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Good day.

'TsuramiSea's Website of Super-Happiness' has ceased to exist. To those of you who are surprised... don't be. After all, I didn't update for a year. Bleh.

From now on, this webspace is just going to be a sort of storage space for whatever I have. (Yeah, that's not saying much, is it.)

Why waste any more time? Let's get right into it.

UPDATE! Not a great update, but it's long overdue, so here it is. All these updates go for the EB Gaiden section - a drawing of Skulryk Brookfield (the archaeologist from Animus), a version of Shards with more stuff for Keshawarz and Sorcerer appended to it (a lot more in Sorcerer's case), and at last, the Animus SplitPath file! Go look at all the stupid garbage! Maybe MAYBE an actual update to non-EB Gaiden content in the future. But don't take my word for it.

Characters. Still here.
My awful video game page.
The cartoon page.
It's new, it's surprising, it's picture gallery! Look at different pictures.
My links page, for those reasonable enough to realize that this page is horrible and that they need to get as far away from it as possible.
Further proof of my poor mental health - the Gary Coleman gallery. Filled with screenshots from The Gary Coleman Show, which like The Andy Griffith Show features the title character playing a character who isn't them, making it seem odd for the show to be named after them in the first place. Also like The Andy Griffith Show, the main character's name is Andy. Unlike the Andy Griffith Show, it's animated. Have I lost you yet, to the point where you're walking away in disgust? If not, then look at the gallery and then we'll see if you walk away in disgust or not.
My horrific Monster Party page.
A little shrine to Mike Jones, the hero of the Startropics Nintendo series.
The page detailing Dynamite Headdy - Japanese to English. The changes made to this game will remain a puzzle to mankind for years to come..... unless someone interviews the English version developers, or something.
SSBR stands for Super Smash Brothers Retro! Now you can experience the frantic fun of Super Smash Brothers on the NES. EarthBound Gaiden. Your source for anything related to the series of EarthBound fanfics written on the Interactive Fiction boards of SM.Net!
SM.Net Weird Stuff Throughout the Ages. That's right. If you liked these old images, marvel at their greatness here.

Nirvana, an IF on the message boards that was never finished, but had a engrossing storyline. You can see almost all of what was completed here.
Writer credit, in order of first posts - Krillin (the starter), Scizordramon, DrAndonuts, smilin sphere, Cracked Bat (1 post...), Starstorm Trooper, AvaLance204, TessieWatcherDX, TsuramiSea, and SSFSX17. I believe that's all.

Well, that's all for now. See you again?