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Released by Kemco-Seika.
STORY : It is Bugs Bunny's fiftieth birthday. What a festive celebration! The people at Warner Bros. are going to glorify their favorite creation. However, some people are not so happy about it. All of the other Warner Bros. stars complain to each other about how Bugs is having a big deal made out of his birthday, but they never get as much spotlight. (Can you blame them? Just look at that masterpiece of modern movie idiocy, Space Jam. All of the other characters are made to look like ninnies just so Bugs can appear to be Mr. Super-hero!!!) Anyway, they all decide that they are going to keep him from going to his big birthday bash so that he can learn their misery. Of course, Bugs doesn't pity his poor ignored co-stars, and he wants to be the center of attention at his birthday bash just as planned, so he takes along his trusty mallet for protection and sets off to his celebration. Good luck Bugs! (Just kidding.... I hope his co-stars get their revenge, they pretty much deserve it.)
Bugs Bunny : The "hero" of the game. He wields a heavy, pain-inducing mallet. Wow! Of course, if Bugs gets hit by one of the many weird monsters, he'll be dazed and won't be able to concentrate on swinging it. But he recovers soon enough. Come on, Bugs! It's your birthday! Show these guys that they can't attack you on your birthday!
EVIL Soap Box : It's EEEEEEEVIL! Hmmm.... (checks whether or not the other Looney Tunes were half-asleep or not when they created this enemy) It walks back and forth and shoots soap bubbles at you. Weird.
Fireball : A living fireball that flies back and forth in one area. It gives you one heart for your life meter when you beat it! Yay!
Malicious Mallet : Er, wow. A walking, jumping mallet. That's pretty..... (runs away screaming)
Walking Time Bomb : A time bomb that moves back and forth in one area! If you hit it, it blows up. If you leave it alone long enough, it blows up. Best to just stay away from this until they're gone.
Jumping Telescopic Bullet Sprinkler : It whirls its telescopic top around, shooting three bullets on each side of itself. Then it leaps in your direction, and fires again. They can be a pain sometimes, but they're not much trouble.
Stop Light Worm : Very simple, actually. It leaps back and forth in one small area. When it's green, you can pass through it. When it's red, it'll damage you if you touch it. You can't beat it with your mallet. Just pass it.....
Poisonous Frog : AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHH!!!!! I HATE these things! Frogs..... Apparently, they weren't built, but trained. They jump at you when you get close enough and take about THREE HITS EACH. Fortunately they don't appear all too often.
Comet : They shoot up from the ground. Honestly, if it's a comet, you'd think it would come from the sky. But then again it is artificial. Not much of a hazard.
Ghost : Okay, I hate these almost as much as poisonous frogs. They CAN'T be defeated (hey, they're ghosts) and they fly back and forth, generally annoying the heck out of you. Especially when you need to make a crucial jump and they're RIGHT in your way. Ugh.
Stalactite : They fall from the ceilings of caves, and in the tower, there are spikes that behave just like them. Pretty aggravating, and there's a lot of them.
Spring Loaded Weight : It bounces toward you very slowly. If you knock it off the platform, it causes a tremor that knocks out nearby enemies. But from time to time, it makes enemies drop from the sky.
Daffy Duck : If you don't know who he is, LEAVE THIS SITE NOW! GWAAAAAAA! He appears in levels one and three of each world, most of the time. In one or two levels, he isn't even there. He just paces back and forth once you get close enough, and you have to avoid him while trying to get to a huge carrot nearby. Pretty easy to get by.
Tweety : I hate Tweety. But that's not what you came here to talk about. Actually, I hate him in this game too. See, here's what he does. He hides behind something (a rock, a tree stump, a cloud [that's unusually near to the ground]) and when you get near enough, he rushes out and throws something at you (a rock, maybe?). You have to bash him before he runs back to his hiding place. And he appears all too often..... every second level. (Well, sometimes he's replaced by....)
Elmer Fudd : Will appear in Tweety's place sometimes, and is less difficult (which makes him less annoying). He moves back and forth and shoots nets out of his gun. If you get caught, he dashes over to you and beats the heck out of you. But with three bops from the mallet, he'll go away.
Wile E. Coyote : Boss of the plains world. He just runs back and forth and leaps at you. Just konk him three times. *sniff*...... why is he so easy to beat? It's not fair.
Yosemite Sam : Boss of the desert world. What an annoying little freak! He chases after you and fires one to three bullets, which are hard to dodge. If you do dodge them, you often bump into him on the way down and take damage, and can't swing your mallet until he fires again, and then you have to repeat the whole process. But he only takes three hits, so attack quickly.
Sylvester Junior and Sylvester : Bosses of the mountain world. They ride skateboards. (Why? Ida know.) They're both easy, just whack them as they roll back and forth. You start with Junior, then Sylvester drops down. Oh, Sylvester, while you're here, will you eat Tweety for me?
Pepe Le Pew : Boss of the cave world. For being one of my favorite Looney Tunes, he certainly is one of the toughest bosses. He follows you around the room and fluids at you. They form into little clouds and move towards you. Sometimes they explode (?!?!), making it hard to dodge them. If you can maneuver through them and take care not to touch the skunk himself, though, a few whacks should end your troubles.
Foghorn Leghorn and Henry Hawk : Bosses of the forest world. What do you know, it's Warner Bros.'s most prominent loud-mouthed shnook and his partner (sort of)! The rooster with the name that describes his voice paces on the ground below. Above him, in a little contained area that you have to jump to, is Henry. Don't ask me why, but Foghorn can't be harmed (probably because he's so huge). You have to attack Henry. Once the chicken hawk falls, so does Leghorn. Odd, but not very challenging if you know what you're doing.
Tazmanian Devil : Boss of the tower. He throws...... footballs? Pies? Mouths at you? It's hard to tell. But he can't be damaged with the mallet, you have to hit his projectiles back at him. After a few, he'll go soaring out of the picture. Yay.

ENDING : (You may want to avoid looking at this if you want to see it yourself.)

Well, Bugs (after getting through the tower) finally makes it to his party. (Why did he have to go through a tower to get there anyway?) He is greeted by the cheers and applause of his fans. And what do you know! All of the other Looney Toons are there too, joining in the celebration. It looks like their trying to keep him from his party was all a big pratical joke. Can you imagine that? (Actually, I imagined it, after I read in this book that there was a "surprise" ending. Reading that made it kind of obvious.) Happy birthday Bugs! Now go away so I can watch more Road Runner cartoons.

TIPS : ---
MY OPINION : Not bad if you like side-scrollers with a little challenge for quick entertainment.

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