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The Making of a Website

It began in August of 1998. TsuramiSea'a family had just bought a computer. TsuramiSea learned to appreciate the many benefits of having a computer: typing up school projects, drawing pictures with Paint, and most of all, tapping the Information Superhighway. Tons of new knowledge for the taking! TsuramiSea wanted to be a part of it. So, on a fateful day in January 1999, TsuramiSea began to make plans for a website during Study Hall at school. It would include things he thought brought great enjoyment to people, such as video games, cartoons, the worlds in them, comedy, and most importantly, imagination. It would be a website informative on such subjects with unusual comedy twists. He hoped that it would make people Super-Happy! Having played Yoshi's Story, he knew about the "Super-Happy Tree" and decided it would make a great symbol for his site. He began to draw each individual fruit of the tree and the tree itself, using a picture in a magazine. It was a grueling task, but he finally put it together and got his title graphic. Of course, let's go back to that day, only after school. Tsurami (at home) revised his homepage outline and presented it to Jack and I (we happened to be at his house at the time). Then he dragged us into it by asking us if we would like to be a part of it. We said yes. So Tsurami began to create the different sections of his site, figuring out what content he wanted it to have. He also began to study a HTML programming book that his sister's boyfriend had lent him. Soon he was building his empire. He drew pictures of Jack and I to put on the site. He programmed the sections and chose background colors. Soon he was drawing his favorite cartoon and video game characters for a section on them. He wrote lists of cartoons and video games by different companies and put them down. He showed off his Pokemon training status. He wrote weird messages that would appear when a viewer held the mouse over a link. And he made a news section for important matters. What were Jack and I supposed to do? We were supposed to provide commentaries throughout the site and have special sections about us and our thoughts. Jack decided what his content would be rather quickly. I had a little more trouble, but Tsurami and I talked it over and I figured out what I wanted. You can now see that here. On February 14, 1999, Tsurami transferred all of his work to a disk he had just bought. And he continued his work. Around March 21, he began to add links to other sites. (He didn't really have permission for ALL of them yet, but soon he got permission from their respective owners.) He had four links. Tsurami also added his mailing address. Close to April 2, Tsurami put in music from "Yoshi's Island" that he got from the Video Game Music Archives. Then the next day, Jack, TsuramiSea and I wrote our first Yammering. (It's okay for our first one.) Then, on April 23, Tsurami finished drawing his last picture. All that was left was for me to finish my page....this stupid section and the "Thoughts" section. And that weekend, April 24 and 25, the site was finally published. So here we are now. Or were. Over the course of August 1999, TsuramiSea began to update after a long time of no viewer response (okay, ONE viewer response). He updated all the sections that were to be changed every time we update, and added a Super NES list of games (in the making). He corrected his Pokémon game release list for games that had already come out. And a friend of his on #earthbound chat, Hcufo, viewed the site (after being given the address). He offered to make the Super-Happy Tree picture transparent. Tsurami sent him the picture, and walah! It was made to be transparent on the background. Tsurami was ecstatic. And he was even more so when this same Hcufo sent a picture for the Favorite Characters section, giving the "Your Favorites" section some content at last. TsuramiSea then updated the whole thing, after pulling it together, on the night of August 13. It was our first update! It was pleasing. And we hoped to reattract any viewers that had seen us at first. Now, we had to wait until we gained enough momentum for another update, in which we'd add some really cool stuff. That time came around the end of 1999 and the beginning of 2000. Over the course of his holiday vacation, Tsurami made the Sega Master System game list and Game Boy game list (still in production) for the video game section. Then, on January 6, 2000, he got a hit counter for the site, something which he'd been meaning to do but had been too lazy to do. Then on January 7, 2000, he introduced the idea of "guest hosts" for each update, where a person would help us initiate the update, and join us in Yammering. Along with some other tidbits, the site updated for the second time on January --, 2000. It was yet another step for the site. This is our computer history. What a dumb thing we've done. We just hope that you viewers enjoy it.

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