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Vestige: Re-Union, Tesseract 5: "Carved Initials"

"Find out how to get to the other dimension...!" Siris mumbled mockingly. "Yeah right. I only dimension hop when I don't want to."
"What did you say?" Dan asked, turning to Siris.
"Nothing," Siris replied quietly. "Forget it."
He recognized most of these people, but it was frustrating that they were all different versions, yet again, from the ones he had met. He would have to make friends with them all again.
I hope I can meet Cyan again, he thought to himself. That's at least one person who'll recognize me.
"Do you people have any clue where we're going?" Siris asked suddenly. It seemed to him as if they had simply been wandering. The rest of the group proceeded to stare at him for a few seconds, to which Siris said, "Nevermind."
Whatever. I guess it would probably be best to stay with them, at least...

Unity and the group had been marching for quite some time when they came across a small cafe, nestled in the back of the woods.
"I think we need a break. Anyway, can someone tell me WHAT IS GOING ON?" Skulryk screamed. Unity covered her ears, and glared.
"I suppose we could take a break. We don't need it, but who am I to argue with a majority?"
Skulryk sprinted forward, and grabbed the door handle. Within minutes, everyone was seated around a large table.
Unity put her hand up to her mouth and coughed slightly to get attention.
"Ok, everyone. What we are doing here is simple in words, yet complex in actions. I have been ordered to claim the 6 pillars of balance, in this world, for the power of Ae Ahl, thus balancing out the power of Diu Ero in the adjacent Universe."
Skulryk scratched his head. "Wait, what?"
Unity scowled. "Please hold questions till the end. Anyway, I don't believe that using Ae Ahl in the world will help us at all. I think our best bet is to find or create a wormhole, and emerge in the opposite Universe to us, Universe 1. Then we will do whatever we can to destroy the evil on the other side.
"Ness, Paula, Jeff, Poo. You are here because you are the only ones who can destroy the evil. Paula, apparently you have been possesed by Giygas in Universe 1. I don't know what became of the rest of you, but I can assume the news is bleak, as I had to pull half of you from death in this Universe alone.
"Poo, you are probably wondering what has happened since you died, if Ness, Paula, and Jeff did not explain it enough. Poo, much has happened since your death. Jakob, the man you knew and eventually died for, has gone missing. Lardna is still alive and well. However, the scientist Giegue is dead. Matt, the child you knew, merged with the time stream. The Stream Guardian is also missing; it is unclear whether he merged witht he stream itself, or is still waiting in the shadows, only to intervene when neccessary. I hope that explains things.
"When we reach the other side, our first action will be to find the remaining Warriors of Balance. Anthadd, Mike, Luna, Jeff, and Solitude. Once we find them, we shall discuss what is to happen next. Any questions?"
"Yeah..." Siris said. "I have a question... Just HOW do we get to this alternate dimension?"
Unity sighed. "I honestly don't know. We simply need to find somewhere where we can find a wormhole, or something like that, to get to the other universe."
Dan looked at his menu one more time. "I think it'd be a good idea if we took this time to figure out a plan or something. That way we can have a slight idea of where to go instead of wandering aimlessly."
The rest of the group agreed, and at that moment the waiter came. "Your order, sir?"
Skulryk turned to look at the waiter, a bit confused. Having lived off a cuisine of water and gruel for most of his life, he didn't understand the menu in the least. Unfortunately, no one else knew this too well.
"Sir," the waiter asked. "Your order?"
Not wanting to make a scene, Skulryk pointed to a salad. "This... A salad."
"Right..." The waiter said. "What type of dressing would you like?"
"Huh?" Skulryk said.
"We have thousand island, ranch, caesar, french, and italian."
"Um..." He went with the last thing which stuck in his mind. "Italian..."
Skulryk was confused once again. "Um... sure."
"Light or dark?"
Unity was rather sick of this, and screamed at the waiter, "Get the man a freaking salad!" She sat down, annoyed.
The waiter took the rest of the groups' orders and left.
"What was that all about, Skul?" Siris said.
"Alright..." Skulryk said. "I think maybe this is a good time to tell you about my history. I didn't quite have time to when I appered here after I encountered complete strangers who seemed to have known me already who simply whisked me away without another word... Anyways..."
Skulryk proceeded to tell them about his history, the isolated world beneath the earth, and how he was the ultimate fluke, then went on about he was stuck in a training room all day and forced to use the sliver of magic ability which he barely had.
"Anyways, I went through quite a bit of this, but I just didn't have the talent. The race... they're all genetically bred to have the best traits for them, like a certain figure and voice box for saying magic words. I was the opposite of what they consider ideal. Anyways, another day in training... I don't know what happened, but I was trying to cast a fire spell. I had flipped out in frustration at my teacher, then I found myself laying down in the middle of a crowded street where I was taken by a beautiful lady and several others, one of which who already knows me, I might add, and taken on a trip to save some other dimension? That's quite a bit of stuff to go through in 2 days, wouldn't you think? I'm sorry for rambling, but it's quite a bit, and I still know nothing about the culture, and the entire world is quite confusing."
The waiter appeared with the food. "Here you are." He quickly left once again.
"Alright," Unity said. "I'm sorry you got caught up in this, Skulryk, but I'm sure it will be a whole lot better than the life you described before, and there's no jumping out now. As for culture, I'm sorry, but you'll have to do your best to adapt. Now, on to our problem," Unity sipped her cup of coffee. "We need to get to this other dimension. Now, any suggestions on where to go to find a way to get there?"
The group remained silent for a moment. Ness was the first to speak. "How about Saturn Valley? I'm sure we will be able to find something there, or we can have the Mr. Saturns help us."
"Alright," Unity said, sighing. "We'll go to Saturn Valley."
Skulryk munched on his salad. "This is good..." he said.

By the time everyone else had finished eating, Skulryk was on his sixth jumbo-salad, and had to be dragged away from the café in order for the group to continue.
"Really, Skulryk!" Unity began in an indignant tone. "You made quite a fool of yourself, eating that much."
"Hey, it was good!"
After taking the bus to Threed and dashing through the graveyard, they made it to Saturn Valley, where they were greeted by a strange looking Mr. Saturn.
"Hello Mr. Saturn!" Unity greeted him after he'd finished wobbling up to the group.
"Greetings," it said in a nasal English accent. With an unknown hand it adjusted the monocle on its right eye.
Insert facefaults and sweatdrops here.
"Sorry, I do cause many problems with people who haven't met me. I am Professor Saturn. Pleased to meet you."
"I suppose you wouldn't be as speechless if I spoke like my lesser brethren?"
He rolled his eyes and sighed. "Very well. DiNG! Welcome to Saturn ZOoM! Valley!" He led everyone into the main center, still sighing about having to fake an accent again.

"Now, would you please tell me just who you two are and how you knew my name?" inquired the scientist.
"You've probably suspected the existence of separate existences for some time now, right?" countered Cyan.
"Yes, but who would you ... unless..."
"We were living proof of it. I've met you many times before - you're one of my best friends - but I haven't met this you in this dimension before."
"That explains how you knew me, but how did your cat become a knight, and why are you taller now."
"My name is Cantomon. I am what is known as a Digimon."
"Digimon," asked Okabe, unsuredly.
"Stands for Digital Monster. Cantomon is my partner. Digimon have the ability to evolve to stronger forms when needed."
"Knightmon is my 'Champion' form."
"I see," said Anthadd.
"As to why I'm taller now, that's complicated. For some reason my age is relative, I may change back and forth according to the circumstances. When Cantomon evolved, I literally aged four years. I'm sort of fifteen, now."
"Quite interesting, but we have our own problem, right now."
"The adventure I was expecting," muttered Cyan.
"Do you know anything about Diu Ero and Ae Ahl?"
"I'm a little bit familiar with them, yes. Ke Bao, too."
"Well, we think Diu Ero has taken control of Paula and is attempting to retake the temples."
"Right, I was at the Gulf Temple in a previous world. Mike was the Guardian, right?"
"Correct. I am the Guardian of the Falling Temple. We have to deal with the situation, but we're not entirely sure what to do, thus far."
Anthadd continued after his brief pause.
"Apparently, Solitude has some sort of plan, and everything should work itself out. However, I don't trust it entirely; too much could go wrong. And as the temples are being taken down one by one, who knows who could be knocked out of commision, and how far the stranglehold goes?"
Cyan nodded. "Knocked out of commission?"
"Yeah. Paula's been using Diu Ero on the temples, and the keeper of the temple feels the power loss as it's taken down. I was the first to go."
"You seem well enough."
"It comes and goes," Anthadd replied vaguely. "...Hey, where did Okabe go?"

Okabe was in the bedroom, flopped on her bed, thinking.
"I wish I could remember ANYTHING from my past... all I can recall is the gold mine."

Okabe's Memories
Rain was pouring down from all sides, and Okabe's hair was matted down to her skull. A glimmer of gold sparkled in the late day sun.
"Why are we even here?" a voice muttered.
"Because! I want to create a work of art like no other, and the gold that strikes me as special will become my medium!"
"You're insane!"
Okabe shook her head thoughtfully. She could never remember speech in the rain before...
"What else might I remember?"

Okabe's Memories
"You need to learn how to play a fine instrument, my dear! All young ladies learn something useful in life!"
"The piano isn't useful."
"Nonsense! Now you should be more grateful! Your father is in the kitchen making breakfast for us, and he never does that!"
"I wonder why..."
"And you wonder why we never go on holidays. You're much too unpleasant to be around, young lady. I even painted you pictures of the last one, but no! You need to develop a much less surly disposition."
Okabe shuddered. Those memories felt like hers... but didn't. It was inexplicable, really. Like they only belonged to half of her. She shook slightly again.

"I think we ought to get going," Anthadd mused. "Maybe I should try and restore the Falling Temple pillar."
He stumbled.
"Are you okay?" Cyan asked, concerned.
"Yeah... I'm fine. I think I can make it..."

Okabe struggled out of bed, and splashed water on her face.
"Hopefully I can avoid overheating for now..."
She walked out and to Anthadd and Cyan.
"Hey..." she said. "What are you two talking about?"
"We're heading out to the Falling Temple. To restore the pillar there."
"Then I want to go too!" Okabe demanded.

Morphius-Jeff flew through the sky.
<Where are we headed?> Jeff demanded. Although he was no longer in control of his body, he could still converse with Morphius.
<To a pillar. It has to survive. And a friend of yours is trying to destroy them all.>
<Who?> Jeff yelled. <Ness and Poo are de... Paula?>
<Your friend has been tempted by the powers of Diu Ero; she and Giygas are now one and the same. She can't control her actions; neither can you. And to me, you are the key to Ae Ahl's domination; to Giygas, Paula is the key to the domination of Diu Ero. Balance is a farce!>
Jeff receded into the innermost part of his mind.
I'll get my body back, he vowed, and I'll save Paula, too!

The group wandered into Saturn Valley, following Professor Saturn. They gazed out over the expanse, populated with Saturn-style huts and several of the Mr. Saturns wandering about.
Skulryk walked slowly, a bit overwhelmed by these strange creatures. They were unlike anything he had seen before. Several gathered around him.
"DinG! hE is sTRanGE!" one said.
"YeS, bOInG. SomEtHIng DIFferEnT!"
Skulryk began to sweat as these creatures began to corner him in. "Aah... h... help!" Unity turned back and looked at him for a moment, then slapped herself in the forehead and sighed. She grabbed Skulryk by the hand and dragged him out of the entanglement of Mr. Saturns. The Mr. Saturns followed at a distance.
The group proceeded to the center of Saturn Valley, where they met up with several of the Mr. Saturns and Dr. Andonuts.
Dr. Andonuts was preoccupied at the moment with sketching blueprints for an antigravity machine, so he did not see the group right away. He turned, wiping sweat from his brow which had gathered from the harsh sun, and spoke.
"Ah, hello, Professor Saturn tells me you're here to see me... Oh, hello Jeff! Ness, Paula, and Poo too! It's good to see you all! And I see you have new friends amongst you! Well, how have you been doing? Are you still keeping up in school? You know, saving the world is no excuse to..."
"Dad!" Jeff said, frowining.
"Uh... Sorry, Jeff. Well, I know you wouldn't come all the way here with all these people simply to visit, so what is the problem?"
"Alright," Unity said, taking command. "My name is Unity. There is another dimension from ours which is in grave danger. The equivalents of the chosen four we all know and several others has saved the world in that universe. However, everything they have worked for has been in vain, as evil has corrupted the minds of the equivalent to Paula in that dimension, and she alone has already thrown their universe into a downward spiral leading to destruction. We, along with the heros of the other dimension, must take it back."
"Mmm, hmm, this is very interesting. Alright, this is a matter of grave importance. Now, I know you need my help, is there anything specific you need me to help with?"
"Well, it is pretty obvious that we do not know how to get to the other dimension," Unity said. "Can you make something to take us there?"
Dr. Andonuts stood in deep thought for a long amount of time, then snapped up. "Yes, yes, I'm beginning to see it now." He turned to his table and crumpled up his blueprints for the antigravity machine. "Mr. Saturn, any one of you, please get Apple Kid. I think it's time we made a few modifications to the Phase Distorter." He turned back to Unity and the group. "Well, this will take us at least a few hours, so you're free to wander. Rest, get something to eat, bathe in the hot springs... Occupy yourself for a few hours."
Dr. Andonuts walked over to meet Apple Kid. Jeff spoke up. "I think I'll go help out Dr. Ando... I mean Dad."
The group watched him go, and could hear excited chattering between the scientists and the Mr. Saturn.
"I'd just love a bath in the hot springs, I think I'll go off there." said Luna.
Siris jumped at this, saying "I'd love to bathe in the springs too!" He was met with a glare from Luna, Unity, and Paula all at once, then slowly backed down. "Or maybe not..."
"I'd like to find out a bit about Saturn Valley, and I'd also like to get something to eat..." Skulryk said. "Can anyone show me around?"
Ness volunteered. "I've been around here several times, I know all about this place. I'll show you the best food and the like, but if you try one thing, make sure it's the peanut cheese bars."
"Peanut... cheese bars?" Skulryk said, as Ness directed him to one of the Mr. Saturn's huts.
The rest of the group stood in the middle of Saturn Valley, thinking about what to do. After a few minutes, they went off their separate ways.
Ness led Skulryk and Siris to a shop on a hill.
"Ye Old Shoppe," he explained. "Talk to the proprietors, and ask for Peanut Cheese bars."
"OK," Skulryk said, and he and Siris entered the shop. Ness went off to watch Jeff and Dr. Andonuts.
"Boing! What have you? Me Mr. Saturn can do all for you!" one shop proprietor exclaimed.
"Zoom! Listen him not! Me Mr. Saturn can do more all for you!" the other refuted.
"We just want a Peanut cheese bar," Siris said slowly, not wishing to irritate the talking heads.
The second shop proprietor moaned.
"He has that," the second proprietor admitted.
"Forty-four dollars please."
"One second!" Skulryk rushed out, looking to find Ness.

"Ness! Ness!" Skulryk called.
Ness looked behind him, sitting cross-legged.
"Skulryk?" he asked.
"How much do peanut cheese bars cost? The proprietor says $44."
"What?" Ness demanded. "Why, that con-Saturn! They should only cost $22."
"Thanks!" Skulryk ran off again.

"Don't they only cost $22, Mr. Saturn?" Skulryk pressed.
The Mr. Saturn was visibly shaken. He thought no one wouldn't believe him; he couldn't believe someone didn't!
"Yes, they do!" the second proprietor offered. He hated losing a potential sale, but helping his rival lose one eased the pain.

The sky rained hard above Anthadd Labs.
Wearing his Ke Bao Dragon Armour, Anthadd focused. The metamorphosis into Anthdragn became easier with each transformation, and this one took but three seconds.
"Get on, Okabe, Ccccyan," Anthdragn urged.
Okabe climbed on, though not with some resistance, but Cyan didn't.
"I can fly, myself," Cyan informed the dragon-man and the young girl.
He immediately hovered into the air.
"Shall we go?" he offered.

Mr. Saturn somehow handed Skulryk a Peanut Cheese Bar in exchange for twenty-two dollars. Siris fished around in his infamous 'BAG', and removed another twenty-two dollars which he used to buy a Bar for himself. The two walked out of the building, unwrapping their Peanut Cheese Bars as they went.
"Come to think of it," Siris said, "I've never tried one of these either." Taking a quick bite and savoring the flavor for a few moments, he added, "Wow. Not bad."
Skulryk's reaction to the snack was a bit more enthusiastic. "This is excellent!" he shouted, after taking the first bite. "This is the best thing I've ever tasted!"
"Not that you've tasted much," Siris pointed out, "except for gruel, water, and that salad."
"True," was Skulryk's reply. "But this is better than that salad."
Siris gave a small chuckle as he munched on the bar a bit more, and thought to himself, And to think I've known this same guy as a reporter and a student.

Morphius-Jeff had arrived at a brightly shining temple.
<The sky of solid light?!> cried Jeff mentally.
<This is easily the most important pillar for us to protect. All I have to do is restore it with the Seed of Light.> Jeff's body landed next to the ground circle where the column of light had once stood. <How appropriate that a column of light should serve as a safeguard for goodness itself, hm?> He narrowed Jeff's eyes at the circle and concentrated on it, but then frowned. <Mmm. I can't seem to draw energy from your powers of balance. Apparently your pillar was restored, but not for either power. Its energy was completely absorbed, but the pillar is still there.> Morphius laughed through Jeff. <Not that it really matters, it'll just make creating the Seed of Light take a little more time.>
Soon, after a few moments of concentration, a shining piece appeared in the center of the circle.
<It is done,> pronounced Morphius. <Light's power to guard life reigns over this temple. If light can drive back darkness, all ill will shall be vanished, and life will continue to thrive without being interrupted.>
<But then the Earth's resources will be depleted in the face of all that life!> rebuked Jeff. <Whether we like it or not, the deaths of other> The boy was cut off as a bright light filled him, weakening his will to argue.
<Jeff, please do not yell at me. It's terrible that you should be angry at me, much more that you suggest that hatred should kill anyone. Do not worry about it. Help me reclaim the remaining pillars. There are only two left.> Before Jeff could argue, Morphius lifted his body into the air and sent it flying towards another temple.

Driven by Diu Ero, Giygas-Paula paused. "What's this... one of the temples has been reclaimed... but by light?! That's not possible! I've got to move faster! I must make it to the Dune Temple before whatever restored the Solid Light Temple can!"
Paula, from inside her mind, cringed. <Reclaimed by light....? Morphius?!>

Jakob and SimonBob were having an argument.
"Well, let's see what else we can do! That stupid plan of yours didn't work, after all."
"Well, maybe it wasn't significant enough for them to notice," remarked SimonBob. "I don't know. Maybe we should hit another temple, although that probably won't work out any better. We need to come up with a new plan of action."
"Why don't we just attack them head-on?"
"Could you really defeat them in a scenario like that?"
Jakob said nothing while he scowled.
"Well, maybe.... maybe our best bet is to attack their base of operation. And Picky and Tracy can't really fight. I don't think anyone else would still be there by now."
"Sounds like a plan," muttered Jakob.

"Don't forget me!" Cantomon exclaimed, jumping onto Anthdragn.
"Hold on; thisss could get bumpy," Anthdragn said, and he and Cyan flew off towards the Falling Temple.
"So, Okabe, you have amnesia?" Cantomon asked, trying to start conversation.
"Partial... I have spatterings of memories, but they're too shattered to make true sense. Pianos, mines, gold... it's all so confusing to me..."
Okabe stared off into the horizon.
"Wh... what?" she stammered.
"Okabe?" Anthdragn asked.
Okabe shook her head.
"Nothing's wrong... I was just seeing things. Again."
Why do I see these things? Okabe thought. A fox shouldn't appear in the sky. Nor should it seem to sparkle in some places...

After a few hours' travel, the four arrived at the Falling Temple, in Autumns.
"I've never been here before." Okabe revelled in the beauty of the autumnal look of the temple and its environs. "But it's so beautiful!"
"I know. Isn't it?" Anthadd rhetorically asked.
"Well... let's go," Cyan offered. They entered.
As they entered, they were met by a flash. When the flash cleared...
"Okabe? OKABE!" Anthadd screamed frantically. "WHERE ARE YOU?"

Luna sighed, and dipper deeper into the hot springs. It had been a long and tiresome few days since she met up with Unity, and this was exactly what she needed.
Suddenly, she heard a gruff voice behind her.
"Make room!"
Paula and Unity stepped in the springs at the same time, splashing the pink healing water over Luna's face. She licked her lip to get it off.
"Hrm..tastes like some sort of yogurt." After removing the last bit from her face, Luna looked across the pond at the others.
Unity was looking nowhere in particular, thinking, and Paula was currently preoccupied by looking down at the boys. Realising Luna was looking at her, she spoke.
"Heh... just looking down there makes me wonder... Do you think Ness'll ever ask me out?"
"Well it's a little weird since he's been dead and all." Luna chuckled.
"That's true... But the more I see of him, I wish we could just settle down and have a nice family... no more of these adventures."
Luna agreed. "I know what you mean. Part of me likes to go out on all these zany adventures, but part of me would like nothing more than to meet the right guy and go on a few nice dates..."
"Well maybe you could do both!" Paula said. Listening, Luna gazed down at the boys below. Siris immediately waved to her, and she sighed. Squinting, she could see Mike making a goofy face at Siris without him noticing. She smiled, and looked back at Paula.
"As long as I dont have to adventure-date Siris, I'm fine."
Unity glanced over at the two girls.
"Just make sure you find a guy who is right for you. Don't end up with someone who just marries you because he wants a kid, and then leaves you alone where you started."
She bit her lip, and looked back up into the sky. Luna and Paula exchanged a glance. Suddenly, they heard a call from Dr. Andonuts.
"Girls, the machine will be ready any minute!"
Standing up, Unity adjusted her white towel, and stepped out of the hot springs.
"I really must be going. I have business I'd like to clear up here."
Unity walked off, leaving a very bemused Luna and Paula.
"I'll never understand her..." Paula said.

Near the top of Saturn Valley, Unity made herself comfortable in a soft patch of grass. With that, she began a period of slow meditation. After a slight amount of concentration, she could feel every blade of grass around her, and noises nearby became clearer.
She coughed, and began to broadcast a message.
"Solitude... Solitude, when you recieve this message, I will be on my way to your world. We will finally meet again after so many thousands of years. Have you decided to tell the others what you really are?"
Unity could hear her cry echo in her mind, and slowly crawl toward its destination.
"I'm sure she'll respond later...once she realizes how strong our link is. It's too bad she has her priorities out of line..."
Unity straightened her skirt, and continued her meditiation.

Mike was at the council building, looking for anybody to talk to. However, he noticed that nobody was there.
"Hello?" Mike called out. No answer.
He continued to wander around when all of a sudden he heard footsteps behind him.
"... Hello? Who is it?" Again, no answer. "This isn't funny, man." The sounds of footsteps could be heard all around him.
Mike looked around frantically, searching for the source of the footsteps, but to no avail. He started to run, but noticed that he was being driven out of the building.
"Uhh... wha?! What's going on?!" Mike didn't expect an answer to that question, but was shocked when somebody answered him.
"Go back to where you came from." The voice stopped momentarily, then continued again. "It is absolutely imperative that you go there!!"
"But I must speak with somebody!! My... my dream!!"
"That doesn't matter! Now... GO!"
With the last word, Mike was thrown from the building. He landed a few feet away from the main entrance. Mike ran to the door and tried to open it, but found that it was being held closed by an unseen force.
"... This sucks so much. ARR!!!" He punched the door. "Well, I guess there's no use in trying to find somebody here. I'll just go back to... the temple? My temple?" He shrugged.
He trudged off slowly.

"Okabe?!" cried a shaken Anthadd. "Where are you!"
"No sign of her out here," reasoned Cyan. "She could be inside. That would probably be our best bet for now."
Anthadd just stared at the ground.
"Sir Anthadd, it won't help to hesitate," Cantomon continued, batting away some leaves. "If we at least check inside the temple, we can be sure she isn't in there."
"Yes..... I suppose you're right." With a quiet moan, Anthadd resumed his walk towards the door. Cyan and Cantomon followed.
Anthadd didn't immediately see Okabe upon entering, but he did see the familiar column of plant energy rising to the ceiling - although now, it was more brown, and was lighter. Is this what caused me to be drained? wondered Anthadd. Paula...

Luna sat at a desk in her mansion. She had been trying to do all of her work for the day, but she had become dizzy for no discernable reason. She sat down, and from there, felt worse and worse. By this point, she felt a burning sensation, and was on the verge of delirium.
How did I catch a fever? This doesn't make any sense. She retraced the last day's events in her mind, attempting to determine when she could have been exposed to this.
She was remembering the meetings that had been held. Then, she recalled the announcement. The temples... It hit her. Is that what happened?! Was my temple claimed by darkness? Luna shivered. I've got to do something. But I can't handle this alone in my condition. I'd better get help.
Luna stood and began to shuffle towards the door leading to the hallway. Several feet from it, her legs gave way and she tumbled to the floor. "Oh!" she cried. Not willing to give in, Luna forced herself to get up and reached the door. From there, she used the wall to help herself along.

The Chosen Four, Dan, Rusty, Siris, Skulryk and Luna were gathered near Dr. Andonuts, the Saturn, and a strange-looking construction that appeared to be a type of generator.
"Well, the Saturn and I believe that this should handle your situation," declared Dr. Andonuts as he made final adjustments. "However, it needs a middle ground for it to create the wrinkle between the two dimensions."
"A middle ground?" asked Skulryk.
"Like something associated with both dimensions?" Dan then hazarded.
"Exactly," declared the doctor. "Do you have any such thing?"
Ness appeared crestfallen. "Anyone know anything about this other dimension?"
Rusty shrugged. "Unity seems ta know sumfin'."
"Where is she," complained Luna, "and what is she doing that'd take THIS long?"
As if taking the cue, Unity strode into their midst. "Sorry. Did I miss anything?"
"Ask the doctor," replied Paula.
"Yes... we need a middle ground to reach the other dimension. The device will manipulate the fabric of space and time, creating a phase into the other dimension. However, for the other side of the phase, it needs a signal from the other side."
Unity looked over the machine. "So, it can just pick up the signals, right?" Dr. Andonuts nodded, and she broke out into a grin. "Okay then! Let me handle it. I think I know where it is. If I focus, maybe I can tell the machine where to open the other side of the warp." Unity got into a meditative position and concentrated. "Turn on the machine now."
One of the Mr. Saturns did so. "NoW yOu CoNcEnTrAtE! tAkE fRiEnDs WhErE yOu NeEd To Go, ZoOoOoOm!"
As Unity pinpointed the location she had directed her previous messages to, she directed the feedback towards the machine. The space near the machine seemed to blur, as if two images were overlapping.
"YoU sTaNd InSiDe WaRp WhEn ReAdY. aLl LuCk Be GoOd!"
Everyone gathered near the diluted space, which was expanding to encompass everyone, including the meditating Unity.

The Gulf Temple is the closest one from here. If we hurry, we can claim it before anything else. After that... Morphius paused in relaying to Jeff, and worried over the situation. After that, we need to try to break the hold on the other pillars, if we can. Finished speaking, Jeff's body sailed through the air towards Fourside.
Why does he bother to tell me all of this? One would think he'd want to keep it from me. Jeff braced himself for their destination. As he thought about the Gulf Temple, horror struck him. Wait, that Temple is underwater! How does Morphius expect my body to get down there?!

"Where am I?" Okabe wondered.
When Okabe had entered the Falling Temple, she'd felt something weird. Then, once the weirdness had passed, she was no longer where she had been.
Yes, the temple ahead of her was the same, but behind her, it was not. Hoping she would find her way back, Okabe trudged forward. Perhaps, she thought, there would be a path to where she wished to be ahead.
There wasn't.
She merely found herself in rather deep darkness at a dead end. One brick seemed lighter than the others (although Okabe didn't understand how she could notice that in the obscurity), and noticing this, she pressed on it. Nothing happened.
Bringing her hands back, she remarked: "Kind of dusty. I guess the temple hasn't been used in some time, or perhaps it's not the temple, but merely this particular passageway..."
She wiped off the dust, and thought of a Stellar skill that might help her see just where she was. She snapped her fingers, realising it; then she invoked Centaurus Flare.
The dead end was engulfed in firelight, and she was able to read the writing on the lighter block.
"Sugemic?" she wondered. Quickly translating it, she continued: "'Constructed in the year 994 anno domini by'" -- here she stumbled over the name -- "'Harse-em-hin Abe-urr-fid?' Weird name.... 'I build this temple as an eternal testament for my undying love to Princess Cirra of the country of Altus.'"
The passage completed, Okabe felt a mysterious force overwhelm her. She felt herself remain where she was, while at the same time felt her being stretch across a fragile string.
"What's happening?!" she screamed. She recoiled, hearing her voice echo with no delay. "What?" she said very quietly, almost silently; this, too, echoed.
What's going on? she cried in her thoughts. And yes, her thoughts echoed as well.
She reached for the brick on which this Harsemhin had inscribed the time of construction and the reason for building it. She gasped.
Her hand had both been stopped by the brick... and had gone through.
"I wish Cirra could see this," a new voice said. "She would have loved it." The voice was different; it didn't echo, as Okabe's now did.
Okabe whirled around, and once more suffered a weird experience. Her vision was now merged between two realities; one with this voice, and the one she had been in. Or are they the same; am I imagining I'm in an alternate reality? she echo-thought.
As the mysterious voice's figure travelled through her, Okabe realised something.
Am I seeing the past? I must be.
The past began to fade away as the mysterious figure began to chisel something into a brick. Okabe realised the figure must be Harsemhin.

Then Okabe went through something worse. Time went by at high speed, and she wasn't necessarily limited to the temple. Skies flashed through her eyes, and she saw a toddler fall. She shed tears; she saw a girl, younger than her, shed tears as well; she felt empathy for this girl. But why? She only saw her once...