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Tryst, Chapter 7: The Final Battle

As the group ran into the carrier, the door slammed shut. An X of lasers barred the entranceway, blocking all forms of escape.
Suddenly Luna smacked herself upside the head. "Auggh! We forgot about Cyan and Unity! Where do you think they're at?"
"...I have no idea. This is incredible. We've all gathered, and then we remember we're down by 2. Is there any possible way for us all to actually meet up?"
"Well, unless you've got some sort of deus ex machina prepared, we're stuck to find the bird thing by ourselves. So let's make the most of it, and find the bird." Luna sighed.
As Luna finished talking, Anthadd cried out in shock. "Cyan... I can hear... him... I don't know where he is... He's with Jakob! Incredible!"
"Then Iím sure he's fine..." Mike started, and then widened his eyes. "Look! A padlocked door! Through my awesome powers of deduction, they must be hiding something!" He picked up a pipe from off the ground, and smashed it into the lock. The lock snapped easily, shattering because of the rust around it.
"Eh, looks like she didn't pay much for this hunk o' junk."
Mike walked into the dark room, and flicked the light on.
"It's the bird guardian!"
The giant bird sat in a small cage, pecking at the wire around it. A small bowl of seed had been placed a yard from the cage, taunting the bird to make a move.
"Can't we help it? That thing is the guardian of Space!"
Mike ran up the cage, and grabbed the bars. "Come on! These-stupid-bars-won't- budge!"
The bird began to peck at Mike's hand, and mike drew it back in surprise. With a twitch of its beak, the bird indicated to Luna.
Luna smiled. "He wants to talk."
She walked slowly up to the cage, and put her hands to the bars. "Hello there, sir."
She listened intently to a series of wing flaps, and clucking noises. By the end of the minute long discussion, Luna was quite frazzled.
"Well, what did it say?"
Luna shook her head, and rubbed her temples. "I'm not quite sure but here's what I think happened:
Bring them to me! The corrupted scientist, the defiant Boy, the angry woman, and the stream creation! These are the ones that know of the true meaning of the Tryst! The woman has signed over humanity to the scientist! Time is short; they must all be destroyed! A Tryst is not broken until death!
The bird began flapping around madly in its cage, cawing in approval.
Dan nodded thoughtfully. "It seems that this creature wants to destroy the scientist, his creation, the woman, and some boy, but who are they?"
Luna smiled. "I think I get it now... The boy is Matt, and the Woman is Lardna. The stream creation... Well, there's the stream GUARDIAN but he's not a creation!"
Slowly, Mike raised his hand. "But he was a creation. Giegue created him in his lab... the scientist and the creation! It all fits! To break the Tryst, we need to sacrifice Matt, Giygas, Lardna, and the stream guardian!"
"But why all the senseless violence? Matt doesn't need to die, and neither does the stream guardian! In fact, neither do Lardna, and even Giegue! If Lardna hadn't made the Tryst in the first place, then we wouldn't be in this mess!" Paula paled slightly, when an idea came over her in a rush. "Is it possible for us to go back in time, and stop the Tryst from occurring at all?"
"It IS! Of COURSE! The guardian gave me his orb to save himself from his own death! If we go back and stop Lardna from making the Tryst, no one has to die!"

Jakob looked beyond Cyan and Unity, to his wonders, he saw a teenage boy and a girl.
"Who they?" Jakob asked Cyan.
"This is Tracy and this is... I'm sorry, what's your name again?" Cyan asked Rockwell.
"Oh, I see. Pleased to meet you, guys," said Jakob.
"I'm deeply offended, I am not a guy," Tracy grumbled.

"But how would we stop her from making the Tryst?" Anthadd asked.
"It doesn't have to do with her making the Tryst... it has to do with what made her make the Tryst," Luna replied.
"But isn't that the same thing an' all?" Rusty inquired.
Luna hesitated, then replied, "There's a slight difference."
"Suuuure..." Mike said. A quail ran by, then another. "Crazy birds..."
"Sorry to be off topic," Paula said, "but what is a quail doing in Saturn Valley?"
"What'd you expect?" Anthadd replied. "Pigeons?"
"Pigeons?" Ryuji asked. "Why pigeons?"
Luna jumped up and down.
"People!" she shrieked angrily. "Could we at least get back to the matter at hand!?"
"We are, aren't we?" Mike asked. "Debating which bird should be here?"
"Uh, NO," Luna muttered. "It's how to stop the Tryst from happening."
The others all blinked in unison.

Even though the others had prepared to leave, Jakob was still in Dalaam, trying to find clues to his power. He wandered through the library in the palace, humming tunes to himself as he did so. He found one aged book that was particularly interesting. Taking a look, he found several prophecies inside. "Let's see... flood narratives, creation myths, modern prophecy... aha! Details of major trysts!"
Flipping through the section, Jakob discovered a tryst similar to the one they were caught in. Picking out a few other books, he managed to cross-reference it with a prophecy.
"Okay... 'When all is lost, the last power is known, and all becomes normal.'" Jakob blinked. Then he jummped up and started shouting. "That's it? I'm supposed to figure everything out with a one-line prophecy?! This is unfair! This is bogus!" He continued ranting as Tracy came in.
"What's wrong?" she asked.
Jakob sighed. "I just feel like, there's this thing I need to do, and I can't. But I should, you know?" Tracy nodded, even though she had no idea what Jakob meant. "I mean, there's all this power, but I can't get to it 'cuz I have no idea where it is. Is it in my head, or do I draw it from the air... heck, maybe I get it from a magic satellite."
Tracy giggled. "Silly. There's no magic sattelites. It's all in your mind, like Ness."
Jakob seemed to notice Tracy for the first time. "You know Ness?"
"Yep! He's my brother!"
"Your brother? You don't happen to have any of that PSI stuff, do you?"
"No, sorry."
"Darn. Thought maybe you could help."
Tracy was a little disappointed. "I can help!"
Jakob sat down again. "Yeah? How?"
"Well, uh... I can use a yo-yo!"
"Toys aren't gonna help me, kid."
Tracy giggled again. "You're funny." She ran off to another part of the palace.
Jakob watched her go. "Crazy kid. Kinda reminds me of my own life when I was on the street..." He thought back to that time, and of the day Lardna smashed Fourside. He had a headache that day, when he passed his house in Threed. Threed... his old house.
Wait a second...
Within moments, Jakob was pouring over another part of the prophecy book. "Threed... Threeeeeeed... YES!" Another prophecy, this one longer.
The light passes through the old city. When did it go wrong? Ask him that you know, but go back first. See all he left behind and know where you are going.
"Huh?" This was as confusing to Jakob as an ordinary conversation. It seemed as though the writer was talking to him. He read on.
Yes, I'm talking to YOU. Hurry up, Jakob. Get your briefcase, and don't forget your earplugs. And wind your watch.
Jakob shut the book slowly. Whoever wrote the prophecy was talking to him. He got up and went outside. Looking over the edge, he thought again about the whole thing. Lardna, Giygas, his own stupid mind, nothing really made sense. Well, something inside him was through being confused.
The melody he was whistling before played through his mind, quad-speaker bass-boosted style.
He began muttering to himself. "Okay, my wonderful brain... make sense of this."
He stepped off the edge.

And then he disappeared, and reappeared in Threed. In fact, he landed right in front of his old house. "Huh," he said. "I must've teleported. Cool."
Running up the steps, he opened the door with a key from under the doormat. He stepped in, and noticed that the old pad hadn't even been cleaned out yet. Not that this was a surprise; he never really had much furniture anyhow. He grabbed his briefcase, picked up the earplugs from the broken-chair-turned-table, and wound his old watch to the time on the VCR. He was about to go, when something else caught his eye.
The calendar... it was dated two years ago. In summer. When his briefcase was mysteriously stolen, and he lost everything but the Perdson account. He realized exactly what happened.
"Not just teleportation, but time travel... woah."
Opening the briefcase, he found the Perdson account inside, right on the top. He left it on the table. Then he carefully locked the door, left the key under the mat, and took a quick look around. He glanced at his watch.
"I seem to recall not getting back from my Fourside vacation until later tonight..."
Thinking back to the prophecy, Jakob asked himself what was different. Well, this house wasn't his, for starters. He knew a lot more songs, and could play bass a whole lot better. And he could shoot pretty well and time travel.
Time travel... now, that was the key to everything, but how to use it? What had he done before? Jumped off a cliff. He tried jumping off the porch, but it wasn't quite the same. What else was there...
The song?
Jakob got up, brushed himself off, concentrated very hard on a difficult Iron Maiden riff he knew. Then he jumped off the porch again.

He was back in the chair at the library. Yes, definitely music. That was it! I am the ultimate time-travelling device! Now to see if I can control it...
Concentrating on the time from a few hours ago, Jakob ran the riff through his head again. Disappear, reappear... now he was outside, and he saw Cyan and the others coming out. Something else struck him. Could he change history, even partially?
"Hey, guys, don't forget Tracy."
Rockwell went back to get her, but Cyan looked suspicious.
"I thought you were staying behind."
Jakob was slightly surprised. "I was, uh..." He held up his briefcase. "Just getting my briefcase. Yeah."
Tracy and Rockwell came outside. Jakob smiled. If Tracy wasn't inside, she couldn't talk to him, and he wouldn't remember Threed... so this was an altered past. Cool.

The flight back to Saturn Valley dragged on and on. Not much was said, but what was said was ignored by Cyan, at least. While the others talked amongst themselves, Cyan was too busy trying to figure out what was happening with himself.
'I still don't understand why I ended up here in the first place. What's the purpose of my being here.... Sure, I can fight, but what was so important to drag me here? There's a bunch of good fighters in the group already.... Could it be the way Anthadd and I can combine our skills here? Hmmm ... I wonder if it might be that we're not realising the full potential of our abilites together. Could that be it? There's a major battle still to come that we won't be able to win unless we become much stronger?'
Cyan looked out over the ocean they were flying over, staring into the emptiness of it and losing himself to thought again. The others continued talking amongst themselves.
'Why does everything I get involved with deal with fighting... Am I still nothing but a fighter?'
Cyan sighed audibly. This caught Rockwell's attention.
"Cyan, are you all right? It looks like your mind is somewhere else," asked Rockwell with a bit of concern.
Cyan looked to Rockwell, "I guess I was just lost in thought. I'll be fine."
"Don't let your mind wander too far, it's too small to be left out alone," giggled Tracy.
"Heh, that's one of my favourites," was Cyan's reaction. He smiled.
"How long till we reach Saturn Valley?" asked Unity.
"With how fast we're going it can't be much longer," responded Cyan. "What do we do when we get there, though?"
"Well ..." began Rockwell.

"Okay, let's brainstorm," Anth said, "We have to find how we can stop the Tryst. Time travel seems to be our only option."
"It seems that way," Ryuji said in agreement, "The only problem is that we don't have any idea where and what exact time we have to travel to."
"Well, couldn't we just time travel 3 days before Lardna's first attack?" Luna asked, "That'd give us plenty of time to find her and stop the Tryst. Now let's go!"
Luna pulled out the orb. "Let's see if I can work this thing," she said, "I'll just hit this button and..." The orb began to glow and a ball of light swallowed up the group.

As quickly as it appeared, the light was gone and the group was in a field outside of Onett. Ryuji looked at his watch. "We've traveled back three days before the first reported attack. Now let's start looking for Lardna."

"...Maybe you should look over here." Rockwell pointed ahead.
Unity, Tracy and Cyan all looked in that direction.
A giant pie-shaped rotating vortex hung in the sky, almost like the moon on a clear winter night.
"What is it?" Unity seemed oddly giddy.
"It feels... like something I've encountered before..." Cyan trailed off, then quickly added, "but it's not exactly like it."
"The alternate reality bit again?" Unity inquired.
Cyan simply nodded.
"Uh... people?" Tracy prompted. "We've got less than 30 seconds, or thereabouts... before we hit that thing."
"Get the dragn to move!" Cyan yelled at Rockwell.
"I'm trying!" Rockwell shot back. "But it's not listening to me!"
It was too late. The dragn dissipated, just as the four flew through the portal.

Meanwhile, in Dalaam...
Jakob was being drawn towards an invisible portal.
"Where is this thing leading?" he cried angrily.
He tried gripping onto chairs, tables, pots, anything, but they didn't offer enough of a hold on the ground. The mysterious gravity of the portal drew him, no matter what he tried.
Finally, he just disappeared: *poof* and whatnot.

"Where am I?" Jakob muttered.
He looked around. It reminded him of the "past Threed" he had been somehow transported to... but resembled a different city.
He wandered around, and stumbled upon a banner of sorts.
He read it: "Onett Town."
Am I in a past Onett? Jakob wondered.

"Jakob!" Tracy cried. "You're here too?"
"Tracy?" Jakob exclaimed. "Do you know where this is?"
"It looks like home..."
"It is," Jakob replied, "if you live in Onett."
"Yep, that's right," Tracy said. "But how'd you get here?"
"Invisible portal. And you?" Jakob.
"Visible portal." Tracy replied.
"Odd. It's like we were all brought here for a reason," Rockwell commented.
"Maybe this is the final battle," Cyan observed.
"F, final battle?" Tracy suddenly withdrew slightly.
"I don't mean it in that way..."
Tracy relaxed. Slightly.
"Well," Unity began, "perhaps we should find our friends."
"But where would they be?" Tracy inquired.
"It was said that Lardna, before the Tryst took place, lived in Onett, correct?" Unity replied somewhat.
"Uh, yeah," Jakob said.
"Hold on," Cyan said. "What if we're not at the right time before Lardna started attacking? She could have lay in wait, biding her time, suspecting we might do this..."

"Cyan!" Anthadd cried.
He landed.
"Ke Bao Dragon Armour Defuse."
"How'd you get here?" Cyan inquired.
"Orb of the Stream Guardian. But we made a mistake. We're not far enough back."
"Like I suspected."
"How far back should we be?" Unity inquired.
"I know..." It was Tracy.
"What do you have to say?" Anthadd asked.
Tracy looked into his eyes. They were clear as water. She felt she had seen that before... but couldn't remember where.
"...Lardna started to hate our family after she lost Picky at the hands of Judge Pirkle."
It clicked in two minds at once.
"If we let Lardna keep Picky, the Tryst won't be made!" Anthadd and Cyan exclaimed at the same time.
Cyan drew out a notepad and made a tally mark.
"But how could we get there?" Unity asked. "Doesn't Luna have the Orb?"
"She told me how to use it," Anthadd replied. "They've already gone ahead--"
Suddenly an explosion in the direction of the Minches' house rocked the world!
Tracy shuddered.
She had felt the same feeling many times before. Oddly enough, two times had been when Lardna had attacked the Monotoli Building and the Department Store.
"Giygas..." she said, then fell unconscious.
"Tracy!" Rockwell cried.
She stirred.
"Oh, I'm so glad..." Unity said. "I couldn't stand to see someone else die at the hands of Giygas..."
"FOOLS!" Giygas boomed. "Now, face your fate. I will kill you, and assimilate your power into Lardna. She will use it to defeat your past selves, and assimilate that power into herself!"
Giygas loomed large above Onett as he spoke.
"I have frozen time, so none will see your death."
"Orb, send us to before Pirkle granted custody of Picky to the Lees!" Anthadd chanted over and over. "Orb--"
And in a flash, they were gone!
"Curses! But I wait for them even then..."
Giygas had planned this, yes. He had planned it since Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo defeated him.

"Luna! Here's the Orb!" Anthadd cried, holding the Orb out as he ran.
"You're back already?" Luna asked.
"Yeah. And I brought our friends."
Everyone ran behind him.
"The final battle's going to begin soon, isn't it?" Tracy asked, cringing slightly.
"Don't worry," Rusty drawled. "You won't have to fahght if yah don't wanta."
"Of course I won't."
"Ke Bao Dragon Armour Infuse!" Anthadd cried.
"Honour Armour Energise!"
"Why are you all getting ready for battle?" Paula inquired. "Don't we simply have to talk Pirkle out of the custody thing?"
"No human would have been so mean. Lardna made sincere promises to Pirkle, and later to Giygas. But Pirkle behaved as if you'd expect Giygas to behave," Anthadd said, somewhat assuming.
"You're saying..." Tracy gasped. "Giygas was Pirkle?"
"Not was. Used."
"Good going, fools. You figured it out." It was Pirkle.
"Greetings, Pirkle," Anthadd said defiantly, "or should I say Giygas?"
"As I said before, you figured it out. No need to rub it in my face."
Giygas tore out of Pirkle's body.
Pirkle fell, unconscious, down the steps of the Eagleland Supreme Court.

"Now," Giygas said, twisting the landscape to an alien one, "let us battle."

And thus, the final battle began. Giygas, sensing that one of the people in the group could manipulate his surroundings, made it to where there were no surroundings to manipulate.
"Aw drats, I have nothing to use... I have no way of attacking..." Mike said. Giygas only laughed. He took a seat and let the others battle because he was contemplating what he could do.
Giygas used a strange attack on the group, giving them colds.
"Ack! This is horrible!" Unity said as she sneezed. Her gauntlet reacted and treated the entire group with a cold-fighting beam. She breezed through her nose. "Ahh". She began to run at Giygas and began clubbing him over and over.
Cyan and Anthadd took up battle positions and began slashing at Giygas. Nothing appeared to be happening, though.
"Hahahaha! You'll never hurt me like THAT. Now, begone!" He summoned a portal of some sort and struck Anthadd and Cyan. That portal was intended to cause them to die instantly, but their armor defended against the attack.
Luna was attacking. She blasted away, but didn't do much. Rusty punched and kicked, but couldn't seem to connect. Ryuji attacked as well, but didn't really do anything.
Mike was concentrating on trying to find something to do, when all of a sudden the thought of a steak entered his mind. Lo and behold, a steak then appeared. "Hey guys, look! A steak. I just imagined it into existence!"
The others looked back, amazed. "Wow." "Awesome."
Anthadd blinked a few times, then figured out what he had to do. He imagined slashing away at Giygas, mutilating him severely. Giygas shrieked.
"AUGH! This is the wrong place!" Giygas took on a different form and shifted landscapes. It appeared to be a miniaturized Eagleland. "Now... It's time for you all to die." Cyan took a slash at Giygas, causing some harm. He counterattacked by attacking each and every person with telekinesis.
"This is going to be... interesting," Tracy said, then stood back and watched the fighting.

Dan double taked at the site of the immense red... thing. Just its sheer presence struck fear into even the most courageous heart. Nervously he drew his Zapper and fired a test shot. The beam pierced Giygas, but didn't seem to do anything, other than slightly annoy the great Cosmic Destroyer.
Every time damage was done to Giygas, he just seemed to reform. Everytime a weakness was discovered, the being of pure evil manipulated the surroundings to nullify it.
Dan drew out his GameGenie. Testing it, he punched in Moon Jump Mode, also known as Mr. Matrix Mode. Testing it with a low power move (The Game Genie drained PSI rather quickly,) he backflipped over a beam of intense energy. It worked. He tried something a bit more powerful.
"PSI PowerBoost!" He yelled as the GameGenie reacted to the code he typd. Everyone suddenly felt their Psychic abilities, if any, rise a bit.
With his PSI currently depleted, Dan continued to fire shots into the formless beast's mouth, which shook wildly.

"Is he..." Dan trailed off, then hurriedly completed his sentence. "Growing?"
And indeed Giygas was growing.
Cries went out from everyone. "Great!" "Is it hopeless?" "Can we win?" "We're doomed, aren't we?"
At first, they were negative.
But slowly, as they began to understand why they had come so far just not to give up now.
New cries came up. "It's not hopeless!" "There's a chance!" "We can do anything!"

Giygas cringed.
"But, you're supposed to be cowering in fear," he cried.
He loomed over them. His face filled the sky like a moon at night (notice the perpetual use of this analogy?).
"You thought wrong!" Paula exclaimed. "You can't predict a person's destiny! They shape it themselves! You tried to force a destiny!"

"Humph! Well, no matter! I can still destroy you! To my domain, we shall go!" Giygas exploded in fury.
Giygas' mouth widened, making a vacuum suction on the group. The group couldn't resist the force of the portal. The wind howled as everything moved closer to Giygas' mouth.
"Guys, can that be a weakness?" Rockwell asked.
"Luna! Throw the orb into the mouth!" Anthadd shouted.

Meanwhile, Ryuji had been calmly observing the battle from nearby. "My friends," he said, "I hope this works..."
"Yagami Moon"
"Kusanagi Sun"
"Stars of Heaven"
"May the Earth's power flow through me"
Ryuji's sword began to glow brightly. "Time to help out!" he yelled, and teleported to the battle.
"Giygas! I was told to destroy the ultimate evil! I won't be able to do it alone, but I will do my part to the best of my ability!"
"Foolish human. I will stain the ground with your blood!" Giygas screamed out and began to pour electricity into Ryuji. At the same time, Ryuji drew his sword, dashed towards Giygas, and delivered a huge blow before the Sennin Master disintegrated. "You can not resist me humans!" Giygas yelled out in glee, "Yuo can not resist meeeee.... I'm... so happy... why?" It seems that the blow delivered by Ryuji had shattered Giygas's sanity.
"Now, my friends," a bodyless entity said, "Be victorious, so that this never happened!"
"You... cannot... understand... the true form of Giygas' attack!" the being screamed, his formless figure shaking wildly and glowing with rage.
"Uh oh... He's speaking in the 3rd person. You know what that means!" Dan yelled, quickly putting up the most powerful sheild he could around the group. "It isn't much, but--Everyone, duck!" He was interrupted as a beam of intense evil few humans have ever witnessed exploded out of Giygas, shattering the shield and sending everyone to the ground, injured but alive.
"We've gotta throw the orb... the orb!" Dan said, repeating Anthadd's frantic command. Easier said then done, as Giygas was repelling the injured friends rapidly. Dan dug around his backpack, and produced a Nintendo PowerGlove. "Luna! Put this on, and throw as hard as you can!"

"Throw it, are you INSANE!?" Luna yelled at Anthadd, as she clung onto a tree to stop being pulled towards the mouth. "YOU didn't hear what the stream guardian said! This is the key to the stream of time! Destroying it..." she paused for a minute, shivering at the consequinces "..would utterly destroy the stream of time as we know it!"
The low, dark, laugh of Giygas echoed throught the air, pulling in more and more with it.
But what've we got to lose? Luna asked herself. If we destroy the stream of time, Lardna will have never existed, or for that matter, Giygas. The stream would re-create itself, and the world would start anew. A better world. Without any of this.
"Okay." said Luna, breating out, and grabbing the orb from its box. "Open wide, Giygas!" she yelled, hurling the sparkling sphere into the looming opening.
Everything stopped. The flow of the stream, in the forest outside Twoson, froze like ice, and shattered, into trillions of crystal-like pieces, that floated in the air, and formed into the shape... of a Starman.

Then, there was light. Everything that was dark, every room that had no windows, every country where it was night, suddenly started to shine like the light of a supernova, like a cleansing fire.
And on an alien battlefield a couple of months in the past, which shone the brightest, a crystal-like Starman appeared in front of a group of floating, seemingly unconscious warriors. He raised a tentacle at the group, and pointed at them.
"Rise, warriors, and face the new earth. You have proven yourselves worthy."

Unity yawned groggily, then smiled as she looked around. "We... did it? WE did it! AHAH!---wait a minute--new Earth? What do you mean?"
The Starman smiled. "When the stream of time was destroyed, it completely shredded the fabric of time. A new world was created, it being better than before. Are you not amazed?"
Anthadd's eyes snapped open. "I still don't understand."
"This is a perfect world! When you destroyed Time, it repaired itself to be anew!"
Mike widened his eyes. "But there will always be war! There is no way to stop the hate which once existed!"
"There would have been more war if you had kept things the same, child."
Mike blinked, then nodded slowly. The Starman waved a tentacle, and lowered the warriors to the ground. "You may now look over the new world. It is a brighter place, made only bright by the souls of the people who live there."
Unity felt her boot touch the ground. "Shall we look around?"
Mike shielded his eyes from the sun and looked up to see a large black bird flying through the sky, with a cloud of crows behind it.
He lowered his head, and looked at Anthadd, Puzzled. "Did that bird just wink at me?"
Anthadd smiled and nodded, but heard a small beeping sound as he did.
<Hello, Unity. It's been a long time since I sent you a message.>
Unity looked down at her gauntlet. She nodded, as the messages went across: <I see your locket is gone. Yes, that was a wise decision alright.>
"Not one that I made myself," she muttered.
<I have decided to follow in your path.> Unity looked on the little screen to see the woman take something from her bow, and place it in her hand. With one strong squeeze, it became ashes in her hand.
<Now, complete your destiny. Smash the gauntlet.> Unity raised her eyebrows, but shut off the power source on the gauntlet's side. She balled her other hand into a fist, and then rose it to smash down.
"Wait!" Luna yelled, "What would happen to the dual personalities that thing contains?"
"I have a feeling that the two will come together, or enter into a Union Force if you will, as one. Here goes!" She took her right hand down, and with a stunning blow, she smashed her hand onto the main CPU.
Sparks flew off her arm, and pieces of glass and gold flew through the air.
Unity grinned, and her eyes were sparkling.
"Now all I am... is me. I can finally pursue the power of PSI, uninhibited! This truly is a better Earth!"
Luna nodde. "Do you think in this new world, everyone is a little bit happier?"
She looked over a tall green hill to see a little boy playing on the lawn with an older man, and a large woman.
"Wait a minute," Cyan said, startled. "What's in her hand?" He indicated to a large object in the large woman's hand.
"It looks like a child..."
Mike went a little closer to the top of the hill, and he cried out in surprise.
"Look! That's Lardna! And that's Picky.. and Aloysius? And the child in her arms..."
Luna clapped her hands together. "It's Matt!"
"Hey guys!" a voice called out from behind the group, "How're ya doin!?!"
"Ryuji!" Luna yelled out, "You're alive!"
"Yeah," the Sennin master said happily, "my buddy the AoE helped me out. Now let's see what else is new around here."

"Hmmmm," said Dan. "Everything seems okay. Let's go check out Ness's house."
"Yeah. I'd like to see Ness's house... and my house for that matter. Just to make sure everyhting's ok," Paula said.

Everyone made their way to Ness's house first. His house was overrun by Starmen.
"Oh there you are. If it isn't the HEROES," mocked a Starman. "Looking for him?"
The Starman held up a dead Ness. Other Starmen held up Mrs. Lee and King both dead.
"Oh my gosh!" screamed Paula as she looked around to see just about everyone other Eagleland inhabitant lying dead on the floor.
"No.... this isn't possible... how did you get here?" muttered Anthadd, puzzled.
"Well, it's simple. Time travel. It IS possible, being. You didn't think you could have it that easy, did you? You may have gotten to the 'perfect' world, but we will always be here. Of course, we could kill you all now, but let's have some fun."
A Starman pulled out a gun and shot a red beam that encircled everyone.

"Oh no..... Not here again..." worried Luna as she looked around and found out that they were at the scene of the final battle again.
"Oooooooohhh! Try to defeat me this time! MWAHAHAHA!"
"I know! We can just do what we did last time. It's fail-proof," explained Frank.
"Naw! Looka here. If we were ta go an' do that, now, we would end up in th' same place. We need to find some other way to defeat him," Rusty refuted.
"That is correct. We need to get back at the right time period. We can't live in a PERFECT world. It's not right at all!" agreed Anthadd.
"This time I think we need to do something significant. We need to all work together," Unity said.