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Released by Nintendo.
STORY : On a planet called Popstar, far away from Earth, is a little area called Dreamland. The peaceful inhabitants of this land lead easy lives of eating and sleeping. A daily event in Dreamland is the After-Lunch Feast Nap, where Dreamlanders take a nap after lunch (redundancy) and have pleasant dreams. When they all wake up, the Dream Landers talk about their dreams and wish each other well. However, a Dream Lander named Kirby awoke feeling strange..... he had not had any dreams during his nap! And neither had any of the others! Everyone agreed that there had to be a problem with the Dream Spring, which was a well through which the dreams of Dreamland flowed, thanks to the power of the Star Rod. The Star Rod sat atop the well, a scepter that was rumored to be topped with a real piece of a star that had fallen in Dreamland once. Without dreams, Dreamland became a miserable place. Kirby volunteered to go to the Dream Spring and find the trouble, having saved Dreamland before. When Kirby got there, the Star Rod was gone...... and in its place Kirby found King Dedede of Mt. Dedede, who had caused Dreamland trouble in the past! Kirby asked King Dedede what his plot was this time. King Dedede looked surprised, and began an explanation that he was trying to help. But Kirby stopped him, not believing Dedede's story, and asking him where the Star Rod was. King Dedede told Kirby that he had broken the wand into seven pieces and given each to a different friend. Kirby set off at once, ignoring King Dedede's shouts, to get back the Star Rod and return dreams to Dreamland!
Kirby : The savior of Dreamland! In "Kirby's Dream Land", he fought King Dedede, who had stolen all of Dreamland's food, and the "Sparkling Stars" the Dream Landers used to gather their food. Kirby has an unusual ability to inhale, exhale, and hold his breath for indefinite periods of time. He has a bottomless pit for a stomach, and can eat just about anything. Since his last adventure, he's learned a new trick : when swallowing enemies with special skills, he'll learn how to use those skills himself! Kirby is an excellent swimmer, and by filling himself up with air, he can fly. Kirby is determined to restore peace and happiness to all of his fellow Dream Landers, no matter what the cost!
Wispy Woods : This tree has been nicknamed "The Larkspur Liar". He's Dedede's first friend, who you meet in Vegetable Valley. He drops apples from his branches and spits gusts of wind at intruders in his area of the wood. But he can't stand his own apples. Kind of like someone who is allergic to air, huh?
Paint Roller : He is a pretty good artist who wears rollerskates! Being Dedede's second friend, he has a piece of the Star Rod. He is located in the Ice Cream Islands, where he paints his days away. He has a mysterious technique that he uses to make his drawings come alive sometimes! If he doesn't want people around to bother him, he may have his drawings attack them.
Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright : A bright star (Mr. Shine) and a heavenly body (Mr. Bright) that watch over Dreamland from high in the sky. They bicker sometimes, but they're a team that stays together. They are King Dedede's third "friend". Because the both of them can control the stars, they use their power to keep people out of their territory. One will attack trespassers while the other shoots stars at him or her.
Kracko : This cloudly being lives up in the skies of Dreamland as well, regulating electricity. He's the fourth friend of Dedede. He mostly stays in the skies of Grape Garden, the airy plain of Popstar. He can shoot lightning bolts and summon his helpers (Waddle Doos) to help him control the flow with their beams. He's very swift, and moves through the clouds with ease.
Heavy Mole : A large creature that burrows through the rocky ground of Yogurt Yard. He's King Dedede's fifth friend. He digs around with sharp drills attached to his side, that swivel in whichever direction he needs them to go. Little mono-eyed beings often attach to him while he drills, and he often throws them in different directions to help him in his drilling.
Metaknight : A very skilled swordsman who trains most of the time somewhere in Orange Ocean. Out of King Dedede's friends, he's the sixth. He knows many devastating sword techniques, and expects anyone who challenges him to be fair and use a sword as well. There are some rumors about a plan he has for Dreamland, but nothing is certain....
King Dedede : All right, so King Dedede doesn't have a seventh friend. He kept the last Star Rod piece. King Dedede sure seems determined not to let Kirby have that last piece! Why did he want to take dreams away from Dreamland, anyway? To keep Kirby from the Star Rod, he'll use his signature mallet and jump attacks. He can also fill himself up with air and fly, just like Kirby! What mischief is this king up to?

PLOT TWIST : (Like the ending, you may want to avoid reading this if you don't want the story spoiled.)

After defeating King Dedede, Kirby finally reassembles the Star Rod and walks to the Dream Spring. King Dedede grabs Kirby's legs and tries to deter him from reaching there. But Kirby justs kicks him away! Finally he reaches the Spring and plunges the Star Rod back into the top, where it belongs. King Dedede looks awfully nervous about something? What's this?!? Something is coming out of the Dream Spring and hovering in the air! It's some kind of ball, giving off an evil energy! King Dedede and Kirby freak out, not sure what to do. The ball flies off into the air. It's a nightmare! It planned to use the Dream Spring to flow into the minds of the Dream Landers, causing them anguish! Calming down for a moment, King Dedede inhales Kirby and the Star Rod (now on the ground) and spits them high into the sky. The power of the dream-conducting Star Rod is the only thing that can stop the nightmare now....

Nightmare : This is truly Kirby's final enemy! King Dedede apparently knew about the nightmare and wanted to stop it, so he shattered the Star Rod into pieces so the dreams wouldn't flow. That stopped the nightmare from entering the Dream Lander's minds! King Dedede was trying to help! But Kirby, thinking Dedede was just trying to cause trouble again, rounded up the pieces. Now the nightmare is going to cause the Dream Landers agony by giving them terrible nightmares! It takes the form of a ball, flying into space. It shoots stars at Kirby and charges him.....but that's not its real form! Once broken, the ball lets loose a horrifying essense that shapes into a sort of vampire. This is the nightmare's true form! It spins at Kirby menacingly, firing burning stars and teleporting wildly all over the place. If this apparition isn't dissolved once and for all, the Dream Landers are doomed to suffer repeating nightmares for the rest of their lives!

ENDING : (You may want to avoid looking at this if you want to see it yourself.)

Kirby manages to destroy the Nightmare while flying high above Popstar. Flying back into Dreamland on the Warp Star, Kirby travels across the land, towards the Dream Spring. King Dedede flies by, and it's clear to Kirby now that King Dedede was trying to protect Dreamland from the Nightmare! Kirby thanks Dedede, and finally arrives at the Dream Spring, where he sticks in the Star Rod. The happy dreams that the Dream Landers once enjoyed once again flow quietly into their minds as they sleep, and joy is restored to Dreamland once again.

TIPS : ---
MY OPINION : Fun! This game is very engaging, especially if you want to uncover the SECRET options.... by finding all of the hidden switches! Dreamland's colorful assortment of unusual inhabitants will keep you in wonder as you explore Kirby's home on Popstar. This sidescroller will keep you busy at least for a little while, so don't hesitate to try it! Go Kirby!

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