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Here are my favorite villains. They're neat people. Some of them are refined and appreciate good music, others wear a bucket on their head, and one even comes from Heck. Here they are!

'We'll make this site a beautiful stage!' This is Baron of the Peach Mountain Shoguns. They're the villains in the game Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. They want to make the world a beautiful stage so that everyone can see them perform their beautiful music. Baron and his look-alike friends (Colon, Sharon, and Poron) have a weird way of getting around.... they spin, but not a single part of their body moves. They just SPIN! And they each have mechanical robots that they pilot. Baron and Poron have big robots to pilot, too. Baron has the king robot, Congo, and his big robot is Kashiwagi (the Wartime Kabuki Robot!). Baron and the other Peach Mountain Shoguns were pummeled by Goemon. This game was released by Konami.

'I'm sick of ice.  Wicked Wizard King, give me some seed instead, huh?' Hey! It's Koke. He's no chicken! (Is he?) He's an underling of the Wicked Wizard King in Kickle Cubicle! He took over Garden Land in the Fantasy Kingdom and trapped Princess Pumpa in her castle by raising it to the clouds. But Kickle came to save the day! Koke threw huge ice cubes at Kickle, but they broke into smaller ones, and Kickle kicked the cubes back at Koke. After three hits, Koke was roasted. But he went to the hospital, and he's okay now. At any rate, Kickle Cubicle was released by Irem. G'bye Koke!

'Next person to call me buckethead gets turned into an ice statue!' Oh, no! It's the dreaded Wicked Wizard King! This monster has a liking for ice. Not in his drinks, but EVERYWHERE! His game is Kickle Cubicle. He froze over the Fantasy Kingdom and locked all of its people into Dream Bags where they would sleep eternally and never dream. Then he whisked the most magnificent of the palaces, the Toy Land palace, to another world. But Kickle Cubicle soon caught up with him. BAM! He was destroyed, as was his horrible ice spell. Will we ever see him again? The game is from Irem. Hmmmm.

'I think I'll kill someone today!' MUWAHAHAHAHAHA! It's Hornswoggle. Although it's not stated directly in The Gary Coleman Show, I am led to believe that this guy is from Heck. So he is either the devil or (more likely) one of the devil's subordinates. Hornswoggle has evil power, and can do nasty things! By tugging on his ear (not sure if it's a specific one), he can make objects appear or disappear out of thin air, cause objects to move, or become invisible/teleport, etc.! (In one episode he also twirled his cane to produce similar effects.) So just what does he DO? He terrorizes Oakville by trying various schemes..... the damages range from causing tension between the kids of Oakville to trying to land them in the hospital! But guardian angel Andy LeBeau is always on the job (well, almost always), and usually averts any major crisises Hornswoggle tries to create. And TsuramiSea is an idiot. Ho ho ho ho! Hey, wait, I didn't want to write that. Why can't I erase it? What's going on?! Uhhhh.... Hornswoggle came to us through Hanna-Barbera. Now what was going on back there?????

'Come to the Puppet Show, kids.' Run away or be emotionally scarred for life. Why? It's King Dark Demon. He wanted to turn the world of Dynamite Headdy into his own personal Theater of the Absurd. So he began controlling puppets all over the land! Headdy, our hero, traveled long and far to stop him. After surviving the puppetmaster's gauntlet of evil tricks, he defeated him, leaving only the smiley medallion, which apparently was the source of his power in the first place.....? It's hard to tell, the English version of this game has no real plot-advancing text in it. But was Dark Demon really destroyed? Who knows. He appears in the cast roll, so...
Dynamite Headdy was released by Treasure. CAN THEY DO NO WRONG?!!

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