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This is my mind. You shouldn't have come! Oh, well. You did, and now you must see what goes on in my head. Too bad for you. Well, let's get started. Below is a guide to my inner synapses. Use wouldn't want to get lost in my mind! Ha ha ha...
Memory Well, this is about TsuramiSea, Jack, and of course me! Learn a little about our background. (Information on TsuramiSea will be limited, though....)
Ideas We worked and nearly destroyed our minds to make this site. So, listen to me rant about how we did it.
Thoughts Click here to see my thoughts of the update. But be warned, the unknown resides in here. I think about weird things sometimes......
Self-Consciousness Okay. Want to know more about me? Well, you lucky people, here's your chance. I'm a nice person. No, really!

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