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Vestige: Re-Union, Tesseract 2: "Stains"

Rockwell transformed into his original form, a falcon, then into a large creature that resembled a griffin very closely. Mika was taken aback a bit, when she saw his new frightening form, but went on his back, nonetheless.
<Hold on tight!> Rockwell said to Mika, through telepathy.
"Pardon? I thought I heard something, but I didn't hear any sound..." Mika said to herself, as she tried to figured out what was that voice coming from. "Am I become a schnizo?"
Rockwell chuckled to himself and said, <No, this is telepathy. This is the only way that I can communicate with you in animal form. Sorry for the inconvience...>
Mika nodded, as if she understood what he said. Rockwell ran across the ground at high speed as Mika gripped onto his mane, trying not to fall off; then finally, he spread his wings and set off in the air, soaring to a small private island, on which he trained upon to prevent any interruptions. He hit the ground with a silent thud, making Mika fly off and hit the sand on her rear. She moaned in pain and said, "Be careful next time, okay?"
Rockwell was in his human form and said, "Sorry, that was my first time giving someone a lift in the air."
"So, what are we doing here?" Mika asked, wondering what he had planned.
"This... is my own island. My humble training arena, with many wildlifes. Some are threatening, some aren't..." Rockwell sighed, as he looked into the forest east of his direction, "And some can duel quite well."
Mika stared at him, curiously when he said the word duel. She asked, "Duel?"
"Yeah, half fish, half man. They're called Manly Fishes." Rockwell chuckled, "It's a fortunate thing that they don't do very well with swords as they are with spears..."
"So... what are you training for?" Mika asked, as she tapped his fingers on a fractured rock.
"Um... it's a private thing... actually. You know what? I'll take you to up to the hut. You'll be safe there." Rockwell said as he pulled out his sword, ready to lead her to the hut.
"What about the wildlifes that you mentioned?" Mika asked.
"Oh, they know perfectly well not to go near there... under any circumstance."
"Oh, okay. Um... why leave me here? Can't you just take me along?" Mika asked.
"Um, well... it's complex, actually. I can't afford to put another being in risk as part of my duty... it's not much of a duty, per se..." Rockwell blubbered, trying not to give out his secret, as if he hadn't gave it all away yet...
"Get to the point." Mika snapped, as she tapped her foot impatiently.

Solitude had reached the council hall in record time. She skidded to a halt in front of Picky, who was hurriedly gathering his things to prepare for his next meeting. He dropped his folders and papers, surprised at her speedy entrance.
"Solitude? What are you doing here? Aren't you usually meditating around this hour?"
She struggled for breath, and began to speak. "Need... hall of records... Paula... rampage... address...!"
"Whoa whoa whoa," Picky said, grabbing her on the arm. "Paula's on a rampage? And you need an address from the hall of records?"
"No time to explain," she gushed. "Just give me the key to the hall of records!"
Picky gave her a sideways glance. "Alright... just bring it back when you're done."
Solitude nodded in gratitude, and went running out the door, into the hall of records down the street.
Picky looked at her black hair flying behind her, as she slowly faded into the distance. However, a polite tap on the shoulder broke him out of his puzzled concentration. He turned around.
"Excuse me," Anthadd said to Picky, "May I ask where Solitude just went?"
Picky blinked. Now he was really confused. "To the hall of records... I think."
"Thank you," Anthadd said, and walked out the door to the hall of records.

Solitude stopped in her tracks in front of the hall of Records. A small dust cloud settle beneath her feet, as she hastily turned the key. With a small click, the wooden doors opened.
She couldn't help but look around in awe. The spiraling Hall of records was filled to the roof with books, containing the addresses and vital information of every person on the Planet. It had been built shortly after the universe reformed, and public officials frequently used it.
Solitude walked quickly over to the first computer she saw, and entered in Address.
Please Enter Last Name
A short list came up:
1. Minch, Picky
2. Minch, Lardna
3. Minch, Aloysius
4. Minch, Pokey
5. Minch, Matthew
Solitude blinked. "Matthew... I don't remember programming HIM onto the database." She looked back again.
1. Minch, Picky
2. Minch, Lardna
3. Minch, Aloysius
4. Minch, Pokey
"Huh... I must be imagining things." She typed in the number she needed, and the selected information came up. She printed out the address, and got up to leave. A voice coming from the entrance stopped her.
"Solitude? What are you doing in here?"
Solitude looked to the doors to see Anthadd standing alone.
"Printing out an address. I need to make a house call."
"To whom?"
"You'll see." She said. "Set your Ditel to Threed."

Solitude and Anthadd appeared in a small flash of light over the town of Threed. Solitude felt her feet hit the Earth slowly, and she saw Anthadd put his ditel away.
"Who are we visiting?" Anthadd asked again. Solitude put her finger to her lips, and signaled to the lone house on top of the hill, near the north graveyard.
"The hint man? We're visiting the hint man?"
"He USED to live there."
Solitude walked up to the doorway, and knocked politely. A dark sounding voice answered. "Come in."

Solitude pushed the door aside, and sat down on the couch. Anthadd sat down beside her. They both faced a chair that had been turned in the other direction. Anthadd raised his eyebrows as the chair began to swivel around slowly. When it came to a stop, Solitude smiled.
"Pokey Minch. It's good to see you again. How long has it been?"
A fat blond boy sat in the chair, pieces of his large legs rippling outside the confines of the stiff armrest. Anthadd raised his eyebrows, but trusted in what Solitude was doing.
"It's been a few months, I can assume as much."
"Time flies," Solitude said shortly, then leaned closer to Pokey. "What can you tell me about possession by Diu Ero?"
Pokey spun rapidly around in his chair, falling on his behind. "Look... I don't know why you came to me of all people to ask about that, but,"
"Pokey," she said, stopping him shortly. "Cut it out. We both know you spent a good part of your life in the clutches of Darkness, do we not?"
Pokey hastily climbed up on his chair with his pudgy hands, and sat down with a small squish. "That's true, I suppose. What do you need to know?"
"I need to know how you can tell when a person has been possessed by the forces of Darkness."
Pokey scratched his chin. "Well. They become a lot paler, and their eyes seem to change color. In fact, they're almost all red and white when they've fully been possessed. Other than that, there's no REAL way to tell. Except their demeananaeor."
"Demeananaeor?" Anthadd said, struggling with the word.
Solitude whispered to him. "I think he means demeanor."
"That's all you can tell me?" she said slowly.
"That's about it... I wouldn't really know any more. I don't have much experience with evil."
Solitude rolled her eyes, and nodded to Anthadd that she had collected her necessary info.
"I hope to work with you in the future Pokey. Just remember, your information could come in handy..."

Once they were out the door, Solitude looked at Anthadd. Anthadd raised an eyebrow. "What was the point of that visit?"
"It's Paula. Diu Ero has possessed her. I don't know how it escaped, but itís definantly got her. We have to stop her before complete chaos breaks though."

Okabe stared at the cake.
"OK," she whispered softly. "I'll stay away..."

She wandered over to her bedroom, and crawled into it. She pulled the covers over her head, and tried to go to sleep.
She succeeded.

"Grasp your memories...." the voice said. It now spoke with a true voice, rather than a mental one.
"How can I grasp my memories," Okabe demanded, "when I have no idea what they are to begin with?"
"No," the voice said, "you do know what they are. You just don't realise it."
"Why are you toying with me?" she shot back.
"It needn't matter if I answer that. All you need know is that Ke Bao is in danger... it is already gone, and you can not wait around for others to heal it!"
"Why me?!"
"Because you're connected to this... connected in ways you knew, but no longer do!"

Okabe woke up.
She sniffed the air tentatively, not knowing why.
"Apples?" she mused. "Golden delicious, perhaps?"

"Where would Paula be?" Anthadd asked no one in particular.
"She'd want to restore Imbalance to the world, right? Where'd many of the battles from that war take place?"
Anthadd's eyes widened.
"You mean...?" he asked, his heart dropping into his stomach.
"Yes," Solitude reported. "The Temples."

Okabe looked at the computer. It was reporting an intruder.
"Everything's happening again...." she moaned. She rubbed her shoulder blades, suddenly wondering why she knew everything was happening again. She had amnesia. They began itching again. She then got some mouthwash and gargled until her mouth was cool again.
Why does my mouth continually keep getting so hot? she wondered.
She wandered outside to investigate this intruder.

In a forest not too far from Anthadd Labs, the wind began to howl as if it was a premonition. Suddenly, out of nowhere a young boy and a feline appeared, landing with a light thud.
"Ah! Company for once!" said the boy as he noticed his companion.
"Where have you been?!" asked the feline - who happened to be capable of speech - full of concern.
"I've been doing a bit of unintentional world hopping."
"I wonder where are we now... It doesn't look familiar..."
"I somehow doubt we're in our own dimension. I don't know for sure, but I think I recognise this forest. This is right where I appeared in a previous dimension. I think we're near Anthadd Labs."
"Anthadd has his own laboratories?"
"In every dimension I've ended up I've found another Anthadd. All of them are essentially the same, but none of them are the same as the Anthadd we know."
"They're not?"
"They act the same, but they possess abilities the Anthadd we know doesn't have."
"You seem to know what's going on. How long have you been hopping?"
"Uh ... let's see, two worlds so far, a decent adventure in both ... a few weeks I think."
"You've only been gone a few days back home. What do we do?"
"Everytime I ended up somewhere I found Anthadd ... or rather, he found me ... almost immediately. I guess we look for him."

Okabe walked towards the nearby forest where the intruder had been detected.
Who could have found this island? she wondered to herself.
As she approached the trees a boy about her own age stepped out of them, accompanied by a small, cougar-like animal. Okabe looked at them, then collapsed again, thinking her memories were coming through again.

When Okabe awoke she didn't find Anthadd looking after her this time, she saw the same boy she had seen coming out of the forest.
"You're not just in my mind... Where is the cat?" she asked.
"No, we're quite real. He's sleeping elsewhere."
"How did you find the labs?"
"I'm familiar with the Island, actually. I'm looking for one named Anthadd, is he here?"
"You know Anthadd...?"

Luna was strolling around the council hall with nothing major on her head, except one overly-excited squirrel. It somehow KNEW Luna was going to the kitchen, and was chattering about the trailmix it would find there. Luna smacked the squirrel.
"You are getting NOTHING if you keep digging your little claws into me!" Luna snapped, wincing slightly, as the squirrel hopped around on her head. "Geroffgeroffgeroff, you stupid little thing!" she growled, attempting to grab the squirrel on her head, but only achieved smacking herself.
"Squiyer!!" it chirruped happily. Suddenly, much to both person and pig-squirrel's suprise, there was a loud banging on the front council chamber door. The two companions stared at it for a minute, as a few of the other members filtered into the room. Luna stepped forward, turned the handle...
"SQUIYERRRRR!!" the pig-squirrel yowled from behind the door. Luna stared at the large wooden door, which was about half an inch from her nose. "Yeeee..." she said, swallowing. Then she noticed what had stopped the door from smashing her head in. The squirrel had beend holding it off, and had gotten crushed!
Then she saw what had almost smashed her head in.
"Hiya, sis!" the figure called out. "Long time no see!"
Luna carefully pushed the door away from her, and delicately picked up the squirrel, cradling it in her arms. She mouthed something, and stared at the black-haired girl that had just walked in. "Y..." she started, "You look just like me!"
And it was true. The new female looked like a duplicate of Luna, except for minor things. Her hair was midnight black, and her eyes were a crimson-brown color. She was also wearing a black bodysuit, complete with black boots. "C'mon," she laughed, grabbing Luna around the neck and hugging her so hard that it looked like Luna was about to suffocate. "You can't have really forgotton your twin sister Dabih!"
When she finally let go, Luna stared at her long an hard, her eyes betraying total suprise. "Twin... sister...?"
"Did you really forget me?" Dabih said staring at Luna, with a look of mixed anger on her face. "I told you that no matter where you are, I would find you!"
Something in the back of Luna's mind clicked, and she blinked. "I... I'm sorry, I really don't know who you are!"
"Well, don't worry!" Dabih said, her face splitting into a smile. "Because I'm gonna be around for a while to help you remember!"
"remember..." Something clicked in the back of Luna's mind again, and she blinked, yet again. "...Okay..."
"Do *I* get any say in this!?" Picky asked, somewhat annoyed.
"No," said Dabih, picking up her black backpack and heading up the stairs.
"Heh, that's some sister, Luna," grinned Mike.
"She's not my sister!" Luna protested, still cradling the whimpering pig-squirrel. "I've never seen her before!"
But something in the back of her mind was telling her she had.

Rockwell decided to change the topic by offering to take Mika to his hut, until he came back from his engagement. Mika refused to be left behind, despite the fact that she would be safe staying behind.
"Take me with you. What harm will it do?" Mika asked.
Rockwell sighed and shuffled his feet, then he looked up with a worried face.
"It's just... not a good idea..." Rockwell answered, with a bit of concern in his voice.
Rockwell immediately changed back into a falcon, having had enough of this squabble and decided to leave her behind, but Mika wouldn't stand for it. She wrapped her arm around Rockwell's feathery body and held his wing down.
<What are you doing?!> Rockwell shouted in her head.
"I won't let you go, if you don't take me. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way..." said Mika, as she readied herself to pluck a feather out of Rockwell.
Rockwell panicked and said, <Okay! Okay! I'll take you! Just don't ruffle my feathers!>
"That's more like it," Mika said with a large grin on her face.
Rockwell transformed back into a griffin and let Mika onto his back. He set off from the ground and into the sky, soaring through the wistful clouds with Mika holding onto his mane. A flock of geese flew past, presumely from Twoson, as he made his way to the meeting.

"What happened to your squirrel?" Mike asked, as he noticed the whimpering pig-squirrel in Luna's arms. "And when did you get so attached to it?"
"Oh, he protected me from the doorknob, not intentionally, of course. And I'm not getting attached to it! It's not in a good enough shape to be resented!" Luna yelled at Mike, as she whacked him over the head with a bag of trail mix.
The pig-squirrel immediately shouted, "Squiyer!" and leaped to the plastic bag. It used its teeth to bite through the bag, causing trail mix to spill out onto the floor. Luna screamed and held her head, running around in a circle as the pig-squirrel happily helped itself to the food. Mike, however, was rolling on the ground laughing hysterically, while holding his head in pain.
Picky came out of the meeting room to see what was all the commotion was about. He could see Luna running around in a circle, the pig-squirrel swimming in trail mix, and Mike rolling on the ground, as if he was in pain. Picky sighed and said, "This is what I'm in charge of?"
He closed the door, chuckling to himself and went back to preparing for the meeting coming up ahead.

Rockwell landed at the front of the door. Mika, curiously, jumped off and examined the door. Rockwell transformed into a human and then opened it. Of course, Mika was a bit reluctant of going ahead.
"Well? Aren't you coming?" Rockwell asked.
Mika nodded and ran into the doorway. To her amazement, she saw a boy rolling on the ground laughing, a girl running around in a circle and a squirrel with a smashed up face swimming in trail mix. Already, it was getting too weird for her. Rockwell raised his hand and said, "Hello." Only problem was, nobody greeted him back.
"Um... this is... our busiest hours. I guess," Rockwell chuckled, as he tried to explain what was going on.

Picky was finishing up the notes for the next meeting, when he felt a slight chill. Someone was meditating, and their power was broadcasting slight signals. He went in search of the source of the power.
Down the hall, to the back of the next room, then into this door... wait a minute, this was SimonBob's room. Why would he be meditating?
With only slight trepidation, Picky opened the door. There was SimonBob, sitting with his legs crossed, eyes closed, wearing headphones, palms outstretched on his knees. He bent back the fingers on his right hand, making a devil-sign.
Picky waited politely, concentrating a little energy to make SimonBob aware of his presence. Finally, SimonBob's eyes opened. He pulled the headphones off his head, letting them rest gently around his neck. "What are you seeking, Warrior of Balance?"
Picky was taken aback. "I've never seen your spiritual side, Simon."
SimonBob's features were fixed in a neutral pose. "It's always been there, I guess I just haven't explored it much. I've been exploring other dimensions with my mind."
"What kind of dimensions?"
"They're similar to this one, especially since most of them are actually split off the original. At least, we see this as the original. Really, there are more universes above us, infinitely more." SimonBob's eyes glazed over; he seemed to be staring beyond the wall. "The problem is, there's too much moving and shaking and crossover going on. A fighter with immense power has come from one such dimension. He feels angst against the powers of the universe; at the moment, that would be us."
"What should we do?"
SimonBob's eyes closed again. "When the time is right, I'll deal with this. Nobody will miss me at the meetings anyway."
"That's something else I wanted to mention... you haven't been helping at the meetings at all recently. It seems as if you have other things to do, things that don't relate to balance -"
"What's balance anyway?" interrupted SimonBob. "Maybe balance is making me crazy. There's nothing to do anymore... it's all been done. Perhaps it would help you to think of me as the party-starter?" He began to slow his breathing, and meditated again. Picky left him in silence.

On a planet near the outer edge of the universe, someone was building their power. This person was evil, desperate, and - above all else - powerful. His newfound friends, the ones on his planet, were wiped out by the so-called champions of "balance".
But who balances the ones who provide the scales?
He sat and studied the wavelengths of energy. Such was his power that he could read energy like a book. One particularly enticing strain popped up in front of him. He read the signal.
"So... the one named SimonBob foresaw me coming?" He chuckled, his teeth glowing slightly from the nearby sun. "I know him too well. He was the one who orchestrated this attack, and does not know I live. Soon, I'll make him pay!"

"Well, I don't know... this one," the boy explained.
"What do you mean by 'this one'?" Okabe inquired.
"Put simply," the boy began, "imagine a box. Then, imagine a box above it, behind it, and to its right. It's alternate universes, pretty much."
"Alternate universes? Anthadd's always said he's suspected the existence of alternate universes, but..."
"Yeah. It's true."
The cat entered the room.
"Finally awake?" the boy asked the cat.
"Yes," the cat answered.

"Paula? Possessed by Diu Ero?" The mere thought of this made Anthadd shiver.
He gripped his Ke Bao Dragon Medallion tighter than ever before.
"Yes. That is unsettling," Solitude mused. "But where would Paula be?"

Paula stepped into the Falling Temple.
"Stupid solid light pillars. Now, how do I restore them?"

Paula entered the innermost sanctum of the temple and began to pray from the bottom of her heart.
Slowly, a flicker of light began to appear.
Her fanged smile grew.
"Perfect. As I speak Diu Ero grows in power."

Anthadd groaned and fell to his knees.
"What's wrong?" Solitude demanded, worried.
He looked up at her.
"It's the Falling Temple. Paula's restored the pillar there. I'm tied to it now, and anything that happens to it... happens to me."
"But that means..." Solitude didn't finish her sentence.
"Right. The next temple she restores the pillar to, another warrior will be stricken down."
"But what of hers?"
"Obviously there's a safeguard put there by Diu Ero. I guess." Anthadd shrugged his shoulders.

Mike eventually picked himself up from the ground after laughing. "Heh heh, that was funny." Luna glared. The pig squirrel did the same.
"Quiet, you." Luna continued to glare at him. Someone cleared his throat behind her. "Hey Rockwell. How's it going?" Mike nodded to show that he acknowledged his presence.
"Hey." Rockwell stepped forward and changed into a bird.
"Who's the girl," Mike asked. "I haven't seen her before."
<This is Mika. We're travelling together. I figured that since the meeting is going to reconvene soon... Has it reconvened yet?>
"No, Picky's still in his room, doing stuff."
<I see. Perhaps we could go wal-> Rockwell was interrupted by the sudden interjection made by Picky.
"Guys! The balance has been affected more! A warrior's power has been diminished severely!"
"What?" Luna blinked. "What do you mean?"
"Falling Temple's pillar has been restored! That means that the energy released by it has been reabsorbed!"
"Falling Temple... ? Oh right, that's Anthadd. Hmm. That isn't going to hurt him much... But still, that's not good. How did that happen, anyway?"
"I don't know. Something powerful had to do that. If it happens to one temple, though... the others could just as well follow."
"Hold on. First, balance is destroyed, and now the warriors created to protect that balance is being stricken down as well? What exactly is going on? ... Oh right, you don't know."
"Hmm... perhaps you should go check on your own temples. The meeting isn't going to be for awhile." Picky walked back into his room and continued to work.
"Yes, let's go visit our temples..." Mike blinked. "How are we going to get there from here, though?"
"We could always... walk," Luna said. "The temples aren't that far away. We could go to yours first, since it's closer."
"Fine. Let's get walking, then?"
Rockwell cleared his throat, which was odd, his being a bird and not being able to speak verbally. <I'm going to fly along with you guys. Maybe I can provide assistance should you get in trouble.>
"Okay. Hey Luna, do you want to ask your sister to come?"
"I don't even know who she is! Anyways, we can do without whoever that is for now, I'm sure."

Unity, Rusty, and Dan walked outside of Polestar; Questions were flying.
Rusty went first. "Whar's dis Sol'tude lady, Unity?"
"Oh, another dimension!" Unity answered matter-of-factly. She noticed the stupendous facefaults that had just occured. "You guys really shouldn't worry about little things like that."
Dan raised an eyebrow. "...So you know how to cross dimensional borders, right?"
"Then why are we walking?"
"Ah'm jus' followin' you two!" Rusty replied.
"No clue, really. All I know is if we want to get somewhere, standing around doing nothing won't help any."
A few miles--and many, many complaints--later, they reached McHardees, world famous fast food joint.
After ordering, they quickly began to eat the greasy, fattening, yet strangely great tasting food.
"Huzzah, I am starving. I haven't eaten in... 4 hours!"
Unity rolled her eyes. "I don't know how you could have survived so long."
"Ha ha. I'm gonna get a refill; my caffeine level is dangerously low," he said, and walked off.
"S'got t' watch out fer that, so he doesn't turn normal ag'n!" Rusty whispered. Way across the room, an "I heard that!" could be made out over the din.
Dan quickly refilled his Mello Yello, and walked back across the room. He happened to cross the same point someone carrying five drinks, 4 super-sized fries, and one gigantic hamburger walked through, causing what those in the scientific field call a "Crazy-huge fall." It was at this point something popped into his head. A world close to his, but different. People it seemed he had met before, but different. He walked back silently and sat back at the table.
"Unity, Rusty. I just saw another dimension."
Unity hopped out of her chair. "Where?"
" a hamburger."

Picky went back to the conference room, where he met Tracy, sitting down on a chair. Picky didn't take any note to the worried expression upon her face since Paula left the meeting so soon and in a fit.
"Shall we call the remaining members to the room?" Picky suggested, calmly.
Tracy, didn't say anything, but only nodded. With that, Picky took out a small bell and gently rung it. Slowly, the large novelty door opened and one by one, people entered the room. Luna was the first to enter, along with the pig-squirrel who was happily eating the remains of the trail mix. Next came Mike, who was giggling. Next came Rockwell along with Mika, who was trailing behind him, wondering what was going on. SimonBob, however, was a few moments late. Anthadd and Solitude entered the conference room ten minutes later. The room was nearly complete. Picky, fully satisfied, opened the meeting by having Tracy read the minutes of the last meeting.
Tracy sighed and stood up. "At the beginning of the meeting, we conversed about the balance being in order. However, Paula Polestar immediately left the meeting in a distraught mood. The problem didn't seem serious, and the meeting was continued . We departed and then reconvened later on."
Picky nodded and said, "What's for new business?"
Anthadd and Solitude stood up, bearing grave news concerning the balance. Anthadd was the first one to explained the situation. "As Tracy mentioned, Paula left the meeting and turned over to Diu Ero, which upset the balance. Temples are being reclaimed in the name of evil as we speak."
Murmurs scattered through the room about what Anthadd had just said. Solitude took charge by explaining the other part of the problem. "Also, as the temples are being reclaimed, the owner or priest of the temple will suffer the same damage the temple takes. Picky, we need to find a way to solve this problem."
Picky, however, was distraught at the information presented to the members.
Solitude listened around her, to the different people talking. While she listened, she thought of her conversation with Unity... a parallel universe?
She stood up like a lightning bolt. "I need to go to the bathroom."
Picky raised his eyebrows. "Alright... seems urgent."

Solitude quickly stepped out of the hall, and walked into the bathroom. She shut the door behind her, and locked it. She sat by the mirror, and grabbed a small mirror of her own from her pocket. Adjusting them at just the right angle, she was able to catch quite a different reflection than the back of her head.

In the restaurant, Unity stared at Dan, and blinked. However, the large cup of coffee she had downed got the best of her. "Excuse me.. I have to use the bathroom."
She walked through the crowded restaurant, and dodged a waitress on her way to the bathroom. When she got inside, she noted it to be completely vacant.
"While I'm here, I should check my hair." She turned to face opposite the mirror, and pulled out a smal compact of hers. She shined it to focus the back of her head, but that was not what she saw. She saw the face of a tall, blackhaired woman in the back mirror.
"Solitude? What do you want with me?" she yelled, almost dropping the mirror. Tears of confusion started to well up in her eyes.
The black haired woman rolled her eyes. "I have a favor to ask; you don't need to be so hostile!"
Unity immediately quieted, and the tears seemed to disapear immediately. "Solitude!" she hissed. "What's going on?"
"The universe is joining. Ever heard of the big bang theory?"
Unity struggled with the concept in her mind. "The big band theory? As in, like Glenn Miller and the like?"
"No, big bang. Joining universes."
"Sorry, I misheard you."
"Well, it looks like what we've got is something similar to a closed universe. I don't know why, buts it's contracting. This isn't normal."
Unity nodded, and looked into the mirror.
Solitude responded. "I need you to do me a favor; find a hollow tree, an underwater dome, a pyramid of mazes, a volcano of embers, a plain with a basin, and a sanctuary of light. Use whatever power you have, and raise your staff near the six platforms: Ae Ahl Beam!"
Unity blinked. "Solitude... about the pillars..."
"Just do it. Everything will explain itself, agent of Libra."

Solitude closed her compact. "If the dual planets combine... the Ae Ahl dominant beam will combine with Paula's Diu Ero power; balanced will be restored."
She nodded to herself smartly, and went back inside to the hall of tense people.
"Everyone!" she said, yelling above the fray. "I have a plan!"
Everyone was silent, and she spoke in a booming voice. "Please listen closely! I have a reason to believe there is a parallel universe, and it will eventually merge with ours!"
"What evidence do you have of this?" Tracy said, aghast.
"Intuition, but it is strong! Hear me out. If the pillars were to be restored in light's name in that universe.. when the universes combine, the pillars would be shattered for a final time!"