. But there was no time for a response. For a brief moment, the passengers were plastered to the backs of their seats. The schooner made a quick stop behind the Threed Sunset Hotel. Amzan exited the building and rushed to his ship, the door opening and closing for him.
"Thank you for using me. This door loves you. Have a nice day."
"What?" Amzan was startled. "Okay, who turned that back on. Computer, disable Sirius Cybernetics device voice!"
"Sirius Cybernetics device voice disabled."
"Oh, please," a voice sneered behind him. "Don't tell me you have a Happy Vertical People Transporter, too."
"That voice!" Amzan wheeled around. "Keshawarz!...I'll deal with you in a minute. Computer, locate others; move."
"Scanning...Unity located. Proceed travel."
The ship lifted off and headed back to Onett.
"Now," said Amzan, "what are you doing here, Keshawarz? This place isn't advanced enough to be of any good to you. What are you after?"

Amzan turned suddenly, temporarily forgetting that he had asked Keshawarz a question. "You forgot ALL about me in Threed."

Keshawarz managed to conceal himself on the ship just before the others departed. He swiftly made his way to the control room, thinking to himself all the while.
Who are these people? And what is transpiring at this place? It seems like a Giygan invasion, but there's something... odd about it.
Then he realized. There had been no fighting, no battle around the area, save for the Starman he had fought earlier. Well, there would be proper time for that later. Right now, he had to find out exactly what was going on. He was in the control room now.

"State your authorization," commanded the monotonous computer voice.
"Bah," was the Emperor's answer. He raised his right arm and concentrated his psionic energy. He then punched the nearest control panel. The BioMetal that composed his arm slipped into the control panels, allowing him direct access to the security systems.
"Set coordinates to: 68.23J, 465.7L," he commanded.
"New coordinates locked." The warning resonated through the entire ship.

"Coordinates? Locked?? What the hey?!" Jakob ran to the cockpit and discovered the Emperor flying the ship. "Whaddya doing?! We just got to Onett!"
The Emperor ignored him. Anthadd and Cyan arrived. "What's happening?"
Jakob pointed over his shoulder. "The Shareware Emperor decided to go for a joyride."
The Emperor finally turned to face Jakob. "Will you stop calling me that?"
Jakob wheeled and drew his Ray-Gun. "Hey, I haven't forgotten how you were totally steppin' before. I don't know where you're going, but we're going back right now. Got it?"
The Emperor smiled. "Too late. We're already here."
Cyan stepped in. "Where exactly is here?"
"Oh, just a little..." The Emperor glanced out the window, and stared. "WHAAAAT?!"

Everyone had a look. They were somewhere... pink? "Some kind of cloud," muttered Anthadd.
Jakob was entranced by some passing multicoloured wisps of air. The Emperor took the opportunity to morph his hand into a laser pistol. "Seems we're on even ground now, bassman." Cyan stepped forward and drew his sword, and Anthadd stepped back and picked up a piece of cardboard.
Amzan and Frank walked in. They scoped out the situation. Amzan left quickly. Frank asked Anthadd why he was holding a piece of cardboard.
"Everyone else had something to hold, and I felt left out," he explained.
Jakob slowly lowered his gun. Everyone else lowered their respective weapons, except Anthadd, who only had cardboard anyhow.

Jakob and Frank were sitting in the back of the ship. There had just been a huge argument between Amzan and the Emperor, so Jakob had suggested to Frank that they depart.
"What were they arguing about?" asked Frank.
"I dunno, the Emperor said something about wanting to leave."
"Leave?" repeated Frank. "As in leave Cyan and Anthadd behind?"
Jakob sighed. "That's what it was shaping up to be. Aw, man, I gotta go for a walk." He got up and left the ship. Frank followed him out. They looked up in the sky just in time to see Cyan and Anthadd flying away.
"Well, isn't that ironic," mused Jakob. "Poor old Amzan, trying to convince the Emperor that we should wait for Anthadd and Cyan, and there they go..."


Sorcerer had been in hiding in Fourside ever since everything began. He decided to come out and see what all had happened in the past few days he had been in hiding. Sorcerer was a small mouse with amazingly powerful abilities for a creature that size. He wore beautiful silver armor and a red cape. He was different from other mice though. He walked on his hind legs normally.
He came out of a crack in the wall of the theater and saw Starmen beaming about and Giygas' minions all over the place. He guessed that the Starmen were patrolling due to their patterns of movement. He flew down the street and to the corner and he hid there as he let a couple of Starmen go by. He then continued on his quest to see what had happened to the city.
After examining the whole city, he decided that he had best be leaving this city as soon as possible.
He made his way to the exit of town dodging between posts and into cracks and clinging to the bottom of broken park benches. He found it was sealed and needed to find another way around.
He saw a hole in the wall and saw three Starmen gathered around it. He moved closer to the group.

<What do you think did this?>
<That ship perhaps?>
<somebody shall go now to notify the Starman Deluxe>
<I shall go sir>

Sorcerer watched as another Starman stepped up to the scene and then the third Starman that spoke gave him the order. The Starman left on his errand. Three Starmen... fighting could be risky, Sorcerer thought to himself. He touched the sword at his side with his fingers. He drew his sword and slowly moved towards the three unsuspecting Starmen.
Sorcerer lunged at the first Starman which surprised him and he could easily defeat.
The other two were a different subject though. They now knew he was there.
The first one lunged at him trying to destroy him with its tentacle while the other one began to concentrate which Sorcerer knew that that one was going to cast some magic of some sort.
He knew he had to take out the caster first so he didn't get a chance to cast his magic. The other Starman had different plans unfortunately. This Starman was going to guard the other Starman.
Sorcerer looked at the Starman about to cast magic and then at the guard Starman.
Then he ran up the body of the guard Starman making the Starman try to grab hold of him. Sorcerer dissapeared just as the hand reached him. The guard Starman whirled around with time enough to see the magic-using Starman fall into small slices and Sorcerer land on the other side of the Starman's body.
This angered the other Starman and he charged in a rage. Sorcerer flipped around to face him and it was too late. The Starman had already nailed him good. Sorcerer hit the ground hard in the mud that was once the beautiful town of Fourside.
He whirled around and picked up his sword from the mud. A strange light seemed to clear off the mud that was on the sword.
"Blade Beam..." Sorcerer smiled thinly as he leapt into the air while a sparkle of energy appeared on the tip of his sword as he brought it behind him. Then with all his might he swung his sword back over his head and by this time he had reached the ground and the impact created a blue shockwave which shot towards the Starman splitting him down the middle.
Sorcerer brushed the mud and dust off of himself and went through the hole in the wall and began a journey across the bridge to Dusty Dunes Desert. Sorcerer ate a skip sandwich and ran without using a bit of energy.
Sorcerer stopped for a small 30 seconds to think and rest a small bit.
Why am I walking when I can fly?, Sorcerer smacked himself.
I wasn't even thinking. He pulled his hand off his head and then floated into the air and took off across the bridge.

Sorcerer was now almost at Dusty Dunes Desert. He turned to see Fourside, his home, one last time before he went in to the tunnel leading to the desert.
At this time he saw three small figures going after a larger object in the sky.
What in the... Sorcerer thought to himself. He turned again and went into the tunnel.
Soon enough he was at Dusty Dunes Desert. He didn't know why he was going this way. Maybe it was instinct. Yes, definitely instinct. Something told him that he should be going this way. He stopped at the store and got some rest there. He slept in a small hole underneath the bed.
He would continue his journey tomorrow morning. He had been walking all day.

Sorcerer arrived in Threed just in time to see a small space ship type thing take off.

That thing... it is going in the direction I am headed... If I would've been earlier to get here...

By noon Sorcerer was in Twoson and was getting near the tunnel to Onett. He felt as if he was possessed by some great entity. He could not turn back. Would not turn back.

Sorcerer stopped by at Burglin Park and bought himself an egg. He took a break and cooked it with fire.

He sat by the big tree in Burglin Park eating his egg. He then remembered back at Fourside when he had awakened in that crack.

He could not remember anything before it. Just that Fourside was, or was, near his home... He didn't understand... How could he just appear there?

Sorcerer looked down at his meal. It was slowly blurring. He looked over at the people in the park. They were also going blurry. He was falling asleep.
What's happening to me!?
He tried to cry out for help but could not. He could only watch as everything turned dark.

Sorcerer awoke with a start. He was already forgetting what he had seen. He had seen a beam destroying a town wth many mice. He saw Fourside as well.

He decided it was nothing and got out of Twoson because he saw a cat hanging out around the park.

Soon he was in Onett. He saw it was in ruins. He walked forward and about the middle of town he felt as if he was being ripped apart limb by limb.
"Uwaaaaaagh!!!!" he screamed as a beam of light struck him and his head flung back and his eyes widened to the extent they could. He continued to scream as he was lifted in to the air by a strange force and then he shot up the beam at an amazing speed.

The beam set him down back in Onett. But it was different. There was no trace of any buildings anywhere. It looked like it had been completely obliterated. How long had he been gone? Or was this an alternate reality? He didn't know.

He saw no one so he continued north towards the only two houses he saw standing. He felt as if he had to go to the house on the left.

He realized his flying ability was disabled by some unknown force and he had to walk which was pretty slow.
He was trying to cast different spells but nothing seemed to work.
How strange... Something in this world isn't allowing me to use my magic... very strange indeed

Sorcerer had arrived at the two houses and a UFO. Sorcerer noted explosions of battle in the foothills near the area. They had stopped now however.

He walked up to the door and it came open almost smashing him in to the ground. He jumped back drawing his sword quicker than the wink of an eye.

He stepped inside with his sword at the ready for any enemies. He heard no one inside and decided that the flying machine was vacant. He sheathed his sword but did not do up the snap to hold it into the sheath.

After exploring the UFO and finding no one he exited. Sorcerer sensed something directly behind him about 30 feet away. It had just arrived. He whirled around with his sword drawn to see a Starman Super.

He seemed to remember fighting one of these before at one time. He remembered losing.

There was something strange about this one though. It had a blue stripe running vertically down its forehead.

<Target Acquired. Elimination in progress.> Sorcerer heard its never changing voice speak.
<Greetings. I am Starman Super Type B. You shall now be eliminated.>
The Starman started shooting beams at Sorcerer. He had no problem dodging them with small little flips and acrobatics.
Sorcerer slowly made his way up to the Starman Super.
<Element Change:Ice>
The beams now began to freeze anything they touched. They were coming closer and closer to Sorcerer as he dodged around them.
I'm gonna be a mouse popsicle! Sorcerer thought to himself as he started to sweat a little.
<Element Change:Darkness>

All of a sudden Sorcerer felt as if he was in a trance. He leapt right before beams hit him. He seemed to have a shield around him. He couldn't control his body. He wasn't seeing the battle however.

He saw a place thousands of miles away. He saw himself fighting a Starman Super on a rainy night. He saw rain drizzling down both of their bodies. The Starman was getting scraped up pretty bad and so was Sorcerer. They circled around eachother and then lunged at each other. He didn't see the beam from the Starman coming and was fried by it. After that he remembered awakening to find he had been drug a little ways out of the blazing town he had been battling in and he saw a beam from a ufo shoot down and obliterate the city.

All of a sudden he shook himself awake and found himself dodging blasts.

He remembered something else... a robot of his own. A Holy Robot. He also remembered a monster of darkness at his command.

<You continue to resist? Why?>

Sorcerer did not hear the Starman speaking. He spread out his fingers and placed his hands together in front of him. His eyes closed and then lightning struck down in a forest behind him.The skies turned black and a monstourus robot roared in to the area.
"Alexander..." Sorcerer muttered to himself.

He felt as if he could control the giant robot as well as his body. He had the giant robot start firing beams at the Starman.

After one hit, the Starman estimated its damage.
<estimated damage:85%>

Alexander disappeared and Sorcerer felt weakend slightly. Sorcerer lunged at the robot, whirling his sword expertly he sliced through the Starman. It fell to the ground in pieces.

Sorcerer turned and nodded at the dead enemy which its head was till going... but only for a few seconds.
<Transmission sent:Onett... Re-Reinforcements...>

Sorcerer fried the enemy in a ball of fire from his sword. He saw two people coming down from the foothills. He sensed their intentions were good but he wasn't sure to trust them quite yet. He dove into the ufo and leapt up closing the door behind him. He leapt on to a shelf and got up to the top and his on the top of the shelf in the UFO.

After a few minutes the two people entered...

Sorcerer looked as Cyan and Anthadd walked in. He moved back on the shelf making sure not to be seen. He sensed that they were near the shelf and he jumped off the shelf and floated in front of Anthadd's nose with his sword drawn.
"Hold your ground warrior!" Sorcerer commanded Anthadd. The tip of his sword was just touching Anthadd's nose. Anthadd tried not to laugh. There was a mouse dressed in armor and a cape with a sword at his nose. [This sentence has been removed because it reeks of drug reference]
Anthadd tried to push the blade away but was hit by a bolt of lightning from the mouse's free hand.
"Yow!" He jumped back.
"Um... Anthadd... is it just me or is there a floating mouse with a sword and he just shocked you." Cyan looked at the mouse with a funny look on his face.
"That's not you!" Anthadd looked at his burnt finger. Anthadd pulled himself up and lunged at the mouse. They began to fight.

Anthadd found that the mouse was much stronger than he anticipated. He didn't want to use his Ke Bao armor though yet.
After 5 minutes of fighting it was beginning to get intense and tiring. Anthadd realized that that mouse was stronger than him when he didn't have the armor.
"I... see... you..." Sorcerer struck at Anthadd giving him another clean cut.
"...have good..." Anthadd went to strike but Sorcerer dodged quickly.
"...intentions! Truce?" Sorcerer finished his sentence panting for breath.
Anthadd eyed the mouse. He decided that for now a truce was fine.
They shook hands/paws. Sorcerer sheathed his sword.
"So... Anthadd, is it? What exactly is going on here."

(Uh... Sorcerer? What would I have to put on the shelf? The medallion I keep around my neck, and the Ditel in my lab coat. My swords are limited to the armour. You're basically saying I'm fighting a magician mouse barehanded? I'm not stupid. Also, the Ditel would have sent you a mile away in a second. And it's Ke Bao, not Ka Bao.)

Suddenly wondering why he had bothered fighting a mouse hiding on a shelf when he had nothing whatsoever to put on the shelf in the first place, and why Cyan had done nothing throughout the whole battle, Anthadd mumbled "Why me?" under his breath.
Then Anthadd learned Hydra Extension!
He didn't know what it was, but he knew it was best used for a.... special occasion.
"I'm WAITING," Sorcerer said, tapping his foot.
"We know very little of what's happening, as well. And I'm not very amicable towards people who attack me for no reason.
"Therefore, you may want to tag along and squirrel the information from someone who you haven't been hostile towards.
"But be warned, I become even less amicable towards people who attack my friends in attempts to squirrel information out of them."
And with that, Anthadd walked out of the spaceship.
Sorcerer was left scratching his head. He wondered, What?
Cyan quickly ran out of the spaceship after Anthadd.

"What?" Anthadd snapped angrily.
"Are you angry he beat you?"
"No, of course not. I was tired from the training, and the battle. But he attacked me for no good reason."

Sorcerer stood, awestruck. "Boy.. he sure was angry. But he deserved it!"
Sorcerer continued to toy with his conveluted logic as he emerged from the spaceship. He started to walk into a shady section of the woods, and he grumbled as he did.
As he walked, he spied a nice patch of grass for him to sit on. He noticed an old shack near him, but thought nothing of it.
"Ah! A perfect time to formulate my latest plan---omph!"
A black booted leg kicked him in the head, and a large mass went tumbling over his head. He caught a flash of gold as he was shot up into the air, and went crashing into the barn window.

Starman Omega looked up. "What's this? Look.... a small mouse-like creature. Strange.. he carries a sword. Yes, this could be just what I need."
He looked at Matt and smiled. "How would you like to have the body of a 10 year old again?"
Matt grinned hugely. "Then I can play in my fort again!"
The Starman sighed as he held the mouse in his tentacle. With his free arm, he rested the end of it on Matt's shoulder.
<You might feel a small shock for a few moments... that's the feel of the energy conversion. I will take this rat- like creature's energy, transfer it through my own power into pure time, then give it to you.>
The Starman stood still for a moment, with smal sparks flicking around his eyes. With a flash, he clenched roughly on Sorcerer, and dropped him. He looked over at Matt to see a small boy once more.
<There you go. Now that you can stay in a set form, you should be safe to bring the others to the stream. And take this with you!> he said, shoving the squirming mouse into Matt's child-like hand.
"Ooo! Mousey!"

Mike and Luna stood over Unity, concered. She was the one who had tripped over the mouse, and she had bashed her head on a rock by landing.

"Whoa! Did Matt grow DOWN?" Mike asked, bewildered. He noticed that he was clutching something in his hand. "Whatcha got there?"
"Look!" Matt said, and showed Mike the mouse.
"Heh heh, awesome. A mouse... and it's kinda... dead? Probably. Hey, it's all armored up and stuff."
"Yup." Matt said with a big grin on his face. "I wanna play some games. You guys play with me now." He put the mouse into his pocket.

(Anthadd, Cyan would have put his sword on the shelf so he can sit down in a chair without putting a hole through it. I'm sorry if my describing didn't exactly explain that you attacked in a rage. People don't think too much when they are mad. I'm sorry about the spelling of your armor. Also, you wouldn't exactly be afraid of a mouse would you? I hope that answers your questions. BTW. Sorcerer is real edgy that's why he attacked you instead of Cyan. You were nearest so he attacked you.)

Sorcerer awoke in a dark soft place with light emitting from above him.
"Unnngh." He could hardly move. He reached up towards the light and grabbed the edge of the hole. He realized it was denim. He was in a pocket. He pulled himself up and fell out of the pocket and to the ground without the child seeing him. He lay on the ground. Sun shone in his eyes. He caught movement in bushes near him. He rolled on to his stomach and pulled himself towards it. He reached for his sword at his belt but did not have the strength to use it.
He crawled about halfway towards the bushes and then collapsed in a heap on the ground. He rolled over again on his back. He saw a blur coming towards him. The whole world was a blur.
He saw the child's face. It was the child who had pocketed him.
"Mousie!" He picked him up and shoved Sorcerer in his pocket roughly.
"Be gentle, child!" Sorcerer gasped.
"Mousie you say something?! You talk!?" Matt pulled him out of the pocket and started to squeeze him hoping for him to talk again.
"Talk mousie talk!" Matt yelled at the mouse. Sorcerer was million of miles away though, although his eyes were open he did not know he was still in the clutches of the child.

He saw himslef be blasted by the Starman Super and losing a battle, and then saw his village be set on fire, and then he was blasted and sent flying. He awakened back in the pocket of the child.

He felt himself recovering at an awesome rate... he'd be able to get out of there in about half an hour.

Sorcerer awakened to the sound of Matt's voice.
"Help me! Help me, please!" he yelled in a scared tone of voice. Sorcerer got up in the pocket.
Good... I'm fully healed... The child... he seems frightened... Why aren't those human adults coming?
Sorcerer flew out of the pocket and up in front of the child's face.
"What seems to be the matter, young one?" He addressed Matt as if he were an adult. Matt clapped his hands because he knew that he was being addressed as a grown-up.
"Mousie! You talked again! I need yur help!"
"What is it, child? I can help you, I'm sure."
"The stream! Someone is near the stream! I sense them there!"
The stream? "What is the stream exactly, child?"
"Shh! Mousie be quiet! C'mon, we gotta go to the stream now!! It's an emergency!"
The stream... What exactly is it.. He emphasizes it as if it were some sacred place... no... to him maybe... but it has to be just water.
Matt took off in the direction where water could be heard running. Sorcerer flew along quickly behind Matt.
What is his name again?! He tried to remember what he had heard the human adults call him. It came to him in a flash as if someone had just whispered it in his ear.
"Matt! Sir Matthew Minch! I beg of you to tell me what the stream is!" Sorcerer yelled after him.
"I show you! But hopefully only you, mousey! Now shutup and hurry!" Matt breathed heavily as he shot like a bullet towards the sound of the water. Sorcerer followed at a quickened pace.

"Matt! Where is Matt???" Luna said, mentally kicking herself.
"Matt is with me. I saw a mouse on the bank with him; however, I did not take him along."

Sorcerer awoke alongside the stream. He leapt up grabbing his sword from next to him and checking to make sure nothing was around him.
Left behind again... there's no use in this... Why would I help those people anyway, what have they done for me... Sorcerer pondered the turn of events. He was going to try to defend the child when the Starman raised one tentacle, knocking him to the bank on his face, knocking him out.
I am too weak... I must become stronger... I must find someone to travel with for now so I may become stronger. As he thought this he felt someone entering the area of Onett. He scanned for the person.
A man with some pretty heavy weaponry, entering from Twoson. He caught himself by surprise.
Twoson... He blinked and tried to figure out how he knew the name of that town. I flew over that town but I never saw any signs saying the names of the towns except for Threed and Fourside... strange... hmm... Another presence is even nearer... a young female with no weaponry and a dog.... I'll check it out...
Sorcerer looked back at the stream, then took off flying through the forest towards the two houses he had seen before. He felt the presence was around there... the male presence was nearing the female presence. They both had intentions that seemed good. Maybe he'd join up with them for now so he could train and try and figure out what was going on.
What IS this all about?

As Tracy got back up on her feet, a voice was heard from above.
"Very impressive, very impressive indeed," Sorcerer chuckled.
Rockwell bared his sword once again and said, "Who are you?"
"I am only Sorcerer, and I only wished to join the two of you."
"Can we trust you?" Rockwell asked.
As Sorcerer nodded, Rockwell sheathed his sword and said, "Okay."
Sorcerer landed on the ground and said, "What do we do now?"
"I have a feeling we should go to Saturn Valley," said Tracy.
"Saturn Valley? Why?" Sorcerer asked.
"I overheard one of the Starmen Jr. talking about it," said Tracy.
"Alright, that's our desitination," said Rockwell as he looked up at the sky.

On the way to Saturn Valley...
"So Tracy, is it?... What exactly did you hear about Saturn Valley?" Sorcerer asked, squinting as the sun seemed to just barely peek around the dark storm clouds. As if it were the single ray of hope in all this darkness.
"I only heard them say <Gather them... Saturn Valley>. I missed the middle part..." she replied also as she noticed the sun. She hadn't seen that for months.
"I'm guessing they probably said that they were going to gather the chosen four and their family at Saturn Valley..." Rockwell pulled out some sunglasses and put them on.
"So... exterminate them all to make sure that a brother, sister, or parent can't end up having powers, by accident I mean..." Sorcerer scratched his chin. Tracy was about to open her mouth to continue the conversation when Sorcerer cut her off.
"Before we continue the conversation, can someone please explain to me what exactly is going on here?"
Rockwell decided to explain to them both since neither one knew about it at all. He explained it in as few words as he could and they continued on. They were almost at Twoson now.
Sorcerer's vision started to blur once again.
Dang... not again...
"Rockwell, may I sit in one of your pockets for a little while, this sun is really getting to me..." He started to sweat trying to keep himself awake. Rockwell nodded as he took an empty bullet box and dropped it in a trash can. Sorcerer almost fell into Rockwell's pocket.

He saw everything now... every bit of information he was getting out of his past dreams was being pieced together one by one.
He saw mice and others like him. A peaceful day. He lived in an underground city. On one side of the underground was Twoson and on the other side was Fourside.
He then saw the roof of his city broken open and several Starmen looking down at them. A gold one with spikes on his hands picked him up in its tentacle.
<This one has phenomenal powers for a mouse...> he remembered it saying. That is when Sorcerer grabbed his dagger from his belt and jabbed it into the tentacle and slid down the tentacle on his knife giving the Starmen a gash on his arm. It seemed angry now.
It leapt at him as lightning struck and Sorcerer threw his sword just in time to give the robot a blade in the faceplate. It seemed to scream as it held its face in pain. It kicked Sorcerer hard and he hit the ground. Sorcerer staggered to his feet leaning on his sword.
"Prizm Flare!!" he yelled. He had forgotten all his magic but this dream seemed to be restoring his memory of everything.
A rainbow colored flame blazed around the Starman. He sensed that he had taken the Starman down enough that he could kill him off with another Prizm attack.
"Prizm Beam!!" Sorcerer yelled as he thrust his arms out in front of him and shot a beam, a prizm appeared and converted the white beam into a rainbow of different beams. The Starman took the full brunt of the gigantic attack. He was on his knees. Sorcerer knew he had done him in. At least, he thought he knew.
<You have done well little mouse... you haven't seen the grand finale yet...>
With that he raised the tentacle that still remained on his body and a white beam flowed from the sky to the small village and himself.
The entire village was destroyed, and it felt as if he was dying, too. That Starman lived.
He then found out that he had been in a coma for three years in Fourside and had finally awakened in that crack.

He awoke in Rockwell's pocket. He must've been asleep a while... he saw the sign saying "Burglin Park" from out of the pocket.
It feels so nice to be near home...

Sorcerer had long awakened and they were in the tunnel to Threed. They reached the other side of the tunnel and three Starman Supers stepped forward, guarding the entrance to Threed.
<You can not enter Threed. Turn back now and we will not be hostile towards you.>
Sorcerer signaled for Tracy to back away a bit. A Starman circled around behind them to act as an escort out of the tunnel. Sorcerer touched his sheath at his side. The Starmen watched as Sorcerer pushed his cape back from around his sword and Rockwell gripped the handle of his 44. at his side.
<Resistance is futile. But if you wish to resist, then you will die. Squad, attack.>
Rockwell spun his pistol on his finger as he whipped around to the Starman that had circled around them. He shot it in the head, then whipped around, shooting the other two.
"Bah! Didn't even give me a chance to get my sword half out of my sheath," Sorcerer laughed as he pointed at his sword which was almost halfway out of the sheath. Rockwell laughed to himself.

They proceeded through to Threed to see the storm clouds had rolled around again. They avoided the circus tent as they saw many monsters coming out and going in.
So... Giygas... he started at Saturn Valley and is taking Threed now... he already had Fourside... so powerful... but what happened to that woman... Lardna...?

Tracy, Sorcerer, and Rockwell went through the graveyard and closer to Saturn Valley. Soon they approached the cave where the Starmen could be seen.
"Blast. There's too many of them... still, we can use the element of surprise," said Rockwell.
"Do you think you have any explosives?" Sorcerer asked.
Rockwell checked his pockets and found a single grenade. "This will work. Tracy, how good can you throw?" Rockwell asked.
"Pretty good, actually. Who did you think taught Ness to swing a bat?" Tracy laughed.
"Good. Can you manage to throw this underneath the Final Starmen in the middle of the group?" Rockwell asked.
"Sure. It's possible," answered Tracy.
Rockwell gave the grenade to her and said, "Sorcerer, get ready to fight. We'll need to take out the remaining Starmen."
Sorcerer nodded as Tracy pulled the pin and threw the grenade underneath the Final Starman in the middle. The Final Starman whirred and looked down.
"Object detected. Destroy object," the Final Starman whirred.
The Starmen gathered around the object, pointing at it with one tentacle each.
"How stupid can they get?" Sorcerer laughed silently.
The grenade exploded, scrapping a Final Starmen, three Starmen DX, and all twelve Starmen.
"Sorcerer, one is still remaining; time to attack," said Rockwell as he whipped his sword out.
The two jumped out of their hiding spot, facing the Final Starmen, who had escaped the explosion without taking any damage. Sorcerer ran behind it, as Rockwell got into a stance.
"Stop right there. You are not permitted to... to... to... to... pao... pas... *garble*... premitted... ede..." The Final Starman was malfunctioning.
"Sorcerer, take cover. It's malfunctioning," said Rockwell.
The Final Starman raised its hand and summoned three Starmen DX. Then the Final Starman collasped. Sensing this, all three Starmen DX summoned help and three more Starmen DX appeared.
"Oh no," Rockwell muttered.
Sorcerer bit his lip. He had to think fast. He flew through the air at a Starman and sliced its viewport. As smoke started to flow from the broken viewport, it fell down ot the ground and blew apart.
Rockwell began shooting at the Starmen.
Tracy had jumped onto a boulder with a handful of rocks and started chucking them at the Starmen.
Sorcerer closed his eyes and began to concentrate. He massaged his temples with his fingers as he concentrated. Give me 20 seconds, Rockwell, just 20...
Rockwell saw that Sorcerer was preparing for some sort of powerful magic. He started shooting and reloading as rapidly as possible. He saw a Starman going towards Sorcerer. There was one coming towards him and another one going towards Tracy. Blast!
His face became red with concentration and he whipped around shooting each one in the viewport with extreme precision.
There were two left. They had a gold mark vertically aligned on their foreheads. They each have a mark like that but they're bronze, they must mark rank or power...
Sorcerer's eyes opened and he stood up from his sitting position in the air. Lunar Pandora!!!
The moon seemed to gleam more than ever and then a beam of holy light shot from it obliterating the two Starmen and any rubble left of any Starman. The blast cleared away a thick patch of trees revealing an overgrown path leading to Grapefruit Falls.
"What the heck did you just do!?" Rockwell looked at the crater the beam had created.
Sorcerer lay flat on the ground panting heavily. "A.a...amazing!" He pulled himself to his feet.
"What did you do?" Rockwell repeated himself.
"Lunar Pandora! That was amazing! It completely drained me but it was well worth it!"
Rockwell stared at Sorcerer, then at the crater. Then at Sorcerer again. Tracy climbed from the rubble of the rock she had been on. It had crumbled from the blast. "Holy poop on a stick!" she yelled. Sorcerer chuckled at the remark.
"Lunar Pandora... my second most powerful attack... it's a first class attack... I tried to pull off my most powerful but it would've taken too long, so I just went with that one."
The other two stared at him blankly. Their expressions said one thing: What?
"Okay, to simplify it for you, I have a video game menu in my head, and I choose which magic I want to use, then I wait for my turn to cast it."
Rockwell and Tracy both nodded as they now understood how people used PSI.
"I wish I had a little menu in my head!" said Tracy as she tried to imagine it.
They continued through the newly opened path, Sorcerer asleep in Rockwell's pocket once again.

"They have already recaptured the Valley; they have no need for us at the moment. Now take this powder, and throw it in the fire."
He indicated toward a small mouse, who took the bag, and hoisted it up on his back. After walking several feet, struggling under the weight of the bag, he threw it in the fire.
A giant dragn of fire emerged, and spread its wings wide in a burst of embers.
"Now, we must ride! Tracy, Sorcerer, join me with Cyan and Unity!"

"Who they?" Jakob asked Cyan.
"This is Tracy and this is... I'm sorry, what's your name again?" Cyan asked Rockwell.
"Rockwell. And Sorcerer is in my pocket," Rockwell added.

It was too late. The dragn dissipated, just as the four, plus Sorcerer, flew through the portal.

No one knows what happened to Sorcerer. Rumors have it that he just disappeared.


YellowSubmarine stretched out of his bed at 10:00 in the morning. He opened the door of his Aquadome to find yet again the newsboy had left his paper on the Onett shores.
"Ah, great. How many times do I have to tell that paper boy to leave it on my doorstep? Now I have to swim a mile to go and get it, which is not my favorite thing to do having just woken up..." muttered YellowSubmarine. He swam out, obtained his paper, and swam back to the Aquadome. He read the first headline to find that the Topolla Theater had been detroyed by a giant fireball.

"What the? That's not natural... Only something under the control of some megalomaniac could have that happen... But, there was that meteorite in Onett, proving anything can happen. Say, wait a sec... that meteorite was under the control of a megalomaniac too! Venus isn't popular enough to have her theater destroyed by petty terrorists, either. Something queer is going on," said YellowSubmarine. He jumped into the water and swam down waterways and underground rivers to reach the coasts of Fourside in a couple of hours. He ran over the the ruins of town to find his former school buddy, Dan, musing for clues.
"Oh, hey Yellow. I've been snooping around for a sign of what happened. Seems that something happened here, perhaps a terrorist bomb..." said Dan.
"No, Venus isn't that popular. Besides, look how clean the burn is. Only the Topolla was destroyed, and yet the buildings that were practically touching its walls are completely undamaged. It seems like it was very controlled..." replied YellowSubmarine.
"Wow, you're right. It seems like... hey, watch out!" exclaimed Dan. What seemed like a damaged Octobot, only smaller, emerged from the rubble behind YellowSubmarine. He quickly turned around and killed it with his harpoon.
"Good thing I keep my supplies in the compartment in my back, so I'm set for an adventure if this leads us to one. Got my sword, my harpoon, and my transformation masks all with me," said YellowSubmarine.
"Ah, I brought my Zapper. My family and I have moved to Onett, but it seems like I'll be here for a while," said Dan.

I wonder where that strange mini-Octobot came from? It seemed like the ones in Scaraba... thought YellowSubmarine. He shrugged it off and started to search for more clues...

While YellowSub searched for clues, Dan was lead off by a car that was careening down the highway.

YellowSubmarine, who was still at the ruins, saw the foursome who had just arrived at the ruins of the Topolla.
"Say, I know you... you're that petty thief that's always cruising around Fourside!" said YellowSubmarine.
"That's right. My name is Narcy, and I'm here to search for... uh, clues about the Topolla's destruction. Now, if you will step aside, please..." replied Narcy.
"Hold on there, there's no need. I've scoured these ruins almost all day, and there is almost nothing here of value," said YellowSubmarine.
"I didn't say I'm looking for valuables, but clues!" exclaimed Narcy. "Now, step aside!"
"Okay..." YellowSubmarine moved out of the ruins. While Narcy was searching around, YellowSubmarine hopped into the driver's seat of Narcy's car, turned the key that Narcy had left in there, and then took off.
"HEY! Get back here with my car!" yelled Narcy. But Dan, Mike, Venus, Skulryk, and YellowSubmarine had already passed out of hearing range of her voice.
"So, where are you taking us?" asked Venus, quite nervous.
"Anywhere away from her," came YellowSub's reply. "I don't like bank robbers..."

Mike screamed inside the car. "Cripes! What's wrong with this hunk o' junk?"
YellowSub turned his head, and looked back at the others. "Did someone just shoot our tires?"
He slammed the brakes, and looked back again. In the distance, he could see Narcy sprinting toward him at top speed.
The glass in the rear window shattered, and a bullet whizzed above YS's head and hit the rear view mirror.
"Oh Jeez! She's shooting at us!" YS jumped out of the car, and ran willy nilly toward the north.
As YS dissapeared in the distance, Venus sighed. "Now what do we do?"

YellowSubmarine walked back toward the area where the ruins were to find that everyone was gone. Disappeared.
"Whaaat? Where're Dan, Mike, Skulryk, and Venus? This is confusing..." said YellowSubmarine. The wind blew a paper in YellowSubmarine's face, which read: "Tessie Watching Club Missing!"
"Woah. I better get down to Winters to see what happened," said YellowSubmarine. He dived into the water, went into a sort of water mode used for water transportation, and went to swim north to Winters.


In a pan-dimensional version of Twoson, an interreality voyage was being prepared.

"You sure you wanna do this, Simon?" asked the Sphinx.
"Hey, when someone bets you $10,000 that you can't save an alternate universe, you don't back down. You go save that universe, and then you take the money and run."
"But it's just money," grumbled the Kraken. "You could make more in a single night of poker."
"And I did, remember?" SimonBob pointed to Apple Kid, who not only made the bet but was also willing to lend his equipment to the cause of its completion. "He lost that cash, and he just wants it back."
Apple Kid grinned. "That 10 grand means a lot to me. I expect my IOU to disappear - along with you - in that dimension."
SimonBob grinned back. "That'll never happen. I'm coming back, even if the universe does come to an end."
"I can monitor your progress, so remember our agreement," said Apple Kid. "If Mani Mani enslaves the world and goes on a killing rampage, you tear up that IOU. Got it?"
"Won't happen," promised SimonBob. He pressed the orange button that sat before him, thus activating by his own hand the machine that took him to the universe of the Mani Mani threat.

SimonBob had planned to land near a "magnet" of sorts; a piece of his own universe that was inadvertently dragged into this one. When he arrived, he was pleased to discover that the magnet was actually Siris. He grinned widely. "Heyyy, Siris! Long time no see! And who have we here?" SimonBob's attention turned to Luna. "My apologies. I know you, but you don't know me. My name is SimonBob, you must be Luna. Don't be so astonished," he advised when Luna's jaw dropped slightly. "I'm from another dimension, where things are apparently very similar..."
"I hope you didn't bring any of your poker buddies with you, Simon." Siris turned back to Luna. "Now listen, we have a very important mission to undertake."
SimonBob spoke up once again. "Of course we do. But it won't do us any good to be tense and crazy and so on. C'mon," he said to Luna, pointing below them to Jackie's Cafe, "I'll buy you a drink. You too, Siris," he added hastily, seeing the sparks fly from Siris' eyes. They hopped off the roof of the cafe and went in, Siris glaring (behind Luna's back) at SimonBob, and SimonBob grinning back.

Siris and SimonBob were sipping large cokes, while Luna finished downing a glass of milk. The three walked over to the other group, and Luna smiled sweetly at them, except for Raltise, who mildly freaked her out. "So," she began, "there's a sound behind the wall?"
"Yeah." Said Cyan, popping his head up from where he was looking at the newspaper. SimonBob and Siris both spat large ammounts of coke out of their mouths, and right onto Luna's back.
"AAAACK!! I'm drenched in coke!!" Luna snapped, and in one smooth motion, picked up a chair and smacked both of them with it. Cyan, however, had seen the two, and blinked.
"Uh, Siris? SimonBob?" he asked, questioningly.
"Cyan!" laughed SimonBob, grabbing the chair Luna had just bonked him with, and sitting down beside Cyan. "Wassap!?"

While the others examined the wall, trying to discern what was going on, Cyan, Siris and SimonBob were talking amongst themselves in whispers.
"So I'm not the only one to have hopped across the void to this world I take it?"
"Nope," said Siris. "I dunno came across, but Simon used some contraption of Applekid's to come here on a bet."
"Ah, the Spirit of the Gambler," sighed Cyan. "You've been careful of what you've said so far?"
"Well, Simon wasn't very hesitent when talking to Luna when he appeared ..."
"All I did was tell her I'm from another dimension! Cyan's done that how many times now?"
"Four. They only know I'm a traveler, so far. Don't worry about that, anyway ... but sometimes you have to be careful about what you say, trust me."
"By the way," asked Siris, "where's Anthadd? I thought you always hung around him in these worlds?"
"I'm wondering the same thing. I just haven't found him yet, I guess. I just found these people at the museum, which is where I appeared."
"No Anthadd? That would be odd," agreed Siris.
"Let's go see what's going on with the noise behind the wall," prompted SimonBob, and the three Dimension-Hoppers joined the others again.

This was all way too confusing, and was starting to make Luna's head spin.
"This is all way too confusing, and is starting to make my head spin." Luna commented, in a matter-of-fact tone. "I need to sit down.
"Do you need aspirin?" asked Siris quickly. "How about a pillow"
"I still don't know who you are." said Luna, glaring at Siris, while SimonBob snickered. "Or you, Mr. Plaid shirt man! But you're both nice, considering I've never met either of you."
The two started elbowing each other for some reason Luna couldn't understand, so she sat down in a chair and stared at random people. Besides herself, there was three other females in the entire establishment. The bartender lady, a plump lady in the back, and a young-looking girl sitting near the guy that SimonBob and Siris had called 'cyan'. The young girl smiled at Luna, and she scooted over to where Luna was seated.


Fate had been cruel to Eagleland that day, as the news of the crash that claimed 25 lives spread throughout the country like wildfire. Fate works in some of the oddest ways, and even fate was totally vulnerable to change. Such a change had come when a scream from down near the shore of Fourside was heard.
A child had stumbled across the body of someone that had washed up on the shore. The strange part was, the man was still alive, though terribly out of it, and it appeared their might have been a couple survivors that had not been found in the wreckage.
However, if everyone only knew the true form of the twisted yet miraculous fate: all 25 people had survived the wreck of the bus. Search crews had barely bothered to look for any sign of actual bodies.
But one big problem still presisted: they may have all been alive, but they were not together, and where in seperate groups scattered all over land masses in the ocean. Fate had for some reason chosen for them all to survive. Only one had managed to so far reach shore.
One other of the survivors were much different from most of the rest. He was a medium-sized dog known as Emilio. Emilio had been traveling with his owner on the bus when it had gone plumetting into the ocean. Emilio had quickly scrambled out of the bus, and helped some other passenger break down the door from the outside, and everyone did as much to reach shore as possible, but the ocean current decided to not let it be so, and everyone, save for one man, had been dragged all over the ocean. Emilio passed out, and recovered, floating near 4 other passengers. And island was nearby, and he quickly dug the 4 passengers to shore.
That had been the night before: now the next day, the 4 passengers were declared alive, but much out of it from last night.
There was also something slightly special about Emilio: he was a science experiment meant to increase capabilities on canines. He was slightly geneticly altered to understand about any langauge, as if they were speaking dog. The other had given him human-like intelligence, minus the ability to speak like a human. These traits might have been why him, and at least 4 other people had survive. He somehow knew more were still alive.
Little did any of the survivors know, fate had also chosen that they were all essential in some way to the downfall of the very thing than put them in this position. The question was, when?

Emilio stared over at the ocean in front of him. He saw other smaller islands near him. He had no idea exactly where he was, or why fate did this to him. He had just settled down with his new owner after fleeing the science facility, when the crash suddenly threw itself in his path. He also felt bad since his owner was not the only one affected. 23 others were suffering, and he only knew the condition of the 4 that he drug onto the island with him, a mother, 2 sons and a daughter. They had awakened, but had no idea what had happened while they were out, and they were scared, scared of dying.
Emilio also realized from the previous night it was quite cold, and a couple of more nights stuck on the island could take them out once and for all. He thought of looking on one of the island for help, but two major things clouded his thoughts: 1) The mother and her children were scared clueless, and he was the only one to remotely have any clue of what to do. Leaving them might still end them up dead. 2) He had no idea what was in the water, possibly hungry and waiting to strike out at him.
He decided he'd part off in a while, but he wanted to check on the family again.
"Mommy..." he heard one boy talk to his mother, "You think daddy's gonna be okay." the mother was holding back tears, "I... I honestly don't know. All I remember was he and the dog and another girl had been kicking out the door so we could get out." she was quite distraught from all of it.
Emilio realized things might have a sweet and sour side to it after all. He did somehow feel better about something else, as if he realized a couple of survivor had been found, but it was a fleeting moment for the dog, as he then treaded to the water.
"No! Don't go!" the little girl screamed. "Honey, he's probably going to try and find help." "But... I'm scared... he might drown." the girl cried.
Don't worry. I'll make sure that doesn't happen. he thought, and barked back at them, a bark of hope, and dove into the water, heading southward...

(Sorry, Anthadd. I guess just want some of them to live through this in the end. If you want Dr. Andonuts to stay dead, I guess so, but I'm still going to try to keep the others alive. Sorry if you don't want me to, but it is an IF. Please at least just tell me what to correct or what was wrong and I will, instead of deleting my posts next time. Thanks. I'm rewriting, so please hold on a couple.)
Emilio swam in the water for what seemed to be hours. The water strangely seemed to be getting colder. Why is the water getting colder and colder? Where am I heading?
Soon he found himself swimming closer towards the shores of Winters. He came out of the water near the monument of Stonehenge. He got out of the water and shook off, but smelled something burning. He ran south to where the damaged lab was, and his eyes widened in shock. The same girl as on the bus with him was lying on the ground, burnt in a few places, two other people, an old man and another boy were in similar conditions. He quickly checked the old man, and afterwhich began to cry in his mind. This one's dead. What happened here? He decided to check the other two. He could barely tell of the other boy was alive. He still felt warm. The girl was in the same shape as him. Trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes. He then began wondering around frantically, looking for something he could use to help the situation. He found a phone, unscathed by the assault. He saw something on it saying "Snow Wood Boarding School". He picked up the receive and hit the button. Maxwell Labs responded to the call, "Hello Dr. Andounts, how may I help yo..." Emilio interuppted him by barking into the phone. Maxwell had been taken back by this. "A dog?" He then began to realize, something was wrong. "Is Jeff in trouble?" The dog barked, not knowing who "Jeff" was, but assuming it was one of the people in the lab. Maxwell then realized he needed to get to the lab fast, and set down to Lake Tess. The bubble monkey saw him and asked what had been wrong. Maxwell explained, and the two agreed to take Tessie to the south side of Winters...
Emilio was still wonder at that point Things are happening too much at once. First, the crash, then this lab is attacked. Prehaps I should stay here. If they survive, they might be able to help, and maybe I can go back to finding my owner...
(Hope that was more better, Anthadd. Just warn me next time I do something like that instead of deleting my post like that. I assure you it's easier to e-mail me and ask me to change it, that's all)


The floor quaked as he walked into the ice cream parlor. His chins bounced up and down as he requested his order. "I'd like a triple, double scoop ice cream cone with all the works," he stated. The ice cream person looked at the man with incredulous wonder. Never before had he seen a human this large. "Uh...sure," he replied.
After getting his order, he walked out onto the docks of Summers. He was Poo. His appetite for food rivaled that of his appetite for life. Never had he met a food item he did not like. Of course, people made fun of him and his weight, but he didn't care. It was his life and he was free to do what he wanted.
After polishing off his ice cream cone in a maximum of five minutes, Poo continued walking down the docks. He had a boat to catch. The dock pillars crumbled at the tops when he walked on top of them. It was a miracle that they didn't crumble to the ground, or rather, the sea. Finally, Poo found his boat.
"Hello, Sir, you're looking fine, today!" the ship captain stated, with a hint of lying.
"Thanks, now, can you get me to Fourside right now? Or should we wait for more people to arrive?"
"I don't think anymore people could fit on the boat..." the ship captain trailed off, in a whisper as he set the boat to sail.

After sailing for a couple hours, Poo heard a strange cracking sound. He looked down to see the wooden boards of the boat, cracking. The captain looked down as well.
"Oh no, I suspected this might happen!" the captain said as he threw on a life jacket.
"Hey, give me one!" Poo shouted as the captain jumped out of the boat.
"I only have one!" the captain shouted back from in the water. "Anyways, a life jacket would never fit you!" At that, the captain swam away.
"Oh terrific..." Poo muttered to himself. "Now I have to rely on my blubber to float."
After a few more moments, the ship collapsed, under the enormous weight of Poo.
Luckily, his fat pulled together and created a sort of flotation device, therefore allowing him to float to Fourside, safely. However, on the way, Poo "floats" into an oil drill thing in the middle of the ocean and knocks it over.

"Oof!" Poo said as he climbed onto the bridge connecting the Dusty Dunes Desert and Fourside. He noticed a slight groaning of the lines that held the bridge up, but dismissed it. He began walking to Fourside.
After a treacherous five minute walk, Poo was in Fourside and tired out. He sat on a park bench just to smash it into a million pieces. "Hmm...odd..." Poo said to himself as he sat on the grass.
A rest of thirty minutes was enough for Poo, as he began touring the city of Fourside. His inspiration for coming to Fourside had been the promise of delicious food. Or, more specifically, the annual eating contest at the Fourside bakery. "I'll show those bumpkins how to eat up a storm!" exclaimed Poo as he walked towards the bakery.


Meanwhile, back in the dimension of Imbue:
"I hope this works..." mumbled unacat as he padded down the streets of fourside carrying what looked like a strange radio. "I had to skip Animus to finish this." he turned a few knobs on the device, and it started beeping. "yep... here's cyan's trail... now then, I only have one shot at this..." and he jabbed at a button on the device.

Back at the Zenith universe:
una fell out of a hole and on the street. Making a mental note to take ALL the blueprints next time he needed to copy something, he saw that there was something going on at the cafe. He saw Cyan, or was that someone else? He knew he had something important to give him, but what was it? still disoriented from the 2nd hand dimension hopping, he decided to just sit down and watch for now.

Standing outside was what looked like a cross between a human and a fox. The figure seemed familiar to TsuramiSea. In a moment, it hit him.
"unacat!" cried Tsurami. "How did you get here?"
unacat spun around, and noticed the boy. He blinked, his mind still foggy. In a few seconds, though, he had recognized the kid as well. "TsuramiSea?! I might ask you the same question. Well, I leaped from the dimension you saw me in last time to get here. It's a business trip. What about you?"
"I came here from another universe, but I ended up in a different dimension than the one before... this one. I was just going to run around town and visit friends. But one of them was killed in an accident, and when I reached the other's house, he flew out the door and teleported here. So I followed to find him."
unacat sighed. "I see. Well, I'm waiting for Cyan to come out. I followed him to this dimension so I could give him something, but the dimension leap left my mind too foggy. So I'm waiting until they're done with what they're doing, and until I can figure out what I'm supposed to give him." He turned his attention to the window.
TsuramiSea looked in the window as well. He recognized Cyan and Luna, but not the guy with shoulder-length brown hair. There were also two men, one on the floor and the other standing, but neither moving. Shoulder-length hair? Oh brother, I think I just met one of Sulami's new friends... "Well, I'll wait with you. I could use a talk with Cyan too."
unacat turned to TsuramiSea (although he didn't notice) and narrowed his eyes. Why is he hanging around me? He must have some kind of hidden agenda. I don't know why I let him convince me to go with him the last time. Although, what he could want with me, I can't imagine. Oh well, I'll put up with him for now.
After about ten minutes, Cyan came out, followed by Siris and Luna. "Hello, Cyan," mumbled unacat.
Cyan looked up with irritation, only for his eyes to widen in shock at the two people he saw. "unacat?! TsuramiSea?!"

"Ahem?" said unacat. Everyone stared at him, and Luna ceased to shake Cyan. "Cyan, I followed you here. I have something important to give you... but at the moment I can't remember what it is, because the dimension travel affected my short-term memory. May I follow you until I remember?"
Cyan frowned. "I was going to go look for someone."
"I won't get in your way," said unacat.

Then he turned back to unacat. "All right, you can follow until you remember what it is you have to give me."
unacat nodded, and followed the group.

As the group was walking along the streets of fourside, Cyan got to the end of his train of thought, and there found a conclusion that was worth voicing an inquiry. Hmm... when I am shifted between universes, I don't suffer any ill effects... So why is unacat so woozy? And what is it that he wants to give me? If it's another useless prophecy (see Imbue) then he had better have some armor on under his fur, or something.
Later, Cyan learned that it was because una had copied his dimensional teleporter's design from questionable sources, and had used 2nd hand materials, as well as basically not knowing what he was doing.
Unacat suddenly realized part of what he had to give cyan. He reached into his bag and pulled out a small box, about the size of a jewelry box. the problem was that it had a VERY complicated combination lock on it, with 5 dials, 2 switches, and 3 knobs.
"This might take a while..." noted Luna as she watched unacat struggling to remember the combination.
"Well, I do remember that we won't need it for a while, so it's not like there's any problem with time." una tried twisting the dials back and forth randomly, mashing the 2 buttons repeatedly, and basically failing to accomplish anything. Frustrated, he put it away and concentrated on what they were doing.
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"That's a nice piece of technology," commented unacat.

Luna was first to the top, followed closely by Cyan, SimonBob, unacat, and finally Siris, looking slightly dazed, and blinking.

Cyan, Siris, unacat, Simonbob, and Luna turned to where Skulryk was.

"No...... we can't...." said Luna clearly. Siris chuckled nervously while unacat was looking at the case he was supposed to open. He hadn't figured out how to open it yet.
Siris righted himself, and fiddled with his fingers. "Okay... well, I've got an idea of what to do. Let me just try this flight spell.... it won't last too long, but it should last long enough to find Cyan." He chanted quietly under his breath, and Luna and unacat felt themselves be affected by some force. Afterwards, they found that they could will themselves as they pleased in the air.
"Wow..." remarked unacat. "That's something else."

unacat levitated in the air in shocked silence.