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Heroes are good people who do good things, like helping you sort your bookcase. Although these guys do more than that...they fight evil. (The coyote rights wrongs wherever he goes.) Time to meet the people who save us all!

'Haven't seen my evil 
twin, Shades, in a while....' Here's Kickle Cubicle of the Fantasy Kingdom. The game he is from is named after him, you know. He has freezing breath and a really strong kick. He can even raise pillars of ice from the ground! In the game, Kickle had to save the people of the Fantasy Kingdom from the Dream Bags they were trapped in (where they slept eternally and never dreamed) and defeat the Wicked Wizard King and his minions. What a great kid! The game was released by Irem.

'How about a nice New York 
punch?' Meet Willy the cat. He's one cool P.I. feline! He stars in Rockin' Kats, and deserves it. He is armed with the spectacular Punch Gun, which he can whack peolpe and do acrobatics with! And he even has the beautiful Jilly for a girlfriend. Unfortunately, the local mob leader, Muggsy, wants Jilly to be his. Don't take any trouble from that bulldog rat, Willy! Get him with that spring-action punch gun of yours! Kats was released by Atlus.

'I may be a marsupial, but I 
DO NOT move slow!' Gaze upon Sparkster, the Rocket Knight! I don't know too much about this cool-looking guy, except that he is the most courageous and dependable of the Rocket Knights on the opposum- populated planet of Zebulos! In the game Rocket Knight Adventures, he had to save his planet from the malefic pig warriors who want to steal the mystic Key of the Seal of Zebulos's founder to open the seal and release a spacecraft that can destroy worlds. But with his rocket pack, deadly-sharp sword, and ability to hang from anything with his tail, Sparkster can roast some piggies! He'll save the day! He has had other adventures that I can't list here. But all of his games were released by Konami. (I wonder if Goemon knows Sparkster.....)

'TsuramiSea, are you all 
right?  You look dazed...what?  It's because you're in my presence?  Oh, you flatter me!' AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! I'm not worthy enough to have the noble Don Coyote on my site.... but he's letting me. Just like him to be so kind! Anyway, he is the star of a cartoon named after him. To be specific, it's called The Adventures of Don Coyote and Sancho Panda. What a hero! Okay, he's a little goofy, but heck....I'm incredibly goofy, so he really appeals to me! With his squire Sancho Panda, horse Rocinate, and Sancho's mule Dapple, he gets into all kinds of strange adventures where his services are required. He is probably my FAVORITE HERO OF ALL TIME. (Ooops...sorry, Kickle and Willy. Just kidding!) His show was produced by Hanna-Barbera, gosh bless their souls!

'I'm so strong that I can beat 
anyone.  Except TsuramiSea....he's too hyper and annoying!!!!''s Lunar, a Justice Warrior from the game Mischief Makers! Cool! Lunar and his two compatriots are under the influence of the Evil Empire in the game, and Marina has to fight them, but we later learn that they're really heroes, and they came to stop the Evil Empire in the first place! Anyway, Lunar thinks that he is Mr. Tough-guy, and loves to fight (to quote him...."I live to fight!!"). He packs heat...heh heh...that is, a gun, which can really rapidly fire! And what a trigger finger he has. But there's something about our agressive friend that I really like. THAT'S WHY HE'S HERE! Fight for peace and justice, Lunar! This game came to us from the hearts of the people at Treasure, I think....

'Any ladies viewing this site?  
Hi, my name's Merco.  Wanna join my fan club?  Ow....what, TsuramiSea?  You want me to be quiet 
now?!' Yowwwwww! This is Merco, and he is another Justice Warrior in Mischief Makers. (Don't expect to see the other, Tarus, to be here....he looks too human, so he doesn't appeal to me.) Anyway, Merco is very knightly, especially when he carries his golden lance and shield, not pictured here. (Hmmm...three knight-like characters on my favorite heroes page. What does that tell us?) He fights along with his companion Justice Warriors to stamp out evil. His main drawback? He believes that he is irresistible to females. (Ouch! Don't hit me on the head, Merco! Come on, you go a little overboard!) But in truth, he is a powerful opponent in battle. As you already know, this game was (I'm pretty sure) from Treasure.

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