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These are the cartoons made by Ruby-Spears Enterprises. These cartoons are not very well known, but now you will know them!

The Centurions
Chuck Norris' Karate Kommandos
Dink, the Little Dinosaur
Dragon's Lair
Goldie Gold and Action Jack
The Heathcliff and Dingbat Show
The Heathcliff and Marmaduke Show
Lazer Tag Academy
Mork and Mindy
Mr. T
The Pac-Man/Rubik, the Amazing Cube Hour
The Plastic Man/Baby Plas Super Comedy Show
The Plastic Man Comedy-Adventure Show
Police Academy: The Series
Punky Brewster
Puppy's Further Adventures
Rubik, the Amazing Cube
Saturday Supercade
Thundarr the Barbarian
Turbo Teen

Not all of these were produced by Ruby-Spears alone, in some cases they formed unholy alliances with DC Comics or Hanna-Barbera. But they still did pretty well, don'tcha think! All of the series and characters listed here are licensed trademarks of Ruby-Spears Enterprises.

I will try to have descriptions of some of these series up soon.

I don't want to play lazer tag. I'm going back to the main Cartoon Channel.