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You must learn about cartoons. They are fun to watch and are good entertainment for all ages. Dr. Surd, the crippled evil genius villian in "The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest" was angry when Scooby Doo was interrupted. What's that tell you about the value of a cartoon? Below are listings of companies that have produced animated TV series and a list of (most of?) their cartoons. I'll try to describe some of the series I list.

Warner Brothers

Okay, and now it's time for something special. Suffer by my
Top Five Reasons Why Cartoon Network Annoys Me

#5 : Limited Super Chunk Well, if you don't know, Super Chunk is when Cartoon shows three hours of the same cartoon, every Saturday at 4:00 eastren time. This could be a whole lot of fun if they showed all kinds of cartoons. However, at most, Cartoon Network seems to cycle through 10 or so cartoons that they use for this program. Batman, Beetlejuice, Popeye, Josie and the Pussycats, Real Adventures of Johnny Quest, Hillbilly Bears, Yogi Bear, and just a few others are all they ever seem to show. We're not even allowed to send in Super Chunk suggestions anymore. Cartoon Network can be pretty oppressive. I think it's a conspiracy to brainwash into only liking these cartoons! Fight back everyone!
#4 : Over-promotion of Cartoon Cartoon Cartoon Cartoon is Cartoon Network's highly elite force of exclusive cartoons, that is to say, they premired on Cartoon Network and only air there. Now, don't get me wrong....I think Dexter and Powerpuff Girls are okay, but Cartoon Cartoon and Toonami seem to be the only things Cartoon Network cares about nowadays. Showing each series four times a week gives me an uneasy feeling of injustice. And there's now six of these series, for cryin' out loud! That's 12 hours of air time used. Besides, I don't want that scraggily pompous pretty-rat Weasel telling me that he's better than Turbo Teen and Gary Coleman Show. (Tsurami takes pot-shots at Weasel.)
#3 : Impossible to contact Yes, we all well know that the only time Cartoon Network gives us an address is during contests. (Of course, once they gave us the address for Super Chunk suggestions, but like I pointed out, they stopped that now.) Such forums as their Cartoon Network Mailbag were made to insult the viewers. That's a way to get a following, degrade your supporters. And even online....where's the "CONTACT US" PAGE?! No e-mail address either! How am I supposed to help Cartoon Network shrink this dumb list if I can't even tell their representatives what they're doing wrong?
#2 : Insulting characters Now, I don't know about you people, but I just don't find Fred talking about having a relationship with Daphne funny. Cartoon Network thinks that modern humor is good for people of all ages, but I don't agree. Having Secret Squirrel say "I'm not wearing anything else under this coat" is pretty smutty, and I don't see where the humor in that is. Cartoon Network obviously doesn't know about these characters, so they shouldn't try to make up situations for them, or employ perverted humor either. Maybe I'm taking this too hard, you say, but I always try to be a purist. And you may also say, "Those characters aren't real, what's it matter?!?" If you say that, you've missed the point of this site.
AAAAAAAANNNDD #1 : Being partial!!!!! Cartoon Network's greatest crime is rewarding those only with the highest ratings. This is just sick. You know how I always babble about Don Coyote? Well, Cartoon Network took him off the air and replaced him with...ROAD ROVERS AND WAYNEHEAD! Two of WB's incredibly stupid-looking new cartoons. And I never saw the series I so enjoyed again. I also think "The Gary Coleman Show" is amusing. But of course, I only get to see it Fridays at 1:00 eastren time. If I fall asleep first...well, no bread on the table. Another silly series, Dynomutt (which I commend Dexter's Laboratory for guest-starring) had disappeared for a year or two. I saw it recently listed in the TV program.......around the early morning about 7:00 or something. Now this burns me up. How come all the obscure series are thrown out the window or put in agonizingly early or late times? And don't get me started about Devlin, a really obscure Hanna-Barbera series that's only on at 3:00 ON FRIDAY NIGHT! So which shows does Cartoon Network reserve the good time slots for? Bugs and Daffy! Flinstones! The previously mentioned Cartoon Cartoons! Not to mention stuff like Batman. Now, don't get me wrong, many of these are classics that we all love (or not-so-classics that many like), but I believe Cartoon Network has to be a little more impartial here! Different cartoons could be shown everyday. Of course, this would mean that certain people would probably have to wait a whole week for their favorite cartoon, but fans of obscure cartoons have always had to suffer this problem, so why shouldn't fans of more popular cartoons? It would be fair that way, at least, for the unknown cartoons and their fans. (*sigh*.....Mighty Man and Yukk, where have you gone............)

This in from Mauage! Here's what annoys her about Cartoon Network.
Once CN had a program called "Super Adventures" made up of old superhero cartoons. (Do you remember that?) It was on for around two hours. But then, as they began diluting their air time for other shows, it was taken down to an hour showing. Then a half hour later on. Soon it was only on Saturdays and midnight on weekdays. Cut forward to a year or so ago, Super Adventures was gone for good, and only a few of the cartoons that had been part of it were now used as filler between the main programs in Toonami. Of course, if you watch Toonami nowadays, you'd know that they don't even have these cartoons on then anymore. Mauage hasn't watched CN since these adventure cartoons were taken off the air. Yet another annoying thing about Cartoon Network!

Now, I may come up with more reasons why Cartoon Network annoys me, but until then these will do. If you have your own reasons why Cartoon Network makes you want to throw up, or if you want to flame me because you like Cartoon Network, just mail me. I'll post any reasons you send (if they're valid). Oh, and by flaming me, if you're going to, follow these steps : Try to sound civilized. Don't overload on trash talk. And.....please, please, PLEASE back your opinion up with facts. Additionally, I would like to say that I like Cartoon Network. Everything I have said here only describes why it sometimes gets on my nerves, it reveals what I believe to be its faults. That said, I am finished.

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