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Released by Taito.
STORY : Bub and Bob were as happy as they could be in their Rainbow Islands home. They were living a good life and they had beautiful girlfriends (I'll try to find out their names later). What more could they want? Unfortunately, the demons in the cave of monsters loved to wreck happiness such as this. So, with no more than a thought, they spirited Bub and Bob's girlfriends into the cave of monsters and changed the two boys into Bubble Dragons - small, round dragons who have the ability to blow bubbles. Well, Bub and Bob sure were shocked! Here they were, their girlfriends stolen away from them and changed into unusual new forms. They were now broken in spirit. But they weren't going to live the rest of their lives in mourning. They were brave, and were going to fight for their happiness, and their love. So they set out on a journey to the cave of monsters to teach the creeps a lesson. But wait...they're those weird Bubble Dragons, aren't they? And in that form, won't this be harder? .......... NAW!! Maybe being Bubble Dragons may actually even help them on their quest......
Bubblun : The boy turned Bubble Dragon. How will he save his true love in this form? Well, actually, blowing bubbles will help. The bubbles are so large that he can trap demons in them. And if he manages to pop the bubble before the demon escapes, then they will be destroyed (and transformed into mouth-watering foods or glistening jewelery!). What a good power to have! But is it enough to make it through the cave alive?
Bobblun : Bub's brother who is also now a Bubble Dragon. He has the same abilities. Maybe Bub could go it alone, but Bob's girlfriend is down there too, and besides, they can only conquer the hateful creatures for good if they work together....
Skel-Monsta / Baron Von Blubba : This horrible specter helped in the kidnapping of the girls. And is he dangerous! He malevolently appears if you take too long clearing out all of the other demons. He can't be destroyed, and he moves horizontally and vertically in steps, leveling with you until he catches you. Then Bubblun and Bobblun are goners! Hurry up! Don't let that ghostly devil chew you for dinner!
Zen-Chan / Bubble Buster : A wind-up toy sort of demon. He moves back and forth in the cave, and that's all. But watch your step, because one touch is deadly! Of course, they're not THAT hard to defeat.....
Monsta / Beluga : Hmmmm. Looks like Skel Monsta / Baron Von Blubba, only alive. They fly around diagonally, ricocheting off of walls, floor, and ceiling. Watch out, Bubble Dragons!
Maita / Stoner : Looks like a strange monk demon with a white robe and fiery red eyes. He runs back and forth, shooting fireballs in the direction he's facing. And does he move fast! Watch out for this one.
Pulpul / Hullaballoon : A pink demon with four legs and a rotor on his head. He behaves much the way Monsta / Beluga does. Oh no, here comes one now!
Banebou / Coiley : Slinky, slinky, for fun it's a wonderful toy....AAAAAHHHH!!! This spring-bottomed demon is no fun!! He bounces back and forth and can be hard to trap. Maybe if he gets his spring tangled, that would slow him down. (Just kidding, that can't happen.)
Drunk / Willy Whistle : Hee hee.... Drunk. Drunk. I just love that name! Ahem. Well, it's a funny, fish-mouthed little reddish guy in a green robe and carrying a cane. He runs back and forth on platforms, I think he may jump off of them. And why is he called Drunk? BECAUSE HE'S DRUNK! Periodically, he'll throw a rum bottle at you. Look out! Good thing he's not driving anything (yes, that was a little sick...).
Hidegon / Incendo : A fuzzy purple demon. I think he shoots fireballs as he runs back and forth, jumping off platforms? Ugggh. He's a scary looking bugger.
Invader / Super Socket : Whee! A teardrop-shaped blue demon who ZOOOOMS back and forth on a platform, beaming lasers down through the platform to hit you. Nasty little guy! Named after Space Invader? Oh, well.... avoid the lasers and bubble him quickly.
Hyper Drunk / Grumple Grommit : YEEEEEEK! Run for your life, it's a giant Drunk / Willy Whistle! He is the head demon and evil mastermind who used magic to transform you into Bubble Dragons. But what's this....for fear you would get the Lightning Medicine that lets you blow lightning bubbles (which you pop to send lightning bolts flying horizontally), he locked himself up with the bottles. It will be his own undoing! But watch out! He flies diagonally around the room and constantly throws out a spread of three rum bottles. (Or was it six...) He has 100 life points, each lightning bolt does one point damage. Once he is weak, a bubble encases him and you can pop the slimeball away like you did to his monstrous minions! You have to accomplish this victory. Your true loves are counting on you now.

Oh, say. Are you wondering why the heck I wrote two names for each demon? Well, you see, the game was originally released in Japan. However, when the game was brought to the U.S., they decided to change the names. But I decided to list both. The first listed is the Japanese, the second is the American. Personally I like the Japanese better, don't you? (Drunk.... Drunk .... Drunk.... DRUNK!)

Did you return to your original form and free your girlfriends? But now the story ends. Goodbye and have a happy life from now on!

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