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Here I will describe what goes on at TsuramiSea's TV studio. You see, he owns a channel. Oooooh. He films several comedy shows for the enjoyment of all......who can get to his house. The channel only airs at the studio and in his home, you see. (Although he has made tapes of the show.....) Anyway, I will list the shows we have made.

The TsuramiSea Show
Okay. His basic program where anything can (and does) happen. Shoes sing (and badly, too) and people can get possessed. Weird. Anybody can star in an episode, even people from other shows. Tsurami even has his friends in episodes. Mostly, it's action comedy, but we manage to pull off some speaking jokes every now and then. Strange stuff. Here's a cast list:
(By the way, some names have been changed to protect the idiotic.)
TsuramiSea : Well, of course. DUH! Let's move on, now that we've done this.
Craig Vaughn : One of TsuramiSea's friends. Shows up a lot. He likes to insult people, especially anyone from Animalland. He has often directed interesting movies (like a murder mystery and Christmas special). He's an interesting actor.
Craig Vaughn's brother : His older brother. He is raucous and violent (he throws us animals around as if we couldn't feel it, or though we do, he doesn't care). He has only appeared three times (and that is definitely enough....)
Skate94807 : Another friend of Tsurami. Shows up from time to time. He is a complete weirdo and a bit of a pervert sometimes (which Tsurami gets mad at him for). But he manages to contribute (barely......).
Person #66349 1/2 : Tsurami's third friend. Shows up moderately. He is strange, but nice. He gets dangerous! Not much I can think of else to say.....
Clone : Yet another of Tsurami's friends. Very friendly. He is a very fantasy-inclined person (which makes him very compatible with TsuramiSea...).
Clone's brother : His little brother who is DYNAMIC! Okay, that's the only way I can think to describe him.....
Sumba : Tsurami's sister. In early episodes, she just came into the room to annoy TsuramiSea and take up air time. But soon, she became a contributing actress to the episodes (any that she appeared in, anyway.....).
Animalland people : That includes Jeffry and I. Common others are Gatoraid and Mousie. Others tend to show up, too. We are some of the best characters (and of course, I'm the best).
Animaltown people : Strange. Craig Vaughn is their friend, so they often show up with him. We mostly meet Mac and Tac (my longlost brothers), but others appear in many circumstances.
Animalcity people : They appear rarely. But they are friends of Skate94087. They are an unusual crew. One of my best friends lives in Animalcity.
Animalvillage people : Friends of Person #66349 1/2. What saps. Mostly Bartholomew (who became a genius after we knew him a while) and the vapid but pretty Sarah Sarah, both rabbits, and Stupid the mouse with an I.Q. of -4 show up. Although there are often others with them. They are all different and insane.
Animalpark people : Some are as friendly as Clone (who they are friends with), while others love to fight. And some are downright hyper, like TsuramiSea (sighs). But they are fun to have over. The people in each episode are always different!
Dr. (Mr.) Stupid and Mrs. Stupid (maiden name Furlyfang) : They are a nutty, backwards couple who used to be in T.V. comedy. Now they appear on The TsuramiSea Show. They get on our nerves (at least mine) and confuse us. Some guests.
Old Granny Chinese : She has a great hit song, of which the lyrics consist of only those three words. And she is a great dancer! Unfortunately, she often dances the other cast members to their deaths. Anyway, she, like the Stupids, was once in T.V. comedy.
Long Tie : A moronic criminal with a huge tie that sometimes wraps around his mouth and suffocates him. He, like the others, used to be a T.V. comedian (in a crime comedy show). In some episodes, he works under a boss who beats him up, but other times he works solo. He sometimes is a murderer. Imagine that bumbler murdering anyone! (Besides himself........)
Singing Shoe : Loves himself, greatly conceited and vain. He loves to sing "Skinnamarinkadinkadink" as his theme. (It's the only thing he sings....) He is SO jerky.
That's all for now. WHAT A CAST! It's a huge show.

The Jack and Jeffry Show
(My name is first!) A show about Jeffry and I coming after each other, trying to eat/cause misery for the other. We are indeed silly. And funny, too. And I am the best actor of the two of us.

The Farm Family Show
It is about small plastic animals that live on a farm, and their farmer (and living trough). Life on the farm is weird. The farmer makes inventions that always fail and he forces the animals to eat weird things for meals. Plus, the animals do the strangest things. The trough can fly (?). The cast is:
Mr. Horse
Mr. Duck
Mrs. Penny Hen
Mr. Food (the trough!)
Mr. Cow
Mr. Pig
Mr. Lamb
Mr. Farmer (I wonder if he hates his name?)
That's all of them. A lot of the people in Animalland hate these guys, because they think they're so great. At any rate, the show is mostly about all the dumb stuff that happens on the farm. Hu boy.

"Bloopers" Holiday Specials
This is very's about a sadistic idiot named Charles McKay who hates all holidays (except April Fool's Day, where he gets to play tricks on people). To destroy the festive celebrations, he breaks out some unusual weapon (and sometimes a weird pet) to annihilate any object associated with that holiday to ruin everyone's fun. Dumb. He first appeared in Thanksgiving Bloopers, which was not directly about him, but Tsurami loved him so much, he made the specials about him from then on. There has been Thanksgiving Bloopers, Valentine Bloopers, Halloween Bloopers, Easter Bloopers, and one Christmas Bloopers special. He's really a hateable character, trust me.

The Crash Dummies Show
A show about the popular robotic crash test dummies, but very pointless. They just invent weird machines to crash and crash cars into weird obstacle courses. (The characters also interact with each other.) The only episode with a plot was when the villianous Piston Head dummy-napped some of them (I think it was the baby....). At any rate, it is a vague and dull show. Watch at your own risk (you might bore yourself to death....).

The TsuramiSea Mouse Channel
A bad Disney characters parody. There's TsuramiSea Mouse and Winnie Mouse (who can take their ears off), Tonald Bird and Jaisie, Gaffy, Bluto, and Birdie. There is also the nasty White Cleat, or Pot-Hand Cleat. They mostly do dumb stuff and show their ridiculous cartoons. These dips were created by Tsurami Disney. It is weird.

It's Jack!
For a period of time, I had my own show where I discussed only the most intellectual topics. Annoying co-stars were TsuramiSea, Jeffry, and Craig Vaughn. It was a splendid show. What more can I say?

The Craig Vaughn Show
Craig Vaughn had a show where he called the shots (and got to insult TsuramiSea as much as he wanted). One episode was skits, the second a bowling game, and the third and last so far was a murder mystery. Rather interesting content (I guess.....).

The Mr. Fan Show
Mr. Fan is an annoying friend of TsuramiSea who thinks that he is an entertainment genius. He is really just a conceited ham. He breaks into the studio at night to film himself "acting, singing, and dancing". But Tsurami's security guards Mr. Bill, Mr. Bob, and Mr. Ben always try to kick him out. Mr. Fan usually ends up in the hospital by the end of an "episode". (Oh, they're episodes, all right...) How stupid. Mr. Fan has hypnotized TsuramiSea to blank out whenever he hears or sees the "Mr. Fan Show". BUT SOME DAY HE WILL BE REVEALED, AND TSURAMISEA WILL KNOW THAT HIS LITTLE FRIEND IS BREAKING INTO HIS STUDIO! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahem.

The TsuramiSea Talk Show
TsuramiSea interviews stars from varied shows on the channel along with his artificially intelligent television, Supervision. The guests appear on Supervision's screen. TsuramiSea asks weird questions and Supervision insults the guests. If the guests act rude to Supervision , he blasts them with his Death Laser. It's ridiculous. I was on once, and Supervision chased me away by trying to fry me. Anyway, had you ever seen Carrottop's A.M. Mayhem on Cartoon Network, and the computer named Hackey? Supervision's voice sounds like a garbled Hackey. Uggghh. Oh well. The episodes are listed below.
1rst episode : Guests were Gatoraid and the stupid Mr. Cow from Farm Family Show.
2nd episode : Guests were Mousie and Durd the bird, pet of Charles McKay in the Bloopers.
3rd episode : Guests were Dash and Spare Tire of the Crash Dummies Show.
4th episode : I was the first guest, and Jeffry was next! It was great.....
Those have been the only episodes so far.

Summer Reruns
Repackaged episodes of any shows TsuramiSea thinks were "landmark episodes" or very interesting . That's all there is to it. Of course, they were shown in summer.

And now, two-go shows (that is, shows that had only one or two episodes so far).

The Jack's Cooking Show
Only one episode was shown. It was me and other guest-cooks making delicious meals out of our neighbors. Yum! And of course, I was the main host. Who else would be better? Of course, the hosts ended up getting eaten at the end (sometimes Tsurami gets on my nerves...).

Dr. Stupid and His Wife
It's said that this show was actually already aired, and it was Dr. Stupid and Mrs. Stupid's first show (now they just hang around TsuramiSea Studios). Only one episode was aired on the TsuramiSea Channel, though. In it we see their pitiful excuse for a life (plus some dumb commercials). That's about it. The good part is, I think one of them dies....

Cannibal Show
It was the antics of the Cannibal Klub. Starring Gatoraid, Foxy, Raptor, Furry, and Gator. I think that was all. Ho hum. There were two episodes in which we see how they attack and eat humans. I could really find better entertainment. But Tsurami's a little too partial with air time. Oh well, maybe that'll be fixed someday.

Now we'll discuss specials! Basically, shows that were a special event or only aired once (even though they were supposed to have more installments).

Let's Party
This was a special that starred TsuramiSea, Craig Vaughn, Craig Vaughn's brother, and Skate94807. They basically took turns doing weird skits. It was pretty odd. I remember Craig Vaughn's brother throwing some Animalland people around a lot, and others sneaking into the room during the skits of others. Skate even left in a huff after some fight they got into. That's about all there was to it, though.

An Hour of Animals
As the title implies, it was an hour-long show (well, almost an hour) of the Animalland people and Tsurami in various (ridiculous) skits. I can't remember anything of it offhand. But I think Jeffry's dad exploded or something. And, I think Clover was shooting milk. I'm not sure anymore. Very odd though.

Crazy Wrestling
It was basically a wrestling tournament inspired by Craig Vaughn. Hey, don't ask me, he's the one into these kinds of things. (Well, was, anyway.) It consisted of a group of wrestlers that faced each other in one-on-one matches. It was certainly unusual.

The Bakery Show
A show with Craig Vaughn, Skate94807, and TsuramiSea running a bakery with all kinds of food. (Even a watermelon, I think?!) It was pretty weird. Spare Tire from the Crash Dummies was one of their customers, as well as this skateboard guy and a pterodactyl-like creature. Very unusual, but that's what this channel is known for.

The Olympics
Around the summer of 1992, Tsurami decided that it would be a good idea to have an Olympic-type event for the channel, since he was really excited by the Olympics. (Yay, nothing beats running a channel based on your current obsession.) So, Craig Vaughn, Sumba, and he gathered together to participate in Olympic-like activities. There was a race, swimming, diving, and many other events. TsuramiSea's mom judged them. Later, Sumba and Tsurami's mom left, leaving Craig and Tsurami to finish the competition themselves. Which of course turned out a fiasco. In the end, everyone was a winner.... (Yeah, I just said that to give this a nice, sappy ending.)

Farm Family Show Travel Specials
Okay, they were never really called this, but that's what I'm terming them. There was the "Farm Family Show City" special and the "Farm Family Show Suburbs" special. In the first one, they traveled to the city to discover its many wonders. Of course, this only resulted in their usual stupid antics. Then they traveled to Ward's town in the Suburbs and screwed up his house. I think they broke a lamp. Like most Farm Family Show episodes, these weren't very notable. They just took place in different locations.

Flying Lessons
This chronicles the teaching that certain AnimalWorld birds had pertaining to flight. I think my brother was in it, and Tubby too (goody!). We basically just practiced our flight. Nothing too special about that, but I'm sure it was very amusing.

An odd, free-form comedy special of Tsurami's. It doesn't really differ from the normal TsuramiSea Show that much, but it was very weird, what with him getting cooked and doing other activities.

Muscleman Wrestling Tournament
Yet another wrestling tournament, only this one starred those little M.U.S.C.L.E. guys. Haven't you ever played with those? Well, they had tag-team matches in the twin stadiums, Stinky and Whimply. (I'm guessing at the spelling.) They used strange projectiles and physical moves on one another, and fought in certain divisions depending on whether they won or were defeated. Craig Vaughn and TsuramiSea referreed. (Are they ever NOT in any of these shows?)

More information as I gather it.

Now, back to my lovely main page. I know you want to see it again!