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You may have heard the word gaiden before. It's a Japanese word that means 'sidestory'... or so I've heard.

One day in the late 1990's, six fans of the Super Nintendo RPG video game EarthBound got together on an EarthBound fansite message board where there was an 'interactve fiction' or add-on story board. These six combined their efforts to write a story taking place in the EarthBound world and using some of its characters and settings, but at the same time introducing new characters and moving away from canon aspects of the game to create a new story. A sidestory, if you will.

Thus was the EarthBound Gaiden series born.

This page is dedicated to the series of EarthBound sidestories that started with an IF posted by Anthadd, which all take place in alternate dimensions from the 'canon' EarthBound story. Any material related to the Gaiden will go on this page from now on, including writing and art.

The actual Gaiden

Tryst, Chapter 1.
Tryst, Chapter 2.
Tryst, Chapter 3.
Tryst, Chapter 4.
Tryst, Chapter 5.
Tryst, Chapter 6.
Tryst, Chapter 7.
Tryst, Chapter 8.
Version 2.1 of Tryst. "WHY THE AJOVIRAG DID YOU MAKE THAT?!" Well, in the old version, many minor grammatical, capitalization, and punctuation errors, lines of dialouge that got messed up in the HTML and couldn't be seen, lines that I thought had no reason to be removed in the first place, and one or two messed-up pieces of chronology. I fix, and BING! Here you are. Enjoy and don't sue me.
And now for writer credit, in no specific order - written by Anthadd, NeoPaula, Luna, Godeg, AmzRigh, polentah, SimonBob, Rune, Cyan683, Rockwell, and Liar X. Agerate.

Animus, Chapter 1.
Animus, Chapter 2.
Animus, Chapter 3.
Animus, Chapter 4.
Animus, Chapter 5.
Animus, Chapter 6.
Animus, Chapter 7.
Animus, Chapter 8.
Animus, Chapter 9.
Animus, Chapter 10.
Let's give credit where credit is due!
Written by Anthadd, NeoPaula, Luna, Godeg, polentah, Skulryk, GauntletWizard, Liar X. Agerate, Poo, Rockwell, Cyan683, SimonBob, Rovin_Gangsta, and TsuramiSea.

Vestige (dead)
Vestige, first shard
Vestige, second shard
Vestige, third shard
Vestige, fourth shard
Vestige, fifth shard
Vestige, sixth shard
Time-space that are cancelled from existence end up in the graveyard of continuua - the Tesseract. At least, that's what it's like in Chrono Cross. Somehow, this timespace from the Gaiden series flickered and faded from existence. But I managed to salvage some of it from the Tesseract. Now, see the story that up to this point would never be known...

EarthBound Gaiden Gaiden (side documents)

Dimensions. A short story involving TsuramiSea and SulamiTea trying to control Sulami's ability to travel between dimensions so they can revisit the dimensions where certain Gaiden took place. The results are quite unusual...
Forgotten Shards. Yet more stuff erased from time and space. But instead of whole continuua, these are just people who had their fates rewritten when the stress on timespace became too strong... the forgotten ones.
Union - Split Path. This follows each major character in Union through the story, detailing their actions. Helps in keeping track of where each character is and what they do.
Tryst - Split Path. This follows each major character in Tryst through the story, detailing their actions. The writers often complain about how confusing and stupid the story was, so hopefully this helps in sorting it out.
Imbue - Split Path. This follows each major character in Imbue through the story, detailing their actions. I can't think of anything specific to say for this one.
Animus - Split Path. This follows each major character in Animus through the story, detailing their actions. !!WARNING!! !!WARNING!! TsuramiSea becomes irrationally bitter and spiteful when it comes to this story! Therefore, many of the comments inside are incredibly caustic and should be dismissed as Tsurami being a whiny little brat! Oh, and in addition, this follows the original version of the Animus fanfic, as opposed to the Tsurami-Animus available on this page.

Other stuff

Gaiden Character Art page. Many characters in the EarthBound Gaiden series don't have art, so I've begun drawing a bunch of them! Hope you like it.

That's all we have for now. Time to return to the dimension proper...