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Well, if you haven't, look at the page's title. Yeah, that's what this is. Of course it's just old images, but aren't those just such fun to look at? Well, anyway, here you go.

Don't say anything stupid or fail, or you'll have to do this.
Luigi, the fortune telling alligator with an Italian accent.  One of Tomato's weird friends.
Fred the Sock Puppet, aka Fred the Zombie Sock Puppet P.H.D.  Another one of Tomato's scary friends.
Mr. Potato Head was reid's friend.  Plo didn't like this or something, so he killed him.  *backs away*
I'm not sure.  It's like, reidman and Luna and maybe some other people used this group drawing program late at night.  Scary.
I think the image alone tells you all you need to know.
Not sure, I think the person in charge of flukes got all riled because people didn't follow the rules, this was to chastise them.
Mr. Igor, Tomato's helper during one of the Halloween funfests.  HE LIKES TO EAT BRAINS.
Mr. Igor's EarthBound sprite.  Pretty self-explanatory.
A little something Tomato gave me after I mass-e-mailed these weird images to people.  Yay.
Justin Zeth.  Juliana Tritone.  Why do I have it up?  Because I can.