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Pokémon Episodes 1 - 10

#1 - Pokémon, I Choose You!
A ten-year-old boy, Ash Ketchum, is excited because tomorrow he will become a Pokémon trainer. But he is so excited that stays up late and sleeps in too long the next morning! He arrives late, and he comes just in time to have Gary Oak, the professor's snotty grandson, insult him for being late and to see Gary drive away with his fan club and his new first Pokémon. Ash is angry, but Professor Oak takes him inside to get his first Pokémon that will help him to be a Pokémon Master. But there are no Pokémon left, save a stubborn Pikachu. Ash immediately likes Pikachu (too bad it's not the same for Pikachu...). Ash takes off on his journey after a farewell to his mother and neighbors and a SHOCKING incident with Pikachu! Ash drags along his reluctant Pikachu, trying to gain its trust. A Pidgey appears, but Pikachu will not battle it, so Ash just throws a Pokéball.....which does no good! Ash keeps trying to catch the Pidgeys, and hits what he thinks is one with a rock, but it is really a Spearow! The annoyed bird attacks Ash, and Pikachu, because it is a tame Pokémon. In defense, Pikachu zaps Spearow, which calls for reinforcements. Ash and Pikachu have to run from the enraged Spearow flock. The Spearows attack Pikachu, but Ash brushes them away to shield it. With Pikachu, Ash dives over a cliff into water. A fishing girl hooks them! She yells at Ash for the condition of his Pokémon, and tells him to go to Viridian Pokémon center after showing him the way. Afraid of the returning Spearow flock, Ash steals her bike for an escape. But it is no good - the birds catch up. Ash is unselfish towards Pikachu, wanting to save his electric mouse's life, if not his own. He tells Pikachu to enter his Pokéball for safety and stands against the Spearows to protect him. The little mouse is moved and leaps up, summoning lightning to drive off the vicious flock. Later, both wake up to peace, the Spearows gone. Ash sees a mysterious bird flying over a newly formed rainbow from the storm, and wonders what it could be. Ash now carries his new friend, Pikachu, to the center at the city, and Pikachu licks Ash to show his trust and love. Our heroes walk into the sunset to the city to have Pikachu healed.

#2 - Pokémon Emergency!
Ash enters Viridian City, but is stopped by a police officer, Jenny, who thinks that he is stealing Pikachu. This is because Pokémon theives are in the area, and a wanted poster is up. After using Ash's Pokédex to clear his identity, Jenny takes Ash to the Pokémon center on her motorcycle. Close behind is the girl with her bike, which was totaled by Pikachu's lightning.. ..and boy, is she angry! Meanwhile, in a Meowth balloon, a woman and man who are on the wanted poster are complaining about the pictures. A strange, English-speaking Meowth tells them to focus on their mission. They are members of Team Rocket, and infamous Pokémon theives..... Momentarily, Ash reaches the Pokécenter and a nurse, Joy, and some Chansies go to treat Pikachu. Ash calls his mom, who tries to keep him enthusiastic. Then Professor Oak calls to check up on Ash, and they discuss the bird that Ash saw. When Oak leaves, the girl suddenly appears and chews Ash out for charring her bike, and demands a new one! But she calms down when she hears that Pikachu is injured. Soon Pikachu has been treated, though, and will shortly be better. Ash promises the girl to pay her back. Just then, the Meowth balloon floats overhead the center and the woman and man release an Ekans and a Koffing. In the smokescreen, they come down, and introduce themselves in a poem as Jessie and James of Team Rocket, accompanied by the Meowth. They attack, trying to steal Pokémon, and cut the power. Nurse Joy, Ash, and the girl hide and turn on backup power (provided by Pikachus). Then they try to transport the Pokéballs to safety in Pewter Pokécenter. Team Rocket intrudes and knocks Pokéballs onto the floor. Ash tries to battle with some of the Pokémon in the scattered balls, but to no avail. The girl uses her Goldeen as a distraction while Ash tries to escape with Pikachu. Ekans and Koffing chase him. He hits a dead-end, but the backup power Pikachus join together to jolt Team Rocket. Meowth comes after Pikachu, but by generating electricity on the pedals of the ruined bike, Ash gives Pikachu power to fry Team Rocket. An explosion from Koffing's gas makes the whole Pokécenter go up in flames, and Team Rocket hangs from a rope on their balloon, planning to steal Pikachu after seeing its great power. But for now, a hole breaks in their balloon and they shoot off into the distance. All of the Pokéballs made it safely to Pewter City, fortunately. Ash, Pikachu, and Misty (for that is the girl's name) are all headed through the Viridian Forest. They encounter a Caterpie (Misty is frightened!), which Ash tries to capture. As he throws his Pokéball, the scene freezes, and we are left to wonder!

#3 - Ash Catches A Pokémon
As we return, we see Ash's Pokéball hit Caterpie. Caterpie goes in, and the ball rocks back and forth suspensefully. Then it stops...and glows red! Ash caught Caterpie!!! He runs around and around with Misty. This annoys Misty....and, she hates Caterpie, a bug, because she thinks that bugs are slimy and that Caterpie is ugly. But Caterpie sure shows his affection to her! Caterpie feels downcast that Misty doesn't like him. Ash is mad at her for being rude to Caterpie, they fight, and resolve to separate. (But isn't that Misty still following Ash?) When Ash, Pikachu, and Caterpie settle down to sleep, Misty is right by them! (So much for separating...) As Ash and Misty go to sleep, Caterpie calls Pikachu to look at the mystical full moon. It is then that Caterpie tells Pikachu about his dream to be a Butterfree. But he is discouraged by Misty's dislike for him. Pikachu tries to comfort him. The next morning, Misty awakens to find Caterpie snuggled next to her. She yells at Caterpie and calls him disgusting. Caterpie is hurt and squirms back into his Pokéball, making Ash very mad at Misty. A Pidgeotto swoops down, and Ash is excited. He throws a Pokéball, but Pidgeotto bats it aside. Misty calls Ash stupid, reminding him that he has to battle first. So Ash calls out Caterpie....mistake! Birds are strong against insects. Caterpie really gets beaten up, so Ash must recall him and send Pikachu, who has better luck. Ash throws the ball once Pikachu shocks Pidgeotto, Pidgeotto goes in the ball, which rocks.....and then glows. Ash has caught his second Pokémon! Misty insults him some more for his lack of knowledge in Pokémon battling. Out of nowhere, though, an evil laugh is Jessie. Team Rocket is back, and they want Pikachu because of his power! They send Koffing and Ekans (not right to send two Pokémon in a battle, but they are villians, so they don't care!) and Koffing sludges Pikachu. Ash must use one of his new Pokémon to fight! He sends Pidgeotto, who manages to evade the Rocket Pokémon for awhile, but soon gets battered by a surprise attack by Ekans. Ash wants to fight, but James just flicks him away! Ash has to use Caterpie, still roughed up from Pidgeotto. Caterpie is afraid of Koffing and Ekans and ducks down, but Ash tells Caterpie to use String Shot. Caterpie wraps up Koffing, and covers Ekans's head! Then, he tackles Koffing into Ekans, and both go flying away. Meowth walks up to Caterpie, who soon disables Meowth with his string. Team Rocket is angry, but beaten, so they run away. Ash is jubilant to have won his first Pokémon battle, even against cheaters. Misty finally compliments Caterpie! To make Misty suffer, Ash tells her to reward Caterpie with a pat on the head. Misty is reluctant, but is just about to pat Caterpie when it spits String Shot straight up into the air! Misty falls back, screaming. As Caterpie's String Shot coats him, it hardens, until it forms a thick shell. Caterpie has evolved into Metapod. Ash is very excited, and Misty says to herself that Ash really seems to love Pokémon. Ash abruptly jumps up, telling Misty to pat Metapod on the head. She tries to come up with an excuse, but a Beedrill flies past her, causing her to get completely scared to heck. She just wants to get out of the forest, but Ash still wants more Pokémon and runs off through the forest again. Misty follows him, and the five: Ash, Misty, Pikachu, Caterpie, and Pidgeotto, can only guess what adventure will happen next in the buggy forest.

#4 - Challenge Of The Samurai
Misty sees another bug Pokémon in the Viridian Forest. It is Weedle, and Ash wants it! So he makes the good choice of sending Pidgeotto out. Pidgeotto really wears the Weedle down. Misty has walked off by herself, when suddenly, a weird-looking kid in samurai garb leaps at her with a sword. He is looking for a Pallet Town Pokémon trainer....hmmm...Ash? Misty runs back to warn Ash. Unfortunately, just as Ash is about to catch the Weedle, the boy appears and asks HIM if he is from Pallet. When Ash says yes, Samurai leaps on him, unsheathing his sword. Ash thinks that he is a Pokémon theif, but Samurai (as the boy calls himself) just wants to battle. Ash was distracted from Weedle, and when he turns around, Weedle is escaping! He throws a Pokéball, but misses. Ash blames it on Samurai, who, in turn, tells Ash that he was too clumsy with his Pokémon. Ash is insulted and agrees to a match. He sends Pidgeotto...but it is still worn out from fighting Weedle! Samurai sends a tough Pokémon, Pinsir. Pidgeotto kicks up Sand Attack, but Pinsir is not fazed and tackles Pidgeotto harshly. Ash has to recall Pidgeotto and send out Metapod. He worries about Metapod being crushed, but tells Metapod to harden, and when Pinsir tries to crush it, it breaks its claws. Samurai admits defeat, but sends out.....Metapod! It turns into a contest of whose Metapod can stay hardest, longest. At the same time, Team Rocket is homing in on Ash, Misty, and Pikachu. They are wearing a carriable tank to protect themselves from Beedrills, which are in the area. Back to the match, Ash and Samurai are hardening their Metapods. A disaster arises, however. The match is called short when a Beedrill swarm, alerted by the escaped Weedle, homes in on the group. Samurai recalls Metapod and runs, and Ash is about to do the same, but a Beedrill grabs his Metapod and flies away. Ash tries to hit it with the return laser, but Beedrill keeps Metapod out of range. Misty grabs Ash and forces him to run away. They wind up at a tree with Kakunas, soon to be Beedrills. Samurai cautions them not to make noise so they won't be attacked, but Ash notices Metapod and gets excited. He yells, and that wakens the Kakunas, and they transform into Beedrills. Ash and friends must run for their lives once again. Samurai lets them hide in his cabin, where they rest, and stay the night. During this time, Samurai bashes Ash for leaving Metapod with the Beedrills. Ash responds that he tried to save Metapod. Samurai goes on to explain that he had fought the other Pallet Town trainers, who all beat him, but inspired him to train extra-hard. He waited for Ash to fight him, and now that he has met Ash, he sneers that the other Pallet trainers were much better. Ash stays up most of the night worrying about his Metapod, then goes out to the tree to save his Pokémon. But Team Rocket intrudes, and they speak loudly, waking the Beedrills. Ash runs away from Team Rocket, and avoids the Beedrills, who then go after Team Rocket. They decide now would be a good time to use the tank, but they made it out of paper, so some Weedles are enjoying it as a snack. Team Rocket makes an attempt to scram! Ash finds Metapod and asks it to come with him, but Metapod is angry with his trainer, who left him there and tried to place the blame on someone else. Ash runs from a Beedrill and stumbles. On the ground, he realizes that some of his problems WERE his own fault, and vows to be more responsible from then. Metapod feels sorry for Ash and trusts him. All at once, a Beedrill swoops at them. Ash is frightened, but Metapod now has a will to protect his trainer, who has apologized, and throws himself between Ash and the needles of the Beedrill. The bee's drills are broken and it flies off. But Metapod's shell is broken open. Ash is anxious for his Pokémon's life, and asks Metapod to respond. But Metapod is not the development inside the shell is complete, and with the cut from the Beedrill, Butterfree now emerges! Ash celebrates the evolution and Samurai, Misty, and Pikachu are amazed. But Ash realizes the threat of the Beedrills, and tells Butterfree to use Sleep Powder. All of the Beedrills and Weedles (as well as Team Rocket) fall asleep. Ash cheers for Butterfree, and Samurai compliments Ash on his handling of the just-evolved Butterfree. As they part, now friends, Ash asks about finishing the match, but Samurai remarks that Ash is definitely the greater trainer and they can have a match once he has trained some more. They say goodbye, and Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and their Pokémon head for Pewter City. What about Team Rocket? They are hanging in the tree, disguised as Kakuna. But when Meowth insults Jessie, she roars at him, awakening the Kakunas and Beedrills. All we can hear upon leaving are the cries of Team Rocket, being stung.....

#5 - Showdown At Pewter City
As we begin, we see Team Rocket digging a hole for trapping Pikachu, Ash, and Misty...but they disguise it so well that they can't find it (until they fall in it), and once in the hole, the dirt collapses and they are buried. At the same moment, our heroes arrive in Pewter and meet a Pewter rock salesman named Flint. He takes them to the Pokémon center, where Ash learns about the regional Pokémon championships. Misty informs him that he needs to beat 8 gym leaders to win their badges as proof of his ability before he can enter. The Pewter leader is Brock, and Flint laughs when Ash says that he will beat Brock. In a restaurant, Misty tells Ash that she might help him beat Brock if he asks nicely, but when he says that he can handle it himself, Misty storms out (leaving him with the check!). Later, at Pewter Gym, Ash meets and challenges Brock. The leader brings out a rocky battlefield. Ash sends Pikachu, and Brock sends an Onix, which scares Pikachu. The mouse is no match for the rock serpent, and Ash must forfeit when Brock won't let Ash recall Pikachu (Onix blocks the beam...). Ash is dispirited from having lost, but Flint tries to comfort him, and shows him that Brock could be a greater leader than just in the gym, but has to take care of ten brothers and sisters, because his father left to be a trainer and his mother died. Ash feels sorry for Brock, but still wants to beat him. But Flint knows a way to give Pikachu a power-buildup.....they go to an abandoned power plant that uses a waterwheel. Flint hooks Pikachu to a generator, and Ash turns the wheel. Misty tries to get Ash to consider having her help him, but he refuses, wanting to make this his victory. It is hard for Pikachu to handle the current, but takes it all. After he begins to take full power, the whole plant lights up and.....Ash is back at Pewter Gym for a rematch. Brock is as snide as last time. He sends Geodude first this time, and Ash uses Pidgeotto, but his Flying is bad against Brock's rock. Misty and Brock's kid brothers and sisters watch from above. Ash tries Pikachu, who applies his gained strength to burn Geodude out. Brock sends out Onix and says that Pikachu will still be no match for it. Pikachu jolts wildly, but still gets bound by Onix. He uses all of his strength to blast Onix, but it is not enough. However, Brock has Onix let Pikachu go, because he doesn't want to smash Pikachu. Ash is annoyed, though, having wanted to keep going (even though he was worried). But a turnabout happens....a sprinkler goes off because of a beam Pikachu set on fire. The water weakens Onix, who Pikachu further damages. Ash is about to have Pikachu finish it, when he imagines Brock's brothers and sisters holding him....and they really are, too! They want to protect Onix, because they know that Brock really loves his Pokémon. Ash remembers how Brock called off Onix when Pikachu was being tormented. Ash decides to leave, telling Brock that the sprinkler made the fight unfair. But Brock follows him and gives him the badge anyway, knowing that Ash really cares for all Pokémon. Brock explains to Ash that he would rather be a Pokémon breeder, but can't leave his family, so he asks Ash to fulfill his dream for him. Ash agrees to. Flint walks up then, telling Brock to follow his dream himself. Flint is really...Brock's careless father! He tells his son that he couldn't make it and was hiding in shame all this time. Ash asks Flint why he helped him and not Brock, and Flint answers that Ash seemed hopeless, just like he was. Flint has resolved to go home again, back to his family, where he belongs. And now, Brock can follow his dream (just as soon as he gives his dad an agonizingly long list on how to deal with his brothers and sisters back home....). Brock joins Ash's party, and Ash and Pikachu try to escape Misty, ever waiting for Ash to pay her back. Team Rocket drills their way out of their burial, but Ash and his friends step on their heads, and they fall back down in, after contemplating how they've hit a failure streak. Poor Team Rocket!

#6 - Clefairy And The Moon Stone
Ash and his friends arrive at Mt. Moon, when they spot a man being attacked by Zubat (in broad daylight!). Pikachu shocks the bats and they retreat into a cave. The man is incredibly grateful, and recites a poem to illustrate it! Ash calls him "mister", but he hates that, being so amiable, and would rather be called by his name....Seymour the scientist!!! He shows them why the Zubat were attacking him, and in broad daylight...lights strung through the cave are ruining all of the dark, shade loving-Pokémons' enviroment. Seymour is looking for the creeps who have put the lights up. He fears that they are after Moon Stone, a meteor that is rumored to have landed in Mt. Moon and gives Pokémon a power boost. A theory of his is that all Pokémon came to Earth in the stone, and it belongs to them, so humans cannot take it. In a fit of near-insanity, he pulls Ash to him, asking him if he agrees. Ash, worried, answers yes. At that point, the group spots a Clefairy bouncing by. Ash wants to capture it, but it is rare, and Seymour says that he thinks the Clefairy should be left in peace. So Ash consents not to catch it for Seymour. But Clefairy, now in another tunnel, lets out a cry. Meowth of Team Rocket has cornered him. Team Rocket is behind the cave enviroment's destruction! They want the Moon Stone to supercharge Team Rocket's Pokémon. Ash instructs Misty to guard Seymour and Clefairy and lead them out when a chance comes. Team Rocket sends Koffing and Ekans, Ash sends Butterfree and Brock calls...Zubat! (He caught it during the Zubat melee.) While the two teams battle, Misty, Seymour, and Clefairy escape; and Meowth follows them. Brock makes Zubat use Supersonic to confuse the Rockets' Pokémon, then Butterfree Whirlwinds them away. Meanwhile, Clefairy has gotten away from Misty and Seymour, and runs into Meowth. He jumps away from Meowth, onto the heads of Misty and Seymour! They fall into the river. Meowth threatens Clefairy for the Moon Stone, but Misty sends Staryu. Staryu uses Swift to keep Meowth at bay. Then, with a blast of Water Gun, Meowth fills up like a water balloon and shoots away as he leaks. It is evening now, and the party is enjoying a meal. Pikachu and Clefairy are talking, and when Ash inquires what about, Clefairy leads them to another cave. And in the cave is THE MOON STONE METEOR CORE! When Clefairy places his Moon Stone shard with the rest, other Clefairy gather, and they all dance. They are praying to it, since it came from space. Seymour believes that this means one day Pokémon and humans will travel to space together. But Meowth's voice is heard, for Team Rocket followed them to the cave. Seymour tells them to leave the cave, and let the Clefairy have the Moon Stone, but Team Rocket is not scared. Meowth trips him and his glasses fall off. They call their Pokémon, Ash commands Pikachu and Brock calls Onix. Koffing emits a smokescreen, which Pidgeotto clears. But Team Rocket is gone, the challenge just a trick to steal the Moon Stone! Brock has Onix go to intercept them, as kids and Pikachu run outside. A Clefairy hands Seymour his glasses, and he tells them to protect their deity. They understand him. Outside, Onix halts the Rockets, but Koffing knocks the serpent out. Seymour's head pops out from the hole, and Clefairy jump out. They wag their fingers back and forth, captivating everyone. It is the Metronome attack! (In the game, it lets you use a random attack...) After some time, all the Clefairy stand straight and a light shines, the ground cracks, and a gigantic crimson explosion shoots forth (...but what attack is that? Fissure?). Team Rocket is blasted away, and pieces of the Moon Stone have broken off and are raining down. Some land on Clefairies and evolve them into.....Clefables! Further in the night, Clefairies and Clefables are worshipping the Moon Stone. Seymour tells his friends that he will now live with the Clefairies and travel to outer space someday. The next morning, the party leaves Seymour and Clefairies with a fond farewell. Ash and friends pass a sign, leading to Cerulean City. (Misty seems worried...) On the sign is written a rude note about Ash, from the arrogant Gary. Ash, spurred on by his self-centered rival, rushes to get his next badge (as his friends try to keep up!)

#7 - The Water Flowers Of Cerulean City
Misty tries to dissuade her friends from going to Cerulean City, and greatly in vain! For some reason, she doesn't want to be there...meanwhile, at night, Team Rocket breaks into a building with strange machines, intent on stealing something that will help them to steal Pokémon! Ash, Pikachu, and Brock arrive in Cerulean, but where's Misty? Anyway, they see a crowd where a robbery was, where another Officer Jenny thinks they have something to do with the crime (!!!). But they prove their identities. (And Brock makes a pass at Jenny...) Jenny tells them that a humongous vacuum and a long hose were stolen, but no one can figure out why. Then she pushes them away, wanting to clear the area. Ash gets ready for his match, and he and Brock part for the time. Ash finds the Cerulean City Gym, but inside, he sees a swimming show performed by three girls (who Pikachu watches in rapture...). Then he comes to an aquarium, and wonders if it really is the gym. Just then the three girls come up. They think that Ash wants an autograph, but he explains why he came. Then they give him a surprise - THEY'RE the gym leaders! By the pool, Ash wants to battle, but the sisters have stopped Pokémon battling after the other Pallet trainers all beat them. (All they have is Goldeen!) The oldest sister tells Ash to just take the badge anyway, after their mascot Seel surfaces with it. But Misty yells from the bleachers! She jumps down, and tells the oldest girl, "Daisy", that SHE'LL battle Ash if they won't! Misty is a Cerulean leader and a sister to the "Sensational Sisters" . She bragged to her sisters that she wouldn't return until she was a Pokémon master, and that's why she didn't want to enter the city. Her sisters say that they believe Misty only left because she knew she wasn't as beautiful or talented as them. When Misty denies that, Daisy says that her return must mean that she couldn't make it as a trainer. Misty is angry now, and really wants to fight Ash. They begin the battle, and Ash tries to send Pikachu, but Pikachu doesn't want to battle with Misty. So Ash begins with Butterfree, Misty with Staryu. But Staryu is able to push Butterfree into the water. Misty's sisters compliment her trainer ability. Ash brings out Pidgeotto, so Misty switches to Starmie. But this go-round, Ash is able to subdue Starmie. But before he can finish, Team Rocket breaks in and sucks the water out of the pool with a humongous vacuum. (Yep...they were the robbers! Pretty obvious.) When one sister complains, Meowth puts it in reverse, blasting everyone. Following that, he puts it back to normal, and the Seel is swept away. Pikachu is pulled too, and Ash is worried, but he realizes that the water can conduct Pikachu's electricity, so he tells Pikachu to do a Thunderbolt. Team Rocket is jolted and they fall into the water and are sucked out, where they are shot into the air (Seel, having landed safely outside, applauds their departure). But Pikachu is still headed for the vacuum. Ash dashes to the machine and dives at the lever for reverse. Pikachu is catapulted into the arms of Daisy. Ash and Misty are sore that the match was ruined, but the sisters give Ash the badge anyway, because Pikachu saved the day and most likely would have won the match if he had battled. Misty's sisters tell her to try to keep being a Pokémon trainer, since she'll never be as famous as them. She is annoyed, but they tell her that they are teasing and really love her, and Misty knows this. Ash and his friends depart, as Ash and Misty argue over who really would have won the match.

#8 - The Path To The Pokémon Leauge
Our heroes are headed for Vermilion City. Plenty of trainers along the way! And Ash is willing to brag to them all about his progress. He is told about A.J., a tough Pokémon trainer. But Ash is overconfident and wants to challenge A.J. A.J. has his own gym (but it's not official), and he has won ninety-eight straight matches! But Ash is still not impressed. Ash tells A.J., once in the field, that he will lose. But A.J. retorts that Ash doesn't know what he's up against. A.J. relates how he will start going to win badges after he wins 100 matches. Ash brags once again about his two badges, but A.J. just sneers that Ash must have won them from easy gyms. (Misty and Brock are insulted and tell Ash to crush A.J.!) They start, and Ash calls Pidgeotto, while A.J. uses a Sandshrew. Pidgeotto should have the advantage over the Ground Pokémon, but Sandshrew leaps up in a ball and crashes into Pidgeotto. Ash is stunned, but sends Butterfree next. It, too, is brought down. The Sandshrew obeys A.J.'s every command when he cracks his whip! Ash tries to make Pikachu fight, but he won't, and shocks Ash! Ash is humbled. A.J. now throws his boasting back at him. Team Rocket is surveying the situation at that moment..... Ash wants a rematch, thinking that this one was rigged, but A.J. just ignores him. A.J. goes inside the tent that is part of his gym. Sandshrew has great power, but from inside the tent, Ash and his friends hear A.J. telling Sandshrew that he must fight harder. They go in and see how A.J. trains his Pokémon....HARD! They run through obstacle courses and wear devices that hold their full ability back. A.J. has Sandshrew jumping in water, which could hurt Sandshrew. Ash leaps onto A.J., trying to make him stop the training. They fall into the pool and argue. A.J. shows them that the devices are for raising the Pokémons' strength to its highest point, and that HIS Sandshrew is not weakened by the water - the dives are like endurance training. Ash shoots back that A.J. is too hard on Sandshrew, and that he treats Sandshrew harshest out of all the Pokémon. A.J. replies that he and Sandshrew promised long ago that they would try to be the best there were, and because of their training, they are a great team. Ash tells A.J. that the right way to train is to become a Pokémon's friend. But A.J. won't listen, and Brock and Misty won't support him. Team Rocket, at the same minute, is plotting to snatch hiding in a large rubber ball! A.J.'s Pokémon are worn out, panting during their break. Ash tells A.J. that he is working his Pokémon too hard. Before you know it, they are in another fight, in the pool once more. And Pikachu gets locked in the strength-building device, closed into a ball. Sandshrew chuckles and rolls into a ball too. Team Rocket rolls in unnoticed and takes.....Sandshrew, by mistake! The break is over, and A.J.'s Pokémon begin training again. They see Pikachu balled up, and A.J. frees him. But no one knows where Sandshrew is. Ash suggests that Sandshrew ran away after noticing how Ash treated Pikachu more softly. In answer, A.J. rages on about how Sandshrew would not break their promise of becoming the strongest team ever. Team Rocket is starting off when WHAM! Sandshrew bursts from the bag and Meowth catches its tail with his mouth, being tunneled back to the gym with it. Ash is offering A.J.'s Pokémon a chance to come with him, but they all respect A.J. too much to leave. A.J. gets annoyed with Ash. In a burst of dirt, Sandshrew appears with Meowth. A.J. is overjoyed to have Sandshrew back, and they embrace. Ash is confused, but soon realizes that A.J. and Sandshrew really are friends, and love each other. Everyone notices Meowth, and with them against him, he's in a bad position! Jessie and James arrive and back him up, though. A.J. is enraged at their having run off with Sandshrew, but they assure him they wanted Pikachu. But they call his Pokémon weak and not top-quality. A.J. doesn't take this lightly, and challenges them. They send Ekans and Koffing, but Sandshrew dodges their attacks and deals them considerable damage by rolling into a ball. Meowth tries to bite him, and ends up breaking his teeth. Then A.J. commands Sandshrew to use Fissure, and it causes an earthquake that roughs Meowth! The Rocket Pokémon forfeit. A.J. has won his 100th match!! He and Sandshrew weep with joy to finally come to this stage in their dream. Now they can begin collecting badges. Ash bids farewell, since A.J. is going his own way. Both train differently , but both can get into Pokémon Leauge their own way, because their training will work out as long as they believe in it. Now, it is off to Vermilion City! (If Ash remembers the name.)

#9 - The School Of Hard Knocks
Our party is lost in a fog. Brock is going to prepare a snack, but needs firewood, and Misty won't go. Ash and Pikachu set out to find wood - when they see some kids making a little kid on a treadmill answer questions about Pokémon! He soon falls off of the treadmill. Ash thinks that the kids are bullying the younger one, but they say that they are from a Pokémon school and that the boy is a joke. Ash is going to fight them, and Misty wants to help (yes, she came), but Ash refuses her help. So she reminds him that he is outnumbered, and he gets nervous. But the students refuse Ash, telling him that fighting is a brainless activity. They walk away, telling the boy, Joe, that they will see him later. Brock, who has caught up, recognizes them to be from Pokémon Tech - a school that only rich kids can go to. It lets you enter Pokémon Leauge without any badges if you graduate. (Meanwhile, Pikachu is having problems on the treadmill.) Ash asks where the school is, and Joe points right in front of them - it was by them in the fog, which was just generated for the class! Now it clears. Joe has to go through similar punishment tomorrow. Ash and his friends feel that this method of tutoring is uncalled for, though. Many students at Pokémon Tech have a hard time with classes, but don't want to leave because they want to have a diploma. Joe doesn't want to leave because his parents worked hard to get him there. Ash wants to know who is in charge of the torturous tutoring system, and Joe shows them a picture of a girl who is pretty. Ash and Brock drool over her. Misty isn't fazed by the girl's looks, though, and after she yells at Ash and Brock, she storms into the school to find the girl. Team Rocket is watching, and Jessie and James reminisce about how they were students and flunked out. Later on, Joe takes Ash and the others in the school. He can beat Water-type Pokémon with Weepinbell on a computer simulation, but Misty tells him that simulation and actual battle are different, and challenges him. She uses Starmie and he uses Weepinbell. Joe is confident he will win, for it is his Grass-type against a Water-type, but Misty beats his Weepinbell easily. He is astonished, but suddenly the girl in charge of the tutoring system appears and tells him it is because Misty was in the Cerulean City gym and had more experience. She introduces herself as Gizelle, the top Beginning student of Pokémon Tech. She seems very conceited. She tells Joe that he is too weak, and warns him that if he doesn't get stronger soon, the Tech students will no longer give him assistance. Misty steps foward then, and tells Gizelle that while she's beautiful on the outside, she's not acting beautiful. They get ready to battle, and Ash thinks that he should interrupt, but Brock says that this looks like a catfight and that they should not get involved. Misty continues with Starmie, and Gizelle uses - Graveler, a Rock/Ground-type! It should be weak against water, but Gizelle's Pokémon are well trained, and Starmie's Water Gun has no effect. Graveler knocks Starmie outside of the building, into the pool. Once outside, Gizelle offers Misty to try again in the pool, but Misty angrily refuses. Gizelle preaches about how a Pokémon's skill level is important, and beats up on Joe some more. Ash steps foward and argues with Gizelle, saying that Pokémon training is more than knowing the levels of Pokémon. Gizelle knocks Ash for only having two badges and for letting Pikachu stay outside of his Pokéball. She goes on to say that Pikachus are hard to train, so it was odd for Ash to start out with one. She giggles to think that Ash won two badges with a Pikachu. Ash is getting annoyed, and challenges her. She sends Cubone....another Ground-type! (I think we can see what type of monsters she trains...) Pikachu's electricity has no effect, and Cubone Leers, lowering Pikachu's defense. Ash tells Pikachu to counteract by staring back. While Pikachu is staring, Gizelle has Cubone use Bone Club. Then she follows up with Bonemerang, which practically decks Pikachu. The match seems in Gizelle's favor, but Ash tells Pikachu to just try to fight Cubone as hard as he can. Pikachu dodges the next Bonemerang and turns Cubone's skull around. He next causes damage by biting, scratching, and kicking. By the time he stops, Bonemerang comes back to Cubone - straight into his head! Cubone is defeated. Gizelle is humbled, and is surprised that a Pikachu could win using fighting techniques. Team Rocket, close by, decides to attack. They appear in smoke, but Gizelle recognizes them as the failures, and the Tech students drive them off with their Pokéballs. That evening, Gizelle reflects on the lesson she has learned. Joe is leaving Pokémon Tech to start with his first Pokémon like Ash did. Both Gizelle and Joe hope to fight each other in the Leauge, and they are now friends. Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu bid a fond farewell to the two students. Continuing their journey, they take leave of "the school where they learned so much." Snif.... I love that line.....

#10 - Bulbasaur And The Hidden Village
Ash and party are lost again. (What else is new...) While walking, they spot an Oddish. Ash is going to capture it, but Misty beats him to the punch. When Starmie appears, Oddish is frightened. Starmie Water Guns Oddish, then Tackles it. Misty tosses her Pokéball, but a Bulbasaur intercepts it, knocking it away! Ash is excited to see it, and attacks with Butterfree. But Bulbasaur blows Butterfree's Sleep Powder back, putting IT to sleep. Then he tackles it. Ash is dissapointed to not get Bulbasaur, and it and Oddish run away. Afterwards, they find a bridge, which they cross (Ash hopes to find Bulbasaur across it). But the bridge is not on Brock's map. Instantaneously, one of the ropes holding the bridge up snaps with the wind and the bridge turns on its side. Brock slides off and falls into the rapids below. Ash, Misty, and Pikachu manage to pull themselves up, though. They begin looking for Brock. Misty falls down a pit trap, which she needs to be pulled out of. Then, as they run, she triggers a suspended net that they get stuck in. The Bulbasaur comes by, but simply leaves without helping. Team Rocket is behind the bridge in a bush, trying to spot a "secret village" they've heard about. Ash, Misty, and Pikachu (still in the net) wonder what has happened to Brock. Brock suddenly appears and cuts the net down (it is a rough landing). He tells them that the river was carrying him away, when a beautiful girl appeared and rescued him. He takes Ash and Misty to her. They learn that she is Melanie, who runs a Pokémon village where she takes care of abandoned or injured Pokémon and then sends them back into the world. Ash remarks how both Brock and Melanie like treating Pokémon, and Misty teases Brock, sure that he likes Melanie. This embarrases Brock. Ash and Misty soon learn that the traps were set by Melanie to prevent trainers from reaching the village, and that the bridge was also a trap. (Team Rocket is trying to cross the overturned bridge when the other rope snaps and they fall into the river.) Brock tells the others that he promised Melanie that none of them would capture Pokémon while there. Misty teases him some more (he punches her on the head). Ash wonders if the traps will keep people out, saying that someone would have to be stupid to fall into one of the pits. (Misty takes offense.) Just then, Team Rocket falls into a pit, their third one. Next, they get caught in a net and struggle. Back at the village, the kids help with the Pokémon. Misty apologizes to Oddish for trying to catch it. Oddish wipes a tear from her eye (a sweet scene). Misty says that maybe she's just acting heartless lately, to which Ash responds that she's always been heartless. She gets angry, but just then the Bulbasaur runs up and Tackles Misty. Ash and Misty are annoyed with it, and want to battle it to see how tough it can really be. But Melanie comes in and tells them that Bulbasaur is trying to protect Oddish. Bulbasaur came to the village to be a bodyguard for the other Pokémon, because it worried about them. Ash feels something at his leg....Bulbasaur is trying to push him away. Bulbasaur doesn't like trainers. But Melanie tells him that the kids are their friends. Ash thinks about how caring and loyal Bulbasaur is, and says that it would make a great Pokémon. Team Rocket is floating in on a stadium with balloons after this, and they land by the village. A vacuum hose appears from the stadium and begins to pull for the Pokémon. Melanie, Ash, and friends try to usher the Pokémon into Melanie's cabin. But Oddish is being sucked in! Bulbasaur rescues it with Vine Whip, though. Ash tries to give Bulbasaur momentum to reach the cabin. Then Bulbasaur goes onto the roof and uses Vine Whip on the hose. Ash calls Pidgeotto to use Gust, and as it hits the vacuum suction, it forms a small tornado. Team Rocket is pulled in and blown out of the village. After the conflict, all the Pokémon are safe and everyone is happy. Melanie asks Ash if he thinks that Bulbasaur would be a good Pokémon to have. When Ash agrees, she requests that he take Bulbasaur so it can grow in the outside world. Misty asks who will protect the village, but Melanie responds that with Bulbasaur's protection, none of the Pokémon want to leave after they are healed. She wants all of them to return to the wild eventually, though. She again tells Ash to take Bulbasaur so he can grow, and Bulbasaur agrees, as long as Ash wins a Pokémon match against him. So it is Pikachu vs. Bulbasaur. Pikachu dodges Vine Whip, and Bulbasaur and he tackle each other back and forth. Bulbasaur manages to trap Pikachu with Vine Whip, and beats him against the ground. But Pikachu shocks him through the vines, and Bulbasaur is down. Ash throws a Pokéball and now receives Bulbasaur. Melanie says that she will miss Bulbasaur, and thanks him for watching over the other Pokémon. Brock offers to stay in Bulbasaur's place, but Melanie declines, explaining that she doesn't want him to have to stop having adventures. We can see that Brock is disappointed. Ash and friends leave. Bulbasaur will miss his friends, but Ash tells him that he is likely to see his friends again when they leave the village. Misty teases Brock one last time about Melanie, and they get in a small fight. Ash, who hasn't been paying attention, has no idea what they are doing.

Those are the first ten episodes. Hope you liked these!

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