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It's recently come to my attention that everyone in the world besides me hates this show. Oh well.
You STILL have to suffer through this! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!
Right. So, anyway, here we are.


Hornswoggle menacing Andy.

"Still goofing things up, EH, Lebeau?"

"This race was FIXED! ...... I should know... I fixed it."

Eeee. Sinister.

Hornswoggle actually looking kind of friendly...

Using the cane.

WRARGH SCARY *runs into a wall*

Hornswoggle's patented ear-tug.

Weirdly, I have the most screens of Hornswoggle. Sheesh. Oh well, I can always get some more of the others in the future...

Andy Lebeau

Good morning, Oakville!

Andy looking a little smug.

No, no! Only Hornswoggle can use that technique!


Angelica raising her eyes to the heavens. Well, actually she's already in heaven, but...

Angelica looking thoughtful.

Uh oh. She's mad now. Better run for it, Lebeau.

The three-shot! And in case you're wondering, Angelica can't see Hornswoggle for some reason.


A full shot of Bartholomew, who looks dazed. Not that this is surprising or anything.

Bartholomew without the jacket.

A typical pose...


My only shot of Chris... and a depressed one, at that. Poor Chris.


Yep, only one of Lydia too. Doesn't she know it's impolite to point?


Mack, the show's punk/bully, looking menacing. He does that well, doesn't he?

Full shot of Mack, lounging around.

Close-up with an obnoxious grin on his face.


Spence, the show's genius boy, with his head buried in a book, of course.
(Oh, and just let me take the time to complain here about how horrible 'smart person' dialogue usually sounds in these shows. Most of his dialogue doesn't sound believable. You can't tell me it's SUPPOSED to sound that way...)


Tina, Spence's little sister, who apparently has a crush on Andy.

And that's all. I don't have a single screen of Haggle, he's the only character I'm missing. It's because I didn't have the time to get one. Really! But, maybe next time. At any rate, that wasn't so bad, was it? .............

Don't answer that.