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Hello! Welcome to my page. Here we'll talk about Animalland, TsuramiSea's comedy show,, of course! Why wouldn't we talk about me, this is my site, after all! Well, let's get started.

Here I am, in all my 
glory! And remember, this page is brought to you by me, the great Jack! YAY!

All About Me Learn more about me, your favorite crow, the stupendous Jack! I blow a kiss to you!
Animalland This is my home. I have many weird neighbors. Can you sympathize with me? Come see Animalland.
TsuramiSea's Comedy Channel At his studio, TsuramiSea films comedy shows that are stupid. The actors in the shows are weird, but we have fun. Listen to some of our bad comedy, and hopefully, you will, too!

Tsurami's Main page has more stuff to look at.