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Hooray! Someone sent me a picture and description. Thank you!!! But we still need more. So....mail a drawing, done BY YOU, and a description of why the person is your favorite character as an attachment to me. If I can figure out how to extricate the attached file, and I like it, I'll put it up in here. Good luck to those who send something in! (If you include swear words in the description, I reserve the right to edit the content. Oh, and P.S., you can add a comment that the character might say for me to ALT into the picture if you want to. But that's optional.) Hurry up! Send something in now!
Mail me your files now.

This character description and picture was sent in to us by Hcufo. Thanks again!

'Ha...ha...ha...amphibians are 
jerks.  One ate me.  I think.'

This is Megausu, the dragonfly. He came from the Era of Amphibians and Insects in E.V.O. - Search For Eden. Strangely, he even made his way briefly into the Era of Reptiles as well. He really was a very sneaky bug, because he always lied to others and wanted insects to rule the world. Lucky for him, he was friends with the King-Bee and Queen-Bee, so no one gave him any trouble. That is, until they died. I hear a frog ate him eventually. Oh Megausu, we hardly knew ye. E.V.O. was released by Enix.

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