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Okay. I have many favorite characters from video games and cartoons. After all, the game or show can be fun, but if the character is boring, something is missing. Well, these people are my favorites. This page is divided into three favorite heroes of all time, my favorite villains, and any character art that you, my viewers, send in. Enjoy!

Heroes These guys save kingdoms, planets, and even do good deeds such as giving money to charity (at least I'm sure they do...) At any rate, please take a peek at them.
Villains Maybe they're evil, but they're cool. The bad guys deserve some appreciation. Here are the ones I consider the finest.
Your Favorites As long as you guys send me pictures and descriptions of your favorite characters, I'll have something in here. Surely you have something for me?

If you're quite finished, we'll head back to the main page.