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I can't stress how much you need to go to these sites. Well, okay, you don't really NEED to, but if you're at this site I can't see why you wouldn't take these links. These are exceptional sites. They have more to offer than this site, that's for sure. Hurry up! If you're still reading this, you need help, because you won't leave my site when these sites are beckoning you. Get moving!

The NES Enshrined - Oh, wait..... it's gone forever. *cries as a tumbleweed blows by* - Taaaaito! Yes, it's a site dedicated to the adventures of Bub/Bubblun and Bob/Bobblun, the heroes of the Rainbow Islands! Walkthroughs, images, and sounds from their many adventures in the arcade and on consoles. Puzzle Bobble is also covered. Why, even other cutesy Taito games are there! Maybe the site could use a little more story information. Oh, well.... if you like cutesy Taito games, take a look at this entertaining site! If you're not, look anyway, maybe you'll gain an appreciation for them!

The Video Game Music Archives - Wow! This is an incredible internet gallery of great MIDIs of music from video games. Sequencers flock here to submit their personally sequenced video game music! A variety of systems are covered, from Atari 2600 to the Dreamcast! You can request MIDIs to be made, or even submit your own! And I think the MIDIs are free to use on your own website! (Check the FAQ, I'm sure the answer is yes.) For easy listening to nice music from your favorite games, the Video Game Music Archives is the place to go!

Starmen.Net - Errr, one warning. Don't go here if you value your sanity. That said, Starmen.Net is THE website for anything relating to Nintendo's (cult classic) RPG, EarthBound! It has a bustling community of EarthBound lovers, with a forum, and its own mIRC chatroom! There is a large bank of images and sound files, along with walkthroughs of the game! Bet you didn't know EarthBound was a sequel? This site also tells about the never-released-in-the-US EarthBound Zero! (Also known as Mother in Japan.) There are many activities to partake in, and a broad links section in case you're thirsty for more EarthBound goodness! CoMe To StArMeN.nEt, DiNg!

The Mega Man Homepage - EEEEEKK! This Mega Man site is so great it scares me! For all of you people who needs tips on Mega Man games, you can get it all here, for every game released! But while that's pretty good in itself, that's not the main attraction! What really makes this site cool to me is the fact that the webmistress (Mandi Paugh) actually CARES about the series's storyline! On this site, you get information on the characters in the series, and she has different pages debating the history, future, and physics of the Mega Man world! Not only that, but she has her own book series written by herself! For all you Mega Man fans, this is too good to pass up! You've got to visit this site, or your Mega Man experience won't be complete! At least, that's MY opinion. (grin)

The Super Mario RPG'ers Paradise! - The webmaster says that this is a COOL site, but I don't think he's bragging....I agree! This site has all the information you could want on Super Mario RPG : Legend of the Seven Stars. From expansive enemy info to a "You Know You Play Too Much SMRPG When" page, you'll be looking at this page for a while! Only problem is, this site is frozen now. *weep* But, most webmasters actually HAVE a life. (Not me, of course!)

The Only Plok! Site - Hooray! People with guts like this are great. You rarely see sites for these obscure games, but I always get a kick out of seeing them! This is a site for the great (but widely unknown) SNES game, Plok. It may be kind of small, but just seeing a site like this is fun. Pictures from the game, level list, and a petition for "Plok 64"! Take a look at this site, it won't take long, and it's enjoyable to look at. And vote for Plok 64 while you're there!

Those are all of the links I have for now.

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