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Released by Sunsoft.
STORY : The Addams Fam-i-ly...dah dah dah dah....anyway, the town where the Addams live was going to be invaded by aliens, according to Granny. But even the other Addams thought that she was being strange. But the aliens DID come! Fortunately, since Granny knew this would happen, she had placed a spell on the Addams house to make it so the aliens would not detect any humans in the house. (The Addams Family is human, isn't it????) Now someone has to stop the aliens. But Gomez is going to guard the house, being head of the family. So Uncle Fester is taking an upgradable gun to show those aliens what they're up against! With some help from other Addams, he should be able to finish this quest safely and free all of the abducted people of the town. Let's just hope that Uncle Fester has enough pluck and special talents to do it!
Uncle Fester : Our favorite unusual uncle of the Addams clan. He has a neat gun that can fry the alien monsters, and by picking up powerup attachments, he can make it stronger! Ooooh. We know that Fester has an electric personality, and using lightbulbs, he can light up any dark sewers he needs to explore. Plus, did you know that Uncle Fester likes hotdogs? Well, if you collect five dollars, he can buy one to replenish life. Come on, Fester! Use your Addams lineage to save the day! We know that you can do it! GO!
Puggsley : Puggsley is a great nephew. He managed to get his hands on some TNT, and he'll give you some if you meet him. It makes a nice weapon for battling those alien monsters. Thanks Puggsley!
Wednesday : Fester's nice niece has handy vice grips that she can supply you with. Some monsters have poisons that slow Fester down. But squeezing his head with these vice grips makes Fester lose that molasses feeling and get moving again. Wednesday's so sweet! (But those headless dolls of hers still give me the creeps... hey, did I just see one move?!?)
Thing : Don't worry, Thing will give you a hand! (Pun intended.) He has nice goodies for you. Why, he has three items for you....healing potions, invisibility potions, and missiles that lock on and toast the alien scum! Thanks, Thing! Let us shake your hand for your help..... uhhhhhh..... oh, I'm sorry, Thing.... wait, don't go back into your box.....
Morticia : Hey. Whose brother IS Fester? (Don't know...) But that's beside the point. Morticia has a cool present for you, a WHIP! It is an alternate weapon, and powers up like the gun (but you only need to collect half as many powerups). Man, it's nice to have relatives.
Granny : Granny gives you Nooses for summoning Lurch. (More on that next.) By the way, while you see her, be sure to thank her for the spell she put on the house. She's the reason that you have this chance to save the town, you ungrateful twits! (Just kidding. I'm sure that you already realized that you owe her your lives.)
Lurch : WOW, he's an amazing help! When you summon him with a Noose, he comes and instantly destroys all on-screen enemies. Useful. (You don't get to see a sprite though...) Pick up those Nooses now!
Skeeter : An alien monster. He looks like a withered, red, and floating head. Bleh. And he spits mosquitoes when you hit him, and if those bite you, Fester begins to feel a little slow! In sewers, Skeeter moves and spits out larvae first, which soon become mosquitoes. What an annoying pest! But don't worry. This is one of the weaker enemies.
Slime Replicators : In my opinion, they look like puddles of acid. And here's what makes them so heckish.....THEY MULTIPLY! When you hit them, that is. Ugggggh! Too many Slime Replicators! The only advantage is that they produce lots of items. But otherwise, WHAT AN ANNOYING ENEMY....
Giant Scorpion : EEEEYAAAAHHHH! I HATE THEM! How creepy! They are huge and chase you quickly. How evil-looking! Not for the faint of heart. Dropping TNT behind me as I RUN is my defeat strategy. And you'll want these creatures to be gone as fast as you can.
Mr. Whimple : But he isn't a wimp! (Okay, but he is the first boss.) He has two whips for arms. He whips right, left, left, and then both! But you've got to keep shooting. TNT also is useful. Fight hard for the safety of your town, Fester!
Xybar :
Mutilator Troy :
Mr. Thunderblade :

ENDING : (You may want to avoid looking at this if you want to see it yourself.)

You beat the final boss supercomputer and free all of the townspeople. They finally recognize the Addams Family as heroes. And they deserve it! Now everyone can get back to their normal lives....that is, AFTER we have a celebration! YEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

TIPS : Ummmm........I don't feel like doing this now. But I'll have something here sometime, so don't worry!
MY OPINION : ARRRGGGGHHHH! What an evil game! The programmers and designers need to be, as Garfield would say, "...drug out into the street and shot." Too many enemies come at you at once, and you run out of special items FAST. And HOW MANY SHOTS do those bosses take? ARRRGGGGHHHH!!! But this is still a memorable game that is lots of fun. Sing the praises of Fester's Quest! Make a website in homage of it, or bashing it for being so impossible to beat. I don't care! Just love this game. Now the Addams family has to go. Say bye-bye!

The N-E-eh-S list, dah dah dah dah.... snap! Snap!